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A Normal Rainy Day of Young Mutants


A young woman and a little girl, probably her daughter, were standing by the canopy of a grocery . She carried a huge paper bag on one hand while the other one was holding the little girl who continuously pointed to passing vehicle on the street. Her small mouth slightly moved, seemed mumbling something, but it was impossible to hear what she said even from ten meters range because of the heavy rain. From the gesture and her expression, she wanted to go home and started to whine.

A man not so far from the grocery was reading a magazine in Seven Eleven. He checked his watch every two minutes and looked so impatient. He must be in hurry but the rain forced him to stop for awhile. He finally checked his phone, dialed a contact to make a call. His magazine was on the table. The cover showed a small photograph of a football rising-star on the top corner with a huge logo of local football club who won the league last season.

Everything was so clear from the 10th floor of her flat. She had been staring for an hour. With a huge mug of hot chocolate that she held with both hands, she stood by the biggest window at the corner of her living room, looking outside to the rainy sidewalk and lining trees and busy shops with everyone around there. Some hid to stay dry while some others were running hastily under the gigantic shower.

“That girl wanted her mom to hire taxi so they can go to buy ice-cream and that guy is waiting for someone to bring him his wallet.”

A sleepy-faced guy walking slowly behind her, as she turned around, he continued, “the running guy, one of those hasty runners you noticed, is late for his first date and he doesn’t care about his expensive leather shoes but now, just now, he started to worry about it.”

He smiled at her as she stared at him. “It is actually a lot of fun to see from your eyes and read their minds, unless the time you stare at me since it feels like reading my own mind and it is weird.” He sat on the couch as she started to looked outside once more, her reflection was there and she accidentally looked at it in the eyes. “And at this kind of moment, I read your mind.” As he said so, a dark fog was floating in the air around him and he suddenly moved behind her in a half blink. “Back-hug?”

She shook her head, “back-HUGS.”

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A House on the Hill under the Trees

Nobody would notice that puzzling construction unless someone roamed deep enough to the forest. Its peculiar location indicated a conspiracy between the builder and nature. He must have spent years approaching and seducing the forest to get the permission in living there.

That integrated wooden cabin was lied on a small grassy hill in the middle of pine forest. However, the hill itself was almost fully covered by chaining giant pine trees, making the wooden building completely unseen from afar. There were two pathways that led to four exits to the four main points of the compass. each pathway led to small opening that provided enough space for the sunlight to shower the cabin during the morning time and late afternoon. The tenant, who was also the builder, created the cabin as if it was integrated to the pine trees surrounding it. The wooden house had its main hall stick to the grassy hill while some other smaller rooms were attached to the giant bark of pine trees. On the tallest and the greenest pine, a firm set of ladders that led to a crow-nest was built. On the back of the main building, a small garden was neatly cultivated with herbs and vegetables. From one of the window, a set of archery equipment and other hunting needs on a small cabinet could be seen in the corner of a room. The hunting needs were there, means the owner of that wooden house was supposed to be somewhere around.

That was so quiet around the hill until a pleasant noise of rustling bushes broke the silence. A young woman burst out from tall bushes at the foot of the hill. She looked like 20 year-old, wearing leather outfit and boots with crossbow firmly held on her right hand and bulky rucksack on her back. Two quivers were on her upper legs, almost empty. She slowly walked up to the top of the hill. A chilling breeze blew her light brown hair. As she reached the door of the house, she pushed it slowly, got in and looked around. She stared at the long bow and other equipment hanging on the corner, as soon as that, she smiled at an urn that was placed on the top of a wooden shelves above the longbow. ‘I have avenged you, master.’

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“How did it start?”

There was no one around, only some trees, a bicycle parked not so far from a vending machine, and the bench where I sat on.

“How did it start?” That question echoed in my mind and uttered automatically. I was asking myself while the wind swept my messy hair gently.

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Writing and Reading: Attempting to be Immortal and Travel the Time

Have you ever wondered why humans came up with the idea of inventing symbolic coding to communicate in written form until finally languages we have been familiar with now were born out of it? How was it before our ancestors figure out the concept of words, or even further, letters?

