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Any ENTP out there???

So it was two years ago when a friend of mine mentioned as a website where we could ‘understand ourselves’ better. I was wondering the site as a cheesy personality quiz with doubtful result, but for the sake of friendship, I said that I would try it. I didn’t even try to open the site in the end.

On January, another friend reintroduced me to the same stuff after he saw me sharing bunch of posts about The Joker from Batman series in a social messenger.I asked him what was that 16 personalities actually about and I got the same answer: “You will understand yourself better once you try it.” He is a psychologist. Therefore, compared to my college-mate, he was more convincing. That day, I was thinking about giving a shot on it.

Actually I forgot it again and finally tried it on the next month, February. The results surprised me me at the beginning. So according to the result, which is actually based on what I have answered, I am a Debater. I was surprised since I , honestly, enjoy to argue and debate for sure. Further, I saw a set of capitalized letters, ENTP. Extroversion, iNtuition, Thinking , Prospecting, that’s what ENTP stands for. Seeing the E which stood for Extroversion, my first reaction was “See? I am extrovert! I am not an antisocial!”

Feeling gratefully sociable, I started reading the result further. I saw my extroversion was 55% , with 71% intuition, 60% thinking, 70% for prospecting and 56% turbulent. Wait, I did not realize it was ENTP-T until I reread the percentage the second time. Whatever, the result said I AM extrovert, though.

After a few minutes reading the first page, I was intrigued by the results. When I saw The Joker as one of ENTPs, it explained why I adore him so much.

Moving on, I doubted the strengths and weaknesses part. Especially in the point that said ENTPs are charismatic. However, the weaknesses part described me really accurate. Argumentative, insensitive, intolerant, etc. This result recorded my sins perfectly. Well played 16 personalities.

On the relationship part of the result, I found the reasons of my unhappy relationship with my ex. She wanted normal, safe, comfortable relationship while I demanded more. I don’t enjoy cheesy conversations and get excited with intriguing ideas and chances to start an argument. According to her, I was difficult to understand and sometimes evil. According to me, she was a bit boring. After all, freedom is priceless. I am single and I have never been happier.

Page after page and it explained lots of things about me. Since then, I was getting more curious about the concept of those personalities  which has been known widely as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

After I shared the result to friends who and haven’t tried, some questions and reactions came up:

  • No way! You must be an introvert!
  • I thought you were an introvert.
  • But he is surely argumentative, though.
  • And he is surely insensitive.
  • That’s why he is single now.
  • Man, you idolize the Joker, don’t tell me you are a Deadpool fan as well. (Well, I am)
  • Does our favorite hero or villain will seriously influence the result?
  • Is that reliable?
  • You took the wrong major.

Actually there are more than those written above but the list will never end. You can see that there are so many  friends with their reactions doubting me as an extrovert. It triggered my curiosity about ENTP and according to what I found recently, my MBTI is the most introverted extrovert. However, in my inner circle, I am the only ENTP. Therefore, I am really happy to meet other fellas to share because the next post will be about ENTP and my confessions. Finally, it is time for me to address some questions to the dearest readers everywhere.

  • Is there any ENTP out there who feels like people often misunderstand you as an introvert at the first time?
  • Do you hate cheesy romantic conversations like I do, ENTPs?
  • Do our idols REALLY influence our personalities?
  • Do you think is reliable?
  • Is there any ENTP out there working as a language teacher? Because I am.

Please kindly answer, fellas.



I contemplate and think more than I should do. I am a human with questions.

6 thoughts on “Any ENTP out there???

  1. Hi, there! Somehow I feel obligated to answer this.
    I am an ENTP-A, got my result from 16personalities too.
    Took several personality tests and the results were a mix between ENTP and INTP. The -NTP parts seemed conclusive, only the I- and E- parts which sometimes switched according to the questions.
    Currently, your blog is aligned along with other tabs about ‘unsolved murder mysteries’, ‘Italian language for beginner’, ‘statistical learning’, another blog about language history, and a google search about the psychology of a patient. And yes, I am procrastinating right now. I have to meet a deadline by tomorrow about something that is completely irrelevant from my work and I think to skip a sleep tonight because… You know why. We unconsciously think we are awesome even when approaching the deadline. Night owl is just our natural state. So… Yeah, I guess 16personalities was kinda correct to classify me as an ENTP.
    Then about the E- part… The first time I got my result from 16personalities, I was surprised. Like… I was an extrovert? Because I LOVE spending time alone. Sometimes for days. I really like to have a regular solitude time and never get bored with it. I am fully responsive and functioning in the crowd, I love to share ideas, I can be an excellent ice-breaker, I love meeting new people, involve in many many different communities, try new things a lot……. Yes, I like to communicate and brainstorming. It is true that I intentionally argue with my friends about their ideas, not because I think it’s stupid, more because I want to expand its possibilities. I ask lots of questions, even one time one of my professors chose to ignore me in class. I am very expressive and too energetic to be quite. But, I love solitude! I love spending my weekends alone. Just me and my ideas. I self-talk a lot too. So I think ENTP is the most introvert of the extroverts.
    About the cheesy romantic conversations… As a girl, I love romantic things…with the right man. I mean, unless I really really *really* like you, any romantic attempt you do will make me uncomfortable. I used to have a thin tolerance for an overly emotional person until one of my best friends had a depression, he could be super sensitive at times. I didn’t want to give up on him, so if I couldn’t sensitive enough to feel it, I did what I do best: I studied it. I read lots of books and papers about depression, mental state, neuroscience and psychology in general. After I got a good understanding of human emotion from a scientific perspective, I became much more tolerate. I need to accept in with my head. Now I even like to observe and predict my surrounding’s emotional state. It’s fun to imagine what hormones cause it, the genes behind it, and so on…
    Idols… I don’t have idols. I think we all are just human. But I am intrigued by unique people with interesting and inspiring stories. I see it as I learn something from them but I don’t idolize them.
    Finally, I am not a language teacher. I suppose to be a molecular biologist….But you know, we cannot say to other people if we have 10 different occupations, especially if some of them are illegal…….. Kidding. But I don’t mind to be a charming vigilante ~ in a parallel universe, maybe.
    Nice blog, I have a good time procrastinating here.
    Now I need to get back to my thing(s).



    1. Hi there Angel. This write-up was posted long before finally I got more understanding about the functions. As a fellow ENTP, I would like to tell you that we have Extroverted Intuition (Ne) as our dominant function and Introverted Thinking (Ti) as our supporting or auxiliary function. We like to observe pattern and underlying principles and later elaborate them with our Ti function. Thus, brainstorming and bringing the ideas to others are actually enjoyable for us, ENTP. More than that, about being extrovert or introvert, ENTPs are mostly mistaken at the very first impression . However, we have extroverted Feeling (Fe) as our terrestrial function which means we do able to be expressive in social situation but since it is not dominant in the stack, some ENTPs have undeveloped Fe which makes them feel better to be a lonewolf. Thanks for the kind comment. See ya. 🙂


  2. Hi I’m an entp. Just thought I would answer but don’t contact me. I’m only 13 and my parents wouldn’t like it. 😎😏😁😉 And I love Deadpool and the joker too.

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