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The Dominant Functions in General


I have been busy in the ‘Danger Room’ since the semester is damn tough. Meanwhile, this blog keep haunting me for I have abandoned it since more than a month but here I am, coming back with MBTI and cognitive functions to be shared with you. Just in case you skip it, please read the title because the following stuffs will be what I have written on it.

This is basic but just in case you have misplaced the information in the brain, Carl Jung has divided the functions into eight: introverted thinking (Ti), extroverted thinking (Te), introverted feeling (Fi), extroverted feeling (Fe), introverted intuition (Ni), extroverted intuition (Ne), introverted sensation (Si) and extroverted sensation (Se). Each of them, however, has general traits that are peculiar to each other. Thus, the following descriptions are gonna help you understand a bit about how dominant functions work in different type.

Extraverted Thinking (Te) : ENTJ and ESTJ

”What’s your reference?”

Inductive reasoning is the main weapon of everyone with dominant Te. People with high functioning Te will often put facts on the top of their priority. Their objectivity in thinking will not let them argue without dozens of accurate facts. Thus, most Te users prefer to keep calm and quiet while at the same time gathering as much resources of information as possible if they are trapped in a discussion with unfamiliar topic.

Introverted Thinking (Ti) : INTP and ISTP

“You give me Astrophysics article. I can turn it into a science fiction.”

Opposing the Te, people with Ti (especially the dominant one) are more likely to rely on their intrinsic device that allows them to critically analyze and develop very minimum factual information into analytical and broad ideas.  Their subjectivity in thinking sometimes extremely useful in developing ideas and analyzing theories but lack of factual data will lead Ti user to produce nonsense.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe) : ESFJ and ENFJ

“I am here to help you to feel better. Let’s get started.”

That line above is said by them with highly functioning Fe. People with extroverted feeling are people who are sincerely happy to help others for they will feel the relief and the happiness of the person that they lend their hand to. Everyone’s joy is their source of happiness and everyone’s problem is their burden. High functioning Fe people are experts in understanding emotions making them sometimes overly tolerant even though they do not like it, an expert in pretending to be ‘fine’.

Introverted Feeling (Fi) INFP and ISFP

“I keep my inner circle small yet very comfortable.”

When a dominant Fi person considers you as his or her best friend, there are two possibilities: you share too many similar points of view and interests as she or he is, or you know too much about him or her so that letting you go is as dangerous as giving your social media passwords to a stranger. Unlike Fe people, they who have Fi as a dominant function value morals and individual beliefs. Thus, they often neglect what against the values that they believe and will not easily get too close to strangers who do not share the same perspective.  If Fe people prefer to hide their dislike towards you, Fi will say it in your face once they find something that they hate.

Extroverted Sensation/Sensing (Se) ESFP and ESTP

“Sky diving sounds fun.”

Dominant Se is adrenaline junkie and risk taker. They live in the present time and love to experience genuinely new things. People with Se tend to be very bold and take every risk as a valuable lesson that unconsciously evolves them into people with sharp instinct in making decisions. Dominant Se user might have developed Spider-sense as the fictional hero Spider-man has.

Introverted Sensation/Sensing (Si) ISFJ and ISTJ

“I remember my first time on roller coaster. No more pizza before riding such things.”

Si users have a great ability in recognizing and playing such flash back past memories and factual information in their mind. They believe that experienced is the best teacher and they should not make the same mistake. Learning from the past is their genuine ability. However, driven too much by this function will turn Si users into timid and doubtful.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne) ENFP and ENTP

“I am ready to talk about anything. Tell me more about that idea of living in Mars. ”

They are the brainstormers. Ne users see how everything in the universe is interrelated and have various perspectives about single thing. Their expertise in understanding the external environment leads them to be highly curious. Seeing if there are some possibilities to take everything a step further is what they are always excited about.

Introverted Intuition (Ni) INFJ and INTJ

“You are mad, aren’t you?”

They analyse everything internally by firstly taking abstract pieces of information and making sense of it. Ni users are very good at understanding patterns and also an expert in sensing something when it goes off. They are very good at recognizing someone’s habit and will draw conclusion over something peculiar if the unusual patterns of habits come up.

That’s all folks. Gotta back to work. Henry McCoy is chasing me. Until next time!

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