One more question: Which one came first? reading, or writing?


P.S.: This is not book review


If you, by any chance, have done such contemplation and still, up to now, think of reasons behind the creation of written form of communication with its various symbols, then you probably need to read the book I have shown above this write-up.

Harari briefly explains the logical scientific reasons behind the idea of recording information in the form of writing. Some of you must be familiar with the concept of short-term and long-term memory, or in more technical terms, short-term memory is also known as processing memory in where the information is being processed before finally filtered and stored in the long-term memory. However, it is also obvious to most of us, realize it or don’t, that the processing memory is very limited in the sense of capturing and holding the storm of information and knowledge.

If I may put an analogy to it, you simply cannot hold your shopping items for a whole month with your bare-hands. You will drop and spoil so many things unless you bring something you can use to aid you handling the whole things. Similar to that, our short term memory was not created to remember every single input entering our brain. It has a limited span in where more information will be forgotten should they are not recorded. Thus, putting it down in a stone tablet in the form of symbols was what our ancestors did far before the alphabets and other form of written coding existed. By doing so, they could record and list out information and more than that, they helped themselves in more activities such as trading in where they could use the symbolic writing to represent the type of item and the amount they desired to trade.

The other significance of putting down information in written form is that opening chance to passed the knowledge or information through different generations. As a linear consequence to that, the writer, of any form of writing, will be remembered. The more you write, the more you allow people to explore the world, the time and you yourself which makes them remember you and experience what you have experienced during your time. Time machine might and would never been invented but there is at least simple way to travel the time: read. 

From what Harari explains in his book, that I still recommend you to read, and what my thought has just whispered to me about time travelling through reading and writing, we can comprehend the importance of writing as well as reading. The last word I’ve wrote on the previous sentence will not exist if our ancestors didn’t come up with the idea of recording information in the format of writing, or should we call it drawing since it is highly illustrative back then? And also, writing itself will be meaningless should nobody reads and attempted to travel the time and explore the multiple dimensions by reading what have been written.

Thus, start reading to explore multiple dimensions, and start writing to be immortal.

Cheers, happy International Literacy day.


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The Game


From the outside, he looked like any ordinary boy with normal appearance and typically cheerful and carefree vibe of kids at his age, but what inside his head was his own world with unimaginably imaginative plot that he kept only to himself, though sometimes he unconsciously involved others by saying something unexpected to friends, teachers, parents and people around him. Most of the time, he would make a back-up line right after he realized his imaginative world breached into the reality.

This morning

It was normal sunny morning outside with the birds chirping and everyone was busy to get ready to work and school but not to him. Everyday was a new stage of game with new missions and achievements waiting.

Monday, 18th September

I am on my way to the place where I will hon my skills, a place called school. Homework is daily mission and stationaries are your weaponries.

“Mom, I think I forgot bringing my potion.”

“Eh? You mean your tumbler?”

“Oh come on, you start to be like Mrs. Parker.”

“Well, sorry about that. Here, bring mine. It has extra regeneration effect that will buy you time.”

“Sweet! Infused potion!”

“Yes, Infused water… Oops.”


I think mom starts to put herself away from the game. Boring. But nevermind, I am at the gate of the dungeon now. Ready for hunting and leveling up.

“Get in kid, I am about to close the gate.”

“Chill, Gate Keeper, I know what to do.” He forgot that he was talking to the security guard of his school. As he realized, he ran away in panic, “see you Mr. Green!” The security shook his head as the boy ran faster.

Should not let it come out of my mind wildly. Self control. Mr.Green, the teachers and most friends are NPCs. AI controls them. Now first lesson is history and there will be a series of micro-test. Guess I will have to time travel and fix some fake history. 

During the test

There are five stages which I have to do either orderly or randomly. But since this is rescuing the bent history, I have to make it quick.

The first stage was about treason. It is said that Julius Caesar was killed by poison. I prove it wrong by stopping the one who was about to change the history and finally witnessing the death of Caesar as he was stabbed by the senators. Done with that, I move to the next stage.

