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Perspective and Expectation (Part 1)

It’s been a week and I get used to it surprisingly fast. I haven’t felt any massive culture shock that annoys me badly so far. Loud honks, crowded traffic, outstandingly ‘skillful’ drivers, crows caw every morning are some features I find everyday and the last one is actually my favorite.

I don’t know why but crows caw wakes me up better than roosters’. More, I also don’t know if it is only in Hyderabad or crows are massively spread everywhere all over the country. Either way, thanks crows. You will save my ass just in case I will have class in the morning later.

Another ‘music’ to my ears here is honk of every vehicle. Normally, you hear people honk at each other during crowded traffic. Here, they also honk to tell people when they will turn or go. So a driver who is about to turn left will honk while the others who hear the honk will also honk at that guy who is about to turn left. If I get 1 rupee for every honk that I hear in this first week, I could have bought a new iPhone. Well, at least the honk helps me to avoid a fatal accident caused by their ‘skillful’ driving skills.

I will share more about how Indian people amaze me and confuse me at the same time. Lastly for now, the less you expect, the wider your perspective will be.


P.S. : Next post will contain pictures.




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Over 9000 Away From Home

Bye home. Bye Indonesia. You will be missed, but not now. Not when I am writing this post because I have just entered my 4th day in Hyderabad. This is the first time for me to be so far away without any family member around. However, it was melancholic and emotional during my departure flight, then awkward during the arrival. My plane landed in the very early morning of Monday. I was too tired to notice the man who picked me up in the airport and I looked away for several minutes until he came up with a big sign and told me had waited for hours, I passed right in front of his nose and that damn big sign but I ignored him. He seems upset but I was lucky that the seniors were around to help me clarifying my fault and not-so-my fault since the flight was delayed from Kuala Lumpur. After 45 km from airport, I slammed the door as I usually did in my home-country and suddenly, “slowly, sir. Slowly. Chill.” He probably thought I was angry while I actually just closed the damn door. I gave him one of the best coffee from Indonesia as an apology. I hit the bed right after I got into the room in my dorm. Home sweet home, eh?

I did not remember how long I have slept but it was enough. I still felt like in Indonesia where getting up early is a daily mandatory. When I went out from the room, the hall was as empty as an old hospital in survival horror video game. I went back to my room and checked my phone. 8 A.M. and it was as quiet as 6 A.M. in Indonesia. Well, I guess I will like this country.

Everything starts late and ends late in this country. At least compared to Indonesia where everything starts in the morning and ends in the late afternoon, here,in India, they starts late at almost noon and ends in the early evening. For me, that’s cool.Say good bye to panic in the morning.

I am about to finish administration stuffs in my university today. Will share more about living as a stranger in an incredible country starts from today!


P.S.: About cows everywhere, that’s a big hoax. I saw crows everywhere instead.