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The Public Pranks

What do people usually do to kill their boredom? They would probably prefer reading interesting books, singing or playing musical instruments, playing video games, hanging out with friends, solving puzzles, making videos and uploading them to Youtube, surfing the internet, working out, going to unexplored place nearby, cooking, writing poetry, writing story, writing a to do list, writing on blog, and other endless possibilities to do.

Anyway, I believe that doing some pranks is included in the list of options to kill boredom. Therefore, I am thinking of 5 pranks that people would like to try in public when life starts to get boring.

  1. The Time Traveler Prankdoctor-who-tardis-in-a-vortex.jpg

    Imagine you rush into a random shop nearby. With a strained expression, you yell the same question to people inside including the shop assistant or maybe the cashier: ‘WHAT YEAR IS IT ?! WHAT YEAR IS IT ?!’ They may be confused with such question and will ignore you, but some or at least one will possibly answer with puzzled face. Here is the best part! Once you get your answer, directly run outside the shop and yell out loud : ‘WOOHOO! IT WORKED! YEAH!’ Some people might think you are nuts, but they will think soon after that. “Wait, did he just time traveled?”

  2. The Narnia PrankNarniaWardrobe.jpg

    Once you go to IKEA or other home furnishing stores, try to get into the wardrobe and stay for several minutes. Wait for some people to come nearby and get out immediately. When they look at you (maybe get surprised for seeing a person comes out from a wardrobe), tell them that you have just visited Narnia and came back.

  3. The Blood Eater Prankcranberry-jelly-860.jpg

    Make a cranberry jam or pudding and then put it into several jars with each different blood type written on it. Once you are ready, eat them in public and offer it to some people by asking “what is your blood type?” excitedly while showing them random jar. Do not forget to smile. Congratulation, people think you are a psycho. LOL!

  4. Life Gives You Lemon Prank2006_minions-lemons

    This one is a good-deed-prank, though. First of all, make sure you got some lemons. After that, wear a T-shirt with “LIFE” written on it. If you do not have a t-shirt with “LIFE” written on, PRINT IT AND STICK ON YOUR T-SHIRT, DUH! Now you are ready to go. Go to a park, outdoor parking lot, basketball court, or any crowded place and share the lemon to random people. When you hand the lemon, do not forget to ask the questions: “Now what will you do?” It would be better without any expression. Enjoy!

  5. The Mind Reader PrankFirst_Class_Xavier.jpg

    In public places, put a pose of Charles Xavier from X-Men when he uses his mind-power. Then, approach to the first person who make an eye contact to you. Go slowly by keeping the eye contact if it is possible and when you are close enough to the person, smile and say the magic words “I know everything.” Walk away slowly immediately. DO NOT EVEN TRY TO LOOK BACK. Well played, Prof. X.



Have fun! Just do not overdo it. 😀


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What’s in (My) ENTP Head


So I found this interesting picture in the internet recently. It was originally posted by someone in reddit but reddit is blocked in my country, so technically I took it from google. Thanks for anyone who post this illustration of what’s inside the brain of ENTP. Thus, I will try to elaborate how accurate is the illustration to my own mind because, I am an ENTP anyway!

Normally, people start from the biggest part, the most dominant. Per contra, I will start from that small red part at the bottom.

Grumpy Thoughts About Everything

Grumpy sounds bad but sadly it is true, at least for me. ENTPs, including me, sometimes see the world as a miserable place. After all, it is called as ‘grumpy thoughts’, so I do not always utter it. Instead, I often just grumble inside my mind, and stay calmly cool outside. There are some grumpy thoughts which commonly hit my mind in several situations.

  1. Durian smells bad. Moreover it is more suitable to be used as a melee weapon. Just look at those spikes!
  2. Some females in my country need driving lessons. They turn on the left turning signals and start taking over from the right side of the road.
  3. What’s the point of sticking family stickers with everyone’s name on the rear part of car? You love your family? No.. you try to attract kidnappers.
  4. Kids fashion show is a total exploitation. They ain’t doll.
  5. Smokers who smoke in public places should swallow the whole smoke ..And the cigar butt as well.

 The list won’t over if I continue. Anyhow, we are NOT carried by grumpy  thoughts all the time. It only hits our mind when we have a bad mood or something goes really bad.

Just Smile and Say Yes so They Do not Realize You are not Listening 

That green part explains how ENTPs think about other people’s feeling. It is difficult for me to focus and it is so easy to distract me. Thus, when I smile and say yes while I have no idea about what people are talking about, I never mean it. I am just simply get distracted by something else. Another possibility is an introvert thinker problem: I am busy with my own thoughts. However, no worries! I will listen more carefully once it comes to something serious.

Narcissistic Thoughts

I disagree with this one. This part, for me, does not work as it should be. My thought about myself is more likely sarcastic and grumpy (I know that red small at the bottom should be bigger) than narcissistic. When someone throw me a cheesy compliment saying how cool I am that day or I look fresher or blah blah blah, my response are usually snappy yet funny.

  1. I know right? I am cool! Sometimes I think Sub-Zero is my ancestor. Ha-ha.
  2. Yeah, finally I am no longer zombie. Fresh and lively!