“Joey, is that the text book? I told you to rely only from your notes, didn’t I?”

“Of course it is the time machine I built myself, Sir,” silence, the whole class was about to burst into laughter, “I mean… notes.” Laughs everywhere. Only a girl sitting on the corner of the class stayed calm looking at Joey. She seemed amazed.

Boy you mess it again. Talking to NPC as if they are another player. I have to finish this mission fast so that I can move to the other part of the map.

“Sir I am done.” He confidently handed the paper as the teacher received it and allowed him for early break.

Now bonus stage. Should I go to boost my strength and agility? Or my intelligence and wisdom? Or maybe sharpening the sub-skills related to those status?

“Do you wanna restore your health point?” Joey frowned. It doesn’t have any mocking tone on it. Besides, it is girl voice. He turned back and saw his classmate. ” May I join?”

Is she another player? Or she just mocks me? If so, she is probably a support type.

“Are you okay? Wanna go to the clinic?”

She chuckled, “shouldn’t we go there to respawn instead of restoring health? Or, am I wrong?”

Damn, she is surely the one.

“Well.. Let’s go then. By the way, you are?” He was nervous.

“Jill,” She introduced herself with a smile on her face, “and I play D&D too.”

Well, I thought I was the only weirdo in this place. Glad to fine companion then.

“I am glad to know that someone is actually thinking what I am thinking about: relating all these into game.” She couldn’t hide her excitements. Joey was surprised that she responded to what he just thought about. “Well, I thought I was alone too. So we shall set the same objective for today: defeating the mad scientist who tries to revive dinosaurs.” What he meant was biology test by Mr.Rick but Jill agreed to the idea of defeating mad scientist. “Let’s expand the map as well after that. I am new here so I have so many dark spots in my map.” Joey nodded responding to the girl.

After School

Mission completed and new companion joined my faction. What a day! Tomorrow won’t be the same as I can team up with Jill dealing with the challenges.

“You seem so jubilant, wanna share some tales?” Mom was preparing for dinner when she saw her boy was smiling and humming a backsound of video game. “I met another player, mom. So I think you can retire now.” Mom chuckled, “whoa, I bet he is not as good as me, though.”
“We’ll see about that. But anyway, it is a she.” He replied. Mom’s eyes grew wider as she couldn’t hide that she was surprised, “female player?” Joey nodded, “yeah, we defeat the mad Darwinian together. Stopping him to clone dinosaurs and also we explore the map to unlock new places.” Mom listened attentively as Joey continued his story about Jill, “I see. So you and Jill went home together eh? She lives nearby? Oh and I shall expect an A+ for your Biology test.” Joey sighed, “I know right mom, you are no longer in the game.”



MBTI Relatable Pick-Up Lines: The Introverts

Few days ago, I’ve done the part of extroverts and their possible quotes. Now, these are the lines of their counterparts, the introverts.

INFJ: I don’t mind the existence of bad people since what bothers me are the fake ones.

You can be a serial killer and befriend INFJ as long as you don’t hide your sinful job behind a nice flamboyant mask of a religious and respectful individual. Seriously, don’t be fake people if you are friends of INFJ. They madly hate it.

INTJ: Am I right? Or are you wrong?

Once it comes to debate, there will be two possibilities: they roast you with tons of facts that they have prepared along with some back-ups and predictions of five possibilities ahead or they will just play it cool and ridicule you because they assume that you are not worthy to debate them.

INTP: You know that I was part of the science club before later joined school karate team and finally ended up here, in the movie club.

Just one thing about INTP, they sometimes don’t know where they go. They basically lost in their own interests over and over. “Did I join that martial arts competition? Don’t remember.”

ISTP: There is no way that we can’t fix this device. Get my toolbox.

To elaborate, MacGyver himself is an ISTP and it is true that most of them are adept in using various kind of tools and somehow born with a high curiosity towards something related to creating, fixing, and modifying stuffs in the sense of inventing or repairing devices or gadgets.

ISFJ: Are you okay? Don’t mind me, I am fine. Let me take care of your wound.

