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Perspective and Expectation (part 2)

I have said lately, the way people see and expect something will influence their attitude. Big expectation will lead to disappointment if the reality does not meet. Instead, expecting less will be much relieving. You will feel jubilant if the reality is beyond your expectation, but if it meets your first assumption, no surprise and surely no disappointment.

Three weeks and counting. That’s the time I have spent in this incredible country. I mean it! India is incredible since I lower my expectation.

I didn’t expect to live in a dorm where everything is taken care by the university. I thought I have to pay the bill all by myself. Well , I don’t. I thought I will have to buy food everyday. Oh wait, there is kitchen here. I thought my university is literally surrounded by cows. Well, yeah once in a while. I think there is no such entertainment around. Wait, I watched Suicide Squad several weeks ago. Overall, I can say it doesn’t feel that bad. People were wrong about this country. Unless… I am just lucky to be in Hyderabad.

Because last week, I went to a city which was not really a city. It was more like a village with a very big university as its heart. If the university did not exist, so that the city. There was where I felt like in India that I have expected previously. It was full of cows complete with the pie, garbage everywhere, limited transportation, narrow road, and the worst: criminals. Well, once more. THANK GOD I AM IN HYDERABAD.

Overall, I cannot say I like to live far away from family, friends, and my comfort zone but I feel fine here. People should go out from their cave some day, looking for a new cave and so that until they die. So here is my new home, new cave, soon to be new comfort zone, and later to be a place I will miss.

P.S. I haven’t took many pictures