At least, they usually laugh.

Self-Critical Thought

Critical thinking is ENTPs special trait. I couldn’t agree more with this. Moreover, thinking critically about myself is something that I do almost all the time. Thinking about my weaknesses, things that I have done, things that I haven’t done, my purposes, my dreams, things that I have to improve, my existence and the one that I hate, my death. I think everywhere and anytime randomly. Toilet, during a movie, in the middle of teaching, on my way to somewhere, under a tree and when eating are several self-critical thinking sessions that I have almost everyday. 

What  If…

This one is my favorite. Besides thinking about self-improvement and contemplating existence, impossible thoughts and phantasies are what I imagine all the time.There will be endless list so I will choose some most intriguing thoughts of mine.

  1. According to the holy books and history books, people in the past live longer than now. What if they actually didn’t live any longer than us? Their hundreds year old age was caused by shorter period of time, which means our Earth rotated and revolved around the Sun faster in the past. What if we get slower?
  2. Still related to thought number one, If it gets slower by the time, will our Earth stop rotating and revolving later? What if it is not only happening to Earth but the whole galaxy? 
  3. In the past, touch screen was part of science fiction. What if what we categorize as science fiction now is going to be scientific in the distant future?
  4. Talking about sci-fi, what if someone has built time machine in the future but he/she failed on his/her first attempt when traveling to the past and trapped there till the end of his/her life?
  5. Our age is relative based on what calendar do we use. I might be younger, or older than I should be.

Puns and Jokes

  • Can eel and eagle hang out? No because It’s eel-eagle!
  • I think vampire won’t ever hunt Taylor Swift, because she has bad blood. 

I can relate this. Puns and jokes are something that randomly and sometimes unconsciously come out of nowhere. However, it does not always work. Sometimes I am not sure if my joke is cheesy or people do not really get it or the situation is not right. In spite of the possibility of failing, ENTPs are natural random pun machine. Wait, is that why I adore Deadpool so much?

Credible Bullshits and Real Arguments

Why do I combined them? When an ENTP is involved in a debate, which he obviously enjoy,  he will mix his real arguments with bunch of reliable hogwash. ENTPs are resourceful and witty. Their Introverted thinking allows them to develop and improve information  that they have into multiple arguments and … bullshits. Reliable one, though. Therefore, debating and being involved in an argument are several things that an ENTP enjoys the most. Sometimes, those rascals trigger the argument or the worse one: they debate themselves with credible bullshits and real arguments.

Imaginary and Fictional Problems VS Real Problems

I couldn’t agree more. I sometimes worry more fictional problems like robot apocalypse and alien abductions rather than my real problems in my REAL life.Angry boss? Annoying colleague? Grumpy crush? Broken stuffs? Sure those will ruin my day but I will quickly move on and find solutions for each. On the other hand, thinking about serial killers, mutated animals, super genius hackers who will creep into my systems and other phantasies will freak me out more. I think this imaginary fictional problems part is highly related with the ‘What If…’ part. They form strong relationship and occupy my brain with random intriguing thoughts about something that actually do not exist, distracting me to slowly forget my real problems. My brain betrays me!

Anyway, it also brings some benefits to me. My thoughts is full of fictional scenarios complete with the characters. I am going to write a story soon enough. Maybe in another blog. 

Alcohol and Coffee

Well I do not drink alcohol but coffee.. Nothing is better than black coffee with no sugar in the morning, especially the local one. Starbucks favorite? Pitch black Americano, sometimes the iced one.

Interesting Ideas and Projects (Later)

As I have told you previously, ENTPs are resourceful. We often pop up with incredible ideas and plans about projects but we often too lazy to start and end up procrastinating. In my case, it is more disturbing. I have the idea but I am lazy to start then several hours later, I will worry about having not enough time to finish everything while I am still too lazy to start. Just like the one that I have mentioned above, the story. I said that I will start soon enough but here, I will spell it to you: I DON’T KNOW WHEN TO START.

Well, enough confessing for now. Please share if you experience the same. Catch you later!


Picture Credit: Reddit

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ENTP is Extrovert yet Introvert

Recently I found the answers of what I have been thinking for weeks. About the extroversion, being mistaken as introvert and how MBTI actually works, especially ENTP. Extrovert, in this case, is not as simple as something classical that most people believe as an outgoing, super confident and friendly person. Basically, extroverts are people who gets more energized by hanging around other people. Well, if they get more energized by being around others, does it mean that they are confident and sociable enough to initiate conversation? The answer are YES and also NO. Getting energy from outer source does not make extroverts have no feeling of nervous. Sometimes they feel uneasy to start socializing, but once they are involved, they will be very friendly and can talk for hours.

Moreover, if we associate the term  extroversion with the functions of MBTI, it is far away from what many people believes as classical definition of extroversion as sociable and confident trait that people have. More than that, MBTI functions are more complicated. Each type of MBTI is never pure extrovert nor introvert. It is always the combination of both.