Imagine a car accident in where an ISFJ broke his leg while the other person got a small cut caused by a piece of glasses. The first thing comes up from his mouth will be the bold line above.

ISTJ: My experience says that pointless arguments are caused by lack of factual data.

Personal experience and external facts are mandatory to them as if both are their main weapons. They demand precision and would never allow themselves committing the same mistakes. Shortly, they load their heads with factual and reasonable theories before they shoot their mouths.

INFP: I am silent not because I don’t care. I observe and relate what you feel. What you need is to be listened, though.

INFP always a good listener to everyone not only to the dear ones but also even to stranger. Problem is, people think they don’t listen because of their silence. They do, they even understand.

ISFP: I prefer to have group chat or group call  in my cozy room than attending a party.

Anti social yet craves for social interactions? It must be ISFP. They actually are good at communicating but they sometimes get nervous when they are involved in a too intense social situation which requires too much effort in interactions.

Well, that’s all folks for now. Another fiction is coming soon.

Previous post about extroverts is here




MBTI Relatable Pick-Up Lines: The Extroverts

Well, it’s been a month of slumber, more or less. I am back with MBTI stuffs for awhile before another fiction comes up.

You might have ever wondered what type someone belongs to based on what he or she says or writes. Here are pick-up lines that might be related to particular MBTIs.

ENFP: I was thinking of black marshmallows that will turn into rainbow when I roast it. Sorry, what did you say? LOOK! AN AFRO GUY WITH HIS AFRO DOG!

They just unconsciously and continuously distracted either by what surrounds them, or even by their own thoughts. If you are afraid of sudden changes of topics during conversation or random urges during a trip, you’d better off.

ENTP: I didn’t argue. I explained my point of view and my ideas about changing the world.

Guys, we don’t mean to be offensive or sounds like an asshole when talking. We don’t argue. It is just the way we explain our overwhelmed ideas. More, pardon the jumpy changes of topics as well.



ESTP: What? Sky Diving? Challenge Accepted!

They risk their lives for challenges because they crave for it and they literally enjoy the adrenaline rush. So, if you find someone rides all extreme rides without exception in a theme park over and over, maybe that person is an ESTP.

ESFP: We gotta make this project fun no matter how.

To make everything entertaining and fun is priority no matter how serious the situation is. Having them around will surely cheers up everyone except INTJ and ISTJ in serious mode.

ESFJ: Your door was open and what’s inside was a mess so I cleaned it up for you.

  1. That’s not actually a mess. That’s probably how that person arranges his or her stuffs.
  2. They will argue and say that you are not being thankful for saying point number 1. Sigh ESFJ.
  3. You will say thanks after all, so don’t think of saying point number 1. Keep it for yourself to avoid number 2.

P.S. : Mom’s knows best.

ENFJ: It is such a pleasure to help. Don’t mention, really.

They will always try to find a way in helping others and fight for everyone’s justice. They literally find happiness in helping others and seeing others happiness like ESFJ does. The difference perhaps they seldom force their methods on helping others. I present you the heroic protagonist, ENFJ.

ESTJ: This isn’t right. You know it should follow this given steps like it has been written on the manual!

These guys are some of the most obedient types among the 16. The combination of their dominant extroverted thinking and introverted sensing makes them natural rule enforcer and manual books followers. They won’t say a thing if they don’t have enough factual info about an issue.

ENTJ: I am the rules. Enough said.

Either you do it their way, or you go away. Enough said.


The introverts will follows on the next post.




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What had happened to him did not even matter

After all, there must be the end for everything

What mattered was the pain of others,

Or THE other, that came along with his end


The sky was dark grey above a white building with neat garden surrounded it. A girl on a wheelchair was sitting under an elm tree. Her eyes seemed locked on the lavender field in front of her but nobody knows what was in her mind. A nurse was behind her helping with the wheelchair. “Shall we get in? The therapy session will start.” The nurse said, that was replied by the girl by slight nod. As the wheelchair turned around, it started to drizzle. The girl now stared at her prosthetic legs. What was in her mind remained unknown, even to her.


