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Farewell 2016


Some people see life as a journey while for me, life is the most complicated massively multiplayer role-play-game. You are playing as yourself. Growing up, interacting with other players (family, friends, rivals), learning new abilities, acquiring new skills, buying and trading items, having job, building your own guild (business and company), even better, you can produce new players, seeing them to grow and develop and finally reach your limits and finish your part of the game once the death come. It is obvious that the disturbing part is our zero knowledge about our age limit. However, the absence of such knowledge has driven us to keep improving physically, mentally and spiritually since we don’t want to waste the life that has been given to us.

Life is a game. The obstacles, challenges and problems started from the day I was born until today were the quests, missions and objectives that I have accomplished, achieved, failed and gone through. My age is my level  (by thinking this way I won’t feel older but stronger instead because it means I am responsible to be productive to grow better each year) and my profession is my class. I have told you in my post several weeks ago that I sometimes put daily objective that is similar to daily quest in video game. Then how about day, week, month, and year? I see the days to months as sub-chapters with the years as the main one. So 2016 is a long chapter in a game with several hidden unannounced quests that I may or may not take. Each quest rewards me and improves my experience so that I would not only grow older but grow stronger every year. Thus, I would like to reflect what have I done during chapter 23: 2016.


  • After previously sending the application for scholarship, got a call from the Indian embassy for further tests and interview.
  • Preparing other applications to be sent for other scholarships. You know, if one failed, here comes another chance.
  • Teaching English to rascals as usual. This was, by the way, the daily quest of mine.


  • Another interview call for scholarship.
  • Met other players during the interview and other tests.
  • Found that some of them are bad at geography for they asked why did I take the test in Jakarta instead of Medan since I came from Lampung. Duh.
  • Started the single player mode after staying on cooperative multiplayer for about two years.
  • Teaching English to rascals as usual.


  • Failed miserably on the previous month interview.
  • Forget the hell and went on a short trip.
  • Preparing for another opportunity to USA.
  • Seeking more wisdom to higher level players (lecturers, professors, and so forth).
  • Composing some essays while helping as the assistant of some lecturers.
  • Casually encountered weird stuffs.
  • Teaching English to rascals while thinking of resigning.


  • Basically almost the same with previous month with extra weirdness and no holiday trip.
  • Started a long term project which is still on going until now.
  • Thinking more seriously about resigning.


  • Talking about the plan to resign to the guild master (my boss, duh).
  • Remember the interview on January? Everyone got the announcement while I didn’t.
  • I thought I failed and started to focus on the other opportunities.
  • Desperately looking for other chances by asking and talking more to more experienced players.
  • This blog was born as a part of desperation.


  • Surprisingly found the announcement of my acceptance in the spam box.
  • Telling my guild master that I would depart on the following month.
  • Took care of visa and other documents.
  • Cursing the bald guy in the Indian embassy. Thanks, mate. Won’t ever forget ya.
  • Officially quit from my job.


  • Meeting an old friend.
  • Farewell to everyone.
  • Witnessing some stupid things before departure in Jakarta.
  • Malaysia for eight hours.
  • Stranded in Hyderabad.
  • Struggling for settling in the wasteland.
  • Thank God, I was helped by seniors.
  • Meeting more seniors.
  • Settled safely and got the first three month reward of accomplishing a set of quests.


  • College life started.
  • Not bad.
  • Went to New Delhi and Aligarh for a week.
  • New Delhi was cool but Aligarh was wasted.
  • Made stronger bond with others.
  • It feels good to have another player back you up.
  • Back to College.
  • Assignments everyday.
  • Thought I was okay.
  • I was not. The assignments were not stopping.


  • Recruited as a member of Indonesian Students Association in India.
  • Started meeting more people and understood more about this country.
  • Farewell with some seniors.


  • The semester was almost end.
  • More assignments.
  • There was cold war among comrades but I stayed neutral.
  • Nothing much really.


  • Final BOSS on this level (EXAM MONTH).
  • Planning for holiday on December.
  • The war was getting colder.


  • Passing this first level of the second college life.
  • Committing typical ENTP stupid insensitive stuffs that led to disappointment of the important one.
  • Finally get flinched and paralyzed (sick) for the first time after six months
  • Got rid of horrible things and continue living.

Overall, I would like to say that this stage, or year, has been successfully passed and completed. I am not a planner, but I surely have lot of things to do on the next chapter which will be started less than three days. Until next time.

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I contemplate and think more than I should do. I am a human with questions.

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