There are 8 function attitudes in MBTI:

  1. Extroverted Sensing (Se)
  2. Introverted Sensing (Si)
  3. Extroverted Intuition (Ne)
  4. Introverted Intuition (Ni)
  5. Extroverted Thinking (Te)
  6. Introverted Thinking (Ti)
  7. Extroverted Feeling (Fe)
  8. Introverted Feeling (Fi)

Each MBTI combines both introvert and extrovert functions from the most dominant, secondary, inferior to the least functioned. Thus, even though I am an ENTP, it doesn’t mean that my functions will be all-extrovert. After all, extroversion is dominant in an ENTP like me. These are, the functions of ENTPs in the order of the most dominant to the least functioned: Ne, Ti, Fe, Si.

We use extroverted intuition (Ne) and this is the most dominant function. It makes ENTPs see lots of possibilities in the external world since we gain more ideas by observing what the surrounding has. In other word, we are adept at visualizing and understanding the external environment and always eager to take it a step further. They call us visionaries for some reasons, though.

The next is introverted thinking (Ti) as the secondary function. We trust our internal framework and our ideas are not easy to be explained to others. It explains why ENTP is the most introverted extrovert among all extrovert in MBTIs. We think as an introvert (which means we prefer to think when we are alone) and it is not easy to understand our way of thinking. More surprisingly,  sometimes we don’t understand our own thoughts. However, we are serious thinker who always look for internal logic of ideas. In short, ENTPs are excellent brainstormers who find it hard to make people understand their tons of ideas.

Extroverted feeling (Fe) is not the dominant function in ENTP. However, this function still plays role in how ENTPs enjoy helping others. The Fe aspect that ENTPs lack of is sensitivity. Yeah, we are insensitive.

The least is introverted sensing (Si). This function allows ENTPs to compare the present facts to past experiences. We store the memories and experiences from the past for the future use. Learn the past to rule the future.

Well, seems like MBTI and its functions are more than just about personality. Moreover, extroversion and introversion have nothing to do with sociable or anti-social traits in this case. They are more likely about the functions. People with Introversion might be sociable but they will feel more energized when they are alone. Vice versa for the people with extroversion, they might be mistaken as cold blooded introvert at the beginning but in the end, they will be able to socialize well and energized while around the others. All in all, I will share more about ENTP and I am glad to meet other ENTPs.


P.S: The picture is not mine.It was taken from Pinterest.

Any ENTP out there???

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Any ENTP out there???

So it was two years ago when a friend of mine mentioned as a website where we could ‘understand ourselves’ better. I was wondering the site as a cheesy personality quiz with doubtful result, but for the sake of friendship, I said that I would try it. I didn’t even try to open the site in the end.

On January, another friend reintroduced me to the same stuff after he saw me sharing bunch of posts about The Joker from Batman series in a social messenger.I asked him what was that 16 personalities actually about and I got the same answer: “You will understand yourself better once you try it.” He is a psychologist. Therefore, compared to my college-mate, he was more convincing. That day, I was thinking about giving a shot on it.

Actually I forgot it again and finally tried it on the next month, February. The results surprised me me at the beginning. So according to the result, which is actually based on what I have answered, I am a Debater. I was surprised since I , honestly, enjoy to argue and debate for sure. Further, I saw a set of capitalized letters, ENTP. Extroversion, iNtuition, Thinking , Prospecting, that’s what ENTP stands for. Seeing the E which stood for Extroversion, my first reaction was “See? I am extrovert! I am not an antisocial!”

Feeling gratefully sociable, I started reading the result further. I saw my extroversion was 55% , with 71% intuition, 60% thinking, 70% for prospecting and 56% turbulent. Wait, I did not realize it was ENTP-T until I reread the percentage the second time. Whatever, the result said I AM extrovert, though.

After a few minutes reading the first page, I was intrigued by the results. When I saw The Joker as one of ENTPs, it explained why I adore him so much.

Moving on, I doubted the strengths and weaknesses part. Especially in the point that said ENTPs are charismatic. However, the weaknesses part described me really accurate. Argumentative, insensitive, intolerant, etc. This result recorded my sins perfectly. Well played 16 personalities.

On the relationship part of the result, I found the reasons of my unhappy relationship with my ex. She wanted normal, safe, comfortable relationship while I demanded more. I don’t enjoy cheesy conversations and get excited with intriguing ideas and chances to start an argument. According to her, I was difficult to understand and sometimes evil. According to me, she was a bit boring. After all, freedom is priceless. I am single and I have never been happier.

Page after page and it explained lots of things about me. Since then, I was getting more curious about the concept of those personalities  which has been known widely as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

After I shared the result to friends who Continue reading “Any ENTP out there???”

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Now Contemplating

“We become what we contemplate.”

It was Plato, two millennia ago who stated such quotations. To contemplate is to think deeply by questioning and seeking the answers. More than it, deep thought is an evidence of extraordinary intelligence and unique skill of critical thinking.

Accordingly, this page will be overwhelmed by random thoughts, contemplation , stories, and intriguing stuffs that I experience by myself or asked by someone to me.


Feel free to share your thoughts here. 🙂What-if_1