That was the second turbulence in 10 minutes. A few seconds after, a blinding flash struck, followed by ear-shattering glare. As soon as that, the electricity in that aircraft was off, halting the captain who tried to announce and tell the situation to the passengers. The turbulence started to be unbearable. A pair of young woman and guy who had stopped their exciting conversation and laughter since 10 minutes ago, sat on the left side, clung closer as the thrill in the plane continued. They heard disturbing noise, as if something was cracked from the outside. The guy, who was closer to the window, saw what he’s never imagined that would happen to him during a flight. What happened next was him helping the girl to put on the lifeguard suit before himself. The horror continued while the crews tried to calm down the crowds. Not so long after that, another explosion from the left part completely shut the aircraft down, creating more horrifying panic.

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He was not sure…

But what he saw next was something he had never ever seen before..

And then it was dark.

He couldn’t see anything but he could feel that something was watching him. “Do you wish to flout the past?” That voice was genderless and it seemed that whoever behind it had read his mind, understood his regret well enough to hit directly to what he was thinking about. “I know you even think about cheating it for the sake of her, don’t you?” Another bingo. “Very well, you shall have your chances.”

The darkness had gone and a sudden flash of light hit him. In less than a second, he had been transmitted to a familiar place. “Talk to him. You flout it from this point.” That voice instructed him as if it was a tutorial. He frowned to see clearer, and was shocked by what he saw in front of him. He ran as he suddenly knew what to do. Almost yelling, he called the kid that stood couples of meters in front of him as if he tried to warn something. “Nope, not like that, big guy.” The genderless voice said. Another light hit him.

That happened three times until he figured out something…

“I’ve never seen you before,” that little kid stared as if he was familiar with the guy he was talking with. His earlier statement contradicted the way he looked at the guy. “You haven’t,” the big man replied with unfinished tone. He then looked away before finally whispered as if he had an urge to say it yet he didn’t want the kid to hear what he murmur, “and you actually shouldn’t.”

“Well, you do not say what you do not need to say.” It said. Another light struck him.

Everything surrounded him was white. The more peculiar parts were the absence of angle, as if the white room was a sphere, the strange emptiness and the unseen limit of the white space. He started walking without knowing where to go or what to find while his eyes looked around to figure out if there was at least another object but him.


“Keep on walking. It’s up ahead.” That same voice, sounded unisex, surprised him once more that he could not say anything to respond. He did not even gasp and just continued walking as if he got sudden clarity about his direction from the androgyny voice. “There it is. You stop there.” As the voice faded, the white space, faster than anything he could imagine, disappeared and changed into somewhere he was familiar with. He, deep in his mind, questioned what has happened and where in the world was the white room at that moment? “You are stronger than I thought, but not as smart as you supposed to be,” the voice said as the guy slowly collapsed.

He woke up with overwhelmed memory. It felt like someone had transferred a whole NASA computer into his head. It was too much that he could not even talk to himself about the new information. It consisted of the one of himself, some disturbing facts and some impossible shits that he only read in science fiction. He did not know exactly what were those piles of information in his brain for. One thing that he was sure: Using the memory, he must finish what he had been asked for. That’s what the androgyny said over and over again in his swift slumber.

2001, in a park

“He is the one, isn’t he?”  The genderless voice talked to him again. The guy fixed his eyes into a kid with red tee and white sneakers, playing alone. No other kids bother to be at least around him. He seemed left behind by his own pals. “What date is it today?” The guy asked. The androgyny had gone.


The kid approached him

“I’ve never seen you before,” that little kid stared as if he was familiar with the guy he was talking with. His earlier statement contradicted the way he looked at the guy. “You haven’t,” the guy replied as the sentence was unfinished yet he realized something. He stopped there. The kid seemed waiting for more from the big guy. “We haven’t met.” He emphasized as the kid nodded. He was confused. “You are not from here.” The kid threw a statement that sounded like a question. “I am not.” He lied. He remembered that place too well as he recognized the little pal in front of him.

“Now you know what to do.” The voice dramatically said it as it was something to be decoded.

