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With or Without ‘Video’, Gaming is Gaming


I have been 123 days surviving in this Incredible Land. During that more or less four months, I only played shitty mobile games, which I have uninstalled, accidentally played truth or dare in the middle of the night, and sadly playing cards against humanity without any real cards. I played it online, with strangers, though. Apart from the desperate efforts to kill my boredom, I am recently interested in another form of game which has been known and played far before the term ‘video game’ was popular.

I am thinking of having some board games once I come back home. The excitement was so great that I have started watching some review videos since two months ago and now I have the list that I will share to you.

Game of Thrones


Based on a very popular series written by George R.R. Martin, this  game takes place in the massive lands of Westeros. The players will take roles of the houses of the Seven Kingdoms, trying to seize the Iron Throne and ruling the Westeros by arranging effective strategies via diplomacy or battle. It is highly possible that some players build an alliance to defeat other players. Game of Throne: The Board Game is rated 7.8 in Should you need further details, kindly check the video below.

Blood Rage


Rated 8.2 in, Blood Rage is a thematic strategy board game with the setting of ancient Norse when Ragnarok has come and the end is near. The players will take control over different Viking’s clans in the apocalyptic battle to secure their places in Valhalla. Blood Rage comes up with exquisite figure arts and wide possibilities for characters and clans upgrades. A link to an unboxing video and a review video are attached below.



Scythe takes place in an alternate historical timeline of 1920s in Eastern Europa. The game focuses on a city-state called The Factory which produces deadly massive war machines that the players try to claim by conquering territories, enlisting recruits, farming, building structures and activating mechs. Scythe is rated 8.4 in and the idea of monstrous mechanical weapon is very intriguing. Check out the unboxing and review video below.



The other three are focused on strategic aspect on developing clans, kingdoms, cities, conquering territories and winning wars which make the players will more likely to play roles as a leader. Meanwhile, in Conan, you are given options to take control of one out of several heroes including Conan himself or as an evil overlord to hinder Conan and his comrades reaching their goals. There are lots of  maps that open lots of scenarios in this board game. Personally, I badly want to have this. Deadly badly want to have after watching the unboxing, rules and review videos. 8.4 in, 9.0 in my mind.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon


9.4 is the rating of this game in Imagine how epic would it be. The game sets up in the ancient Greek mythology where Gods and Titans were fighting. The players choose their mythological Gods to play along with mythical creatures and also legendary warlord and demi-gods. I haven’t got much information about this game, but I think Mythic Battles: Pantheon is super exciting. However, I got the video of the game rules and a short video of its component looks.

Anyway, I personally think that playing board game will bring you different sensation of multiplayer compared to the one in video games. Though it is tough to understand the rules and mechanism at the beginning and it is even tougher to tidy the mess up after playing, but board games are surely worth to play. Well, I think I need to start saving money. Cheers.

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