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Neither Black nor White

What is your color? I do not ask your favorite color because it is cliche. I am talking about color that describes you, your personalities, your view about the world and what’s inside you. So, please think about it. Once more, not your personal subjective favorite color but a color that defines your personality and characters. I will start on behalf of my kind, ENTP.

Before I mention the color of my types, Let’s take a quick look to some traits that ENTP has based on my observation to myself, some fictional characters, some friends and some aliens out there.

  1. ENTPs hate to be controlled strictly. (Similar to ENFP)
  2. ENTPs do not like organized schedule.
  3. ENTPs have so many things that they are interested in but only a few that they can handle.
  4. ENTPs sometimes cannot finish what they have started.
  5. ENTPs are generally fast learners. (Similar to other thinker types)
  6. ENTPs are lazy as hell.
  7. ENTPs are easy to get along with. (Similar to any extrovert types especially ENFP and ESFJ)
  8. ENTPs are excellent conversationalist. (Similar to ESFJ)
  9. ENTPs are passionate and has thousands ideas about many things. (Similar to ESTP and ENFP)
  10. ENTPs are extremely sarcastic. (Highly similar to INTJ)
  11. ENTPs value friendships more than their relationships.
  12. ENTPs enjoy debate and hate losing an argument. (Similar to INTJ)
  13. ENTPs do not mind doing what common people assume as bad stuffs for the sake of better future. (Similar to INTJ)
  14. Honestly, ENTPs do not mind teasing or doing prank for fun. (Remember Joker?)
  15. ENTPs are generally not sensitive. Tend to be heartless in some cases. (Similar to INTJ).
  16. ENTPs often become emotional over ridiculous things. (Similar to ENFP)
  17. ENTPs secretly like cute animals. (Similar to any types with feeling as their dominant trait)
  18. ENTPs like to help others if they find it interesting no matter it breaks the moral value or not. (Take a look at Deadpool kick the pizza-guy’s ass in the movie to help the girl. More example: Saul Goodman from breaking bad, Tyrion Lannister from Game of Throne)
  19. ENTPs tend to idolize both heroes and villains because they agree to both side. (Look at Deadpool fan-boying Spider-man but at the same time working together with Magneto in some occasions)
  20. ENTPs find it difficult to put a side between good or bad.

Alright that is a long list up there. I could have added some more but I will save it for later. So based on the list, I will draw a quite long conclusion. ENTPs, as it has been discussed many times, are lazy but learn quickly. They have lots of ideas but cannot be consistent in finishing what they have started. They want a better world but they do not mind destroying the present world if it has to be so (some INTJs are laughing). All in all, I can say that ENTPs are grey. They are neither black nor white, neither hero nor villain. We stand on the middle between good and bad. So, when ENFPs or other feeler types feel insecure about their actions of hurting people or being too kind to people, ENTPs can only say: ‘Well, you know, you can hire me for both charity or deadly pranks. Chill.’ More than it, should any INTJ tells us his or her world domination plan we would be happy to listen and join as mercenaries. Cheers.




I contemplate and think more than I should do. I am a human with questions.

16 thoughts on “Neither Black nor White

      1. I heard someone said ENFP is bright rainbow with sparkles 😂 But I thought, the rainbow itself will appear after rain and disappear before the sun shine. LOL. But still, I will cry if someone steal my chicken wings.

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      1. And you associate that answer with being villainous?

        I see the INTJ as black because they’re enigmatic and hard to read. It’s matte and dark like the abyss.

        INFJ: Black with a sheen. They catch the light when they wish to mimic an extrovert and hide their darkness.

        INTP: Black with stars, galaxy-like. They typically have a vested interest in astronomy and in the grand unknown.

        ENTP: Holographic. Loud, verbose, all over the place, and change/improvise easily and quickly.

        ENFP: Bright rainbow with sparkles. Idealistic nature and they (want to) radiate happiness.

        ESFP: Rainbow with earthier tones like browns and greens. They strike me as earthy beings that like to party.

        ENTJ: Bright red, to show their strength and dominance.

        ESTJ: The patriotic colour from the institution they belong to and will likely lead eventually.

        ISTJ: White — neat, pristine, requires routine and detailed maintenance to keep it free of any spots or specs of dust.

        ISTP: Metallic grey. They typically enjoy tinkering with machinery.

        ESTP: The colour of the jersey of the sports team that they’re in or that they support.


      2. Dope Black because you don’t reflect any shiny light. You absorb them and you are not easy to be reached and read as you said. About villainous, I think both of us agree that it is okay to kill a killer. I cannot understand the justice of Batman or Daredevil who avoids killing by any means. By the way, I do agree with the descriptions of other types. 🙂


      3. Two wrongs don’t make a right. You’re merely fighting fire with fire at the surface level and not solving the root of the problem: the how’s and why’s the fires were first ignited and grew to such a magnitude.

        Regarding your response on INTJs being hard to read, could you expound on that? In what ways are we difficult to read? (E.g. Do we not emote as much so it’s confusing and hard to tell how we’re feeling?, etc.) I’d like to know how it is from an outsider’s perspective — how we appear to be and how we come across to others.


      4. Well, it is surprising that INTJs need a perspective from outsider. See? You are being hard to predict now, Sir. I mean, your type mostly avoid others to influence your point of view or your actions. So, why do you want to know outsiders’ perspectives about your own type? It is unexpected.
        Moreover, I haven’t encountered so many INTJ, but from my experience, they can come with a wise noble heroic thouhgts just like you, or sometimes bring up chaotic yet harmless and at the same time problem-solving ideas. So yeah, even though you said you disagree with killing a killer, it does not mean you won’t break his arms and dump him to jail and let him rot there. Am I right?
        Another example from my observation through fictional characters, Magneto, for example, is neither a villain nor a hero. I don’t think even Charles Xavier understands him well. Magneto really wants mutants domination over the world but he, at the same time, respect Charles for pursuing the harmonization between two parties. Thus, Magneto never completely against the humans. Even he has human wife. If some ENTPs are completely evil, I think INTJ are black but they are not really evil in some fictions. As you said, they are dark because they are not easy to be understand, not because they are evil. You, sir, just think differently and it is completely fine. 😊


      5. The conversations I have with ENTPs! 😀

        It isn’t a need per se. More of a want, curiosity, intrigue, and as a way to verify if my insights and perceptions are right. I’m always very intrigued by how I come across to others and how I’m perceived by others. Till now, I still find it surprising how people tend to see me so differently.

        I don’t think INTJs actively avoid others’ influence. If they are deemed intelligent and worthy, then the INTJ would be keen to listen to their insights and perspectives. If they manage to find gaps or mistakes in the INTJ’s thoughts or beliefs, then a healthy INTJ would be thankful and open to change his or her mindset.

        It is true that “not killing” encompasses a vast number of questionable alternatives as you suggested, or torture, so long it doesn’t involve death. Since it was a vague response to a broad statement, it can be interpreted in many ways. However, I don’t believe in any form of violence.

        Thanks, by the way, for the MBTI colour inspiration. And interesting observation about Magneto!

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