“You are miserable, kid.” He felt something tickled him as he said that to the kid. The kid frowned but remained silent. There was an awkward silent for about two minutes. “You will ask who the hell am I, aren’t you? Let me tell you that it is only you that can see me because I am your imaginary friend.” He stopped, not for the kid to react, but more likely for himself to recall something in his mind, “and I am here to help.”

The minutes after that felt like severe pain in the back part of his head as he recalled more peculiarities. His head was flooded with script-like information, telling him what to say and what to do next.

“Mystery revealed? Literally Mind Blown, eh?” That androgyny interrupted.

The kid’s expression changed from confused to alerted. “Nice try, psycho.” He was about to leave the big guy as he turned back. The reaction of the kid had been predicted. “Show me to anyone around here, if you don’t believe me.” The kid halted as the big guy challenged him so. He was triggered. That was, also, expected. The kid ran to a woman nearby. The guy was not sure about that but he assumed that was how it supposed to be. The kid pointed at him and soon after that the woman shook her head while staring in confusion at me. The guy could see the kid showed more hesitation before finally walked slowly to him. “Who are you?” The kid asked cautiously. “I’ve told you. A friend. Imaginary one.” He was not satisfied with the answer. He looked at the guy more thoroughly. There were some familiar features and there were some scars. The guy knew he was being observed yet he was certain the kid would not notice who he was. Like it was reading his mind, the androgyny voice suddenly said,”you sure he won’t notice you?” There was no answer to that but the guy was so sure that what he had in mind wouldn’t cheat on him. “You look like, strangely familiar.” The guy was surprised with that response. That one was unexpected.

“This is the last chance. Should you break it, it is done and nothing shall change.”

The guy heard the final warning clearly. The rule is obvious: He should not say something that will raise the kid’s suspicion that will make him close his mind and disbelieve the guy existence. “You know…” There was an awkward pause before he continued, “I lied. I lied about your experience seeing me. This isn’t actually the first time. I have done this thrice and this is the fourth attempt. The problem is, only I remember while you got your memory about this erased right after I failed and disappeared.” He held his breath while explaining the ‘truth’ to the kid. The kid? Frowned harder. The androgyny was about to announce the end of it.”How will you help me?” The kid asked, still with deep frown. “Tomorrow, at 2 in the afternoon, something bad will happen. You shall go nowhere but home.” He disappeared. Something changed his mind in the last minute.


What’s more painful than death?

To her, witnessing the death of significant other brings more agony than thinking of the death of herself.

She was on her wheelchair. After being rescued and becoming the only survivor on that fatal plane crash, she lost both of the lower limbs and also her sight.

“Seeing her, crushes you, doesn’t it?” Silence was the response to that question. The guy was frozen. He couldn’t blink yet he couldn’t bear to see her. “Why it doesn’t change?” He finally had a stomach to ask. “It is not over yet. I bring you back to the present time where nothing has changed. In case you missed her.” The androgyny, as expressionless as usual, said. “Bring me to the next day. I should give another warning.”

“Very well.”

Following day of the past

The guy followed the kid to make sure he did as he had been asked to. He did and he could feel some part of his memory changed. “You no longer belong to this dimension. Thus, the memory shall be changed and modified yet you won’t forget what has happened during your days here.” The androgyny explained. “Whatever it takes,” he replied.

As the kid followed what the guy said, the memory kept changing. The problem was that it was not really changing to the guy but rather increasing immensely. He had the changed version and also the old version of it. The first attempt was successful since the kid did nothing but what the guy had told him to. What happened next was the guy instructed the kid to go through certain way without changing his destinations. “You know what you are doing will not entirely change the tragedy.” The androgyny said. He didn’t care. To him, it was not about his own sake. He kept guiding the kid as an imaginary friend who the kid also started to be comfortable with as he followed whatever the guy suggest to him. The bond last for several years until the kid grew to a teenager. “This is the last day you’ll see me.” The guy said to the young boy in front of him. “My last message to you will be a name. A name that we have avoided for years and you have to keep it that way.” The teen waited curiously. “Lucina.” The guy looked into the teen’s eyes. “You know what to do. Whatever it takes, don’t make any attempt to get into her. There will be only one Lucina and you know what to do should you encounter her.” The teen didn’t blink until a blinding flash hit him, bringing severe pain in the head. The guy had gone.


Present day

The morning news reported plane crash had occurred in the middle of a jungle in Brazil. The shattered plane indicated that the aircraft exploded before it finally hit the floor of the jungle. Lucina watched the news as she was spreading peanut butter on her toast. She didn’t understand but the news brought undefined pain to her.

Behind her, a slight shading figure of a guy smiled before finally disappeared.



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ENxP: With a Little Help From Inferiority

None of ENTPs or ENFPs are well structured and highly organized. If they are, there must be something misplaced in their head and it won’t last for long. When I wrote ‘there must be something misplaced…’, I didn’t try to throw something figurative. In fact, it is their Si climbs up to the top of the stack, helping the Ne or even more surprising, replacing it temporarily.

As I said, it is not permanent that the Si dominates or at least gets along well with the dominant function. Thus, it is impossible for both ENTP and ENFP to use their introverted sensing (Si) as good and as far as ISFJ, ISTJ or ESFJ. We, ENxPs, might feel a sudden urge of organized pattern of life, or disturbing insecurity of being so random and unplanned but we will get back to thoughtful yet lazy-random beings not so long after we encounter something intriguing, forgetting the chance of being more organized. Shortly, it needs a very intense struggle to be organized and well-scheduled for ENxP.

Then what’s that Si for if we cannot utilize it as good as the master of introverted sensing a.k.a. The ISFJ and ISTJ?

Our Si is inferior. If I may use the analogy of weapon mastery, the Si is a shield and as I have mentioned in another post related to MBTI in MMORPG, none of ENTP or ENFP are natural shield wielders. ENTPs are Rogue assassin while ENFPs are hunters and huntress. They are elusively agile and having huge shield with them will just halt their mobility. Their shield meant to be something handy and thus, having their main weapon as one of the parrying tools will be more effective than having a tower shield. Before getting to far with my geeky video game analogy, let’s just say that the Si of ENxPs is just their ability to block and not necessarily their skill to utilize shield. ISFJ and ISTJ may utilize their Si as deadly weapon while for ENTP and ENFP, it is just a defense mechanism that they cannot rely on solely. Combining the extroverted intuition (Ne) of ENxP with their Si is the best way to utilize the inferior function. Here are some examples if you are ENTP or ENFP:

  1. You may not good at organizing stuff or doing practical housework things, but making it interesting by thinking of those works as daily different challenges that you must accomplish will make it more interesting. Set different target everyday.
  2. Your Ne allows you to grasp and expand the idea that you obtain from the outer world while you can utilize your Si to limit it and gain some helpful experience from it.
  3. Another perk of combining the dominant Ne and inferior Si is to learn from the experience of other people. A bad experience of someone that was told to you will build a mentality within you that you won’t fall into the same pit as he did.

See? It does not mean the inferior Si is useless. you can always use your weakness to support your strength. Anyway, there is nothing wrong for being so random. We are highly thoughtful, and more than that, natural brainstormers, though.

P.S.: Still no added-pictures on this post.

P.P.S.: Go to  for more details about functions


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The Types and Their First Impressions

This isn’t long read at all. It will end even before you know it because there will be just one line for each type. Here goes!

ENFP: Bold, Random, Full of energy E.Ts 

ENTP: Annoyingly interesting assholes

ESFJ: Mothers

ENFJ: The Gentlemen at their best 

INFJ: Innocently thoughtful listeners

INTJ: Anti-human dark lords

INTP: Dreamy geniuses

ISTP: Handy geniuses

ENTJ: The ruler

ESTJ: The organized timetable and trusted textbooks

INFP: The timid but friendly wood-elves

ISFP: The timid-creative fairies

ESTP: The bold and sporty adrenaline junkies

ESFP: The sparkling party addict-Queen-bees

ISFJ: The naive protectors

ISTJ: The cold blooded-rigid beings

Well, as usual, this is an ENTP’s perspective. See ya!

P.S.: I use less illustrations recently. Blame my laziness.

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The Twin Types Pick-Up Lines

Remember how MBTI was built based on a stack of cognitive functions? There are 16 types and each of them have both twin and alter-ego. The twins, are the type with the same dominant and inferior functions while the alter-egos, or the shadows, are the types which oppose each other. Forget the shadow functions for now because I would like to tell you about the twin types.  The write-up below is a set of illustrations of how the twins interact and show similar traits as if they are friends.

The Ne dominant- Si inferior: ENTP x ENFP  

A: “You know what I think.”

B: “Fuck you. “

*Laughing at any random things that none of the other types understand why it is worth to laugh at*

*Intense laughter forever*

Stay away! You will get so mad or you will be just like them.

The Ni dominant- Se inferior: INTJ x INFJ

A: “This is the best book I’ve ever read.”

B: “I know right. It’s so deep and thought-provoking.”

Ni dominant-types are thoughtful entities. Nothing can stop them discussing conspiracy theory, the endless space and so forth. Remember, they discuss, not talk shit or debate.

The Ti dominant- Fe inferior: INTP x ISTP

A: “How about a teleportation device?”

B: “Sure, with a shape of hovercraft.”

These geeks are just so dreamy. If they could get $1 everytime they lost in their own thought, they could have made that teleportation-hovercraft.

The Fe dominant-Ti Inferior: ENFJ x ESFJ



When you’ve been fighting for it all your life
You’ve been struggling to make things right
That’s how a superhero learns to fly… *The Script-Superheroes intensifies*

The Te dominant-Fi inferior: ENTJ x ESTJ

A: “Should it against the law and order, it MUST be stopped.”

B: *Nodded*

They will stop the Ne twins in 3..2..1… Too late, Ne twins have got away safely.

The Fi dominant-Te inferior: INFP x ISFP

A: “It depends on how I feel about it.”

B: “True. If it makes me feel bad, it probably makes others feel the same way.”

Typically, these types will pinch themselves before they do so to others. You’ll have a bad time if these guys are unable to feel pain.

The Se dominant-Ni inferior: ESTP x ESFP

A: “Another ride of roller coaster or a paintball war?”

B: “How about a paintball raid on roller coaster ride?”

Like what Spongebob Squarepants had said: “livin’ like Larry”, that’s how these types enjoy their adventurous life.

 The Si dominant-Ne inferior: ISTJ x ISFJ

A: “Being clumsy and careless is unacceptable.”

B: “Because you don’t make yourself a fool by doing the same mistake, do you?”

Probably the most careful planners among the types. Most people who suffer OCD probably belong to this group. Betray them, you lose them.

See ya! 

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The Future-Past

Humans wonder what their future will be while their future-selves are watching their present and their past. Secretly.o-clock-facebook

While writing this, I am thinking of my childhood while at the same time wondering what will happen to me in ten years. When I think further, it is funny to know that the 10-years-from-now-me will probably do the same: thinking of the teenage-me while wondering what will probably happen with myself in 20 years from now. We constantly do that, don’t we? Wondering the future while also watching the past through our memory. The 50 year-old me is probably recalling the memory of 23 year-old me writing this on June 5th 2017 after a month of break from my personal blog. And the old man starts to wonder why the hell did his past-self wrote such bullshit? 

It is unnecessary to answer such question. Bullshit or not, what I have done so far will be stored on my infinite yet unexplored memory inside my brain and later be played randomly by the future me. Isn’t it intriguing to realize that yourself, and also mine, from the next week is recalling what has happened today? 

Well, all of the bullshit contemplation above is not valid if you, or I, die tomorrow or on the next two hours, though.

Now the real question: What do you want your future-self to warn you if it is possible? And what do you want to say to your past as a warning?

I am not sure what will my future-self say to warn me but I would like to kick myself from the past for being such an idiot.

Now the future-me is probably laughing out loud wondering if he could travel back to 2017 to kick his own ass. 

Cheers, I am back and soon will write more.

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