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The Types in MMORPG



I have been thinking of this since long time ago. Wondering how we can identify the type of MMORPG  (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game) players based on their class and the way they interact with others.

ISFJ: The Cleric

It might sound stereotypical but ISFJs are good at taking care of others and taking part as the supports who heal and cast spells that strengthen the other players. Their dominant Si also help them in thinking about how to carefully keep everyone safe. They won’t let you die twice, though.

ISTJ: The Sniper

Si and Te respectively with Fi as the tertiary function make ISTJs extremely meticulous and logical strategists as well as sharpshooters. They are very potential in deciding who and where to shoot by observing the weakness of the enemies. Relying on what can they learn from the external logic and the past, they won’t let a single arrow miss the target.

ENTJ: The Summoner

ENTJs are natural commander and strategic leader. Their dominant Te makes them an adept observant on what’s surrounds them. Thus, ENTJs are great in deciding which monstrous creatures to be deployed in a battle field and controlling them to defeat the enemy, or even taking control over the enemy as well.

ENFJ: The Paladin

They won’t let people they care about hurt or die miserably. Protecting and healing their comrades and sticking on the justice are what ENFJs would gladly do and they are dying to do so. It obviously suits the role of a fearless Paladin who is both a healer and a tanker at the same time.

ENTP: The Rogue

Tricky, agile, can be so quiet and loud as they please, always seek for possibilities in any situation, and full of crazy unpredictable ideas. ENTPs are surely an unpredictable and cunning ‘blade in a crowd’. They do not like orders and rules. They can hide anywhere you’ve never imagined. You didn’t see  them coming until the dagger is slitting your neck.

ENFP: The Hunter

Ne dominants value freedom. Hence, ENFP, as ENTP is, is a soloist who tend to go on hunting and killing others individually or in a small group with no compulsion of following rules or orders. ENFPs gladly learn new things and tend to observe their surrounding to connect it with their inner values. Making them incredibly innovative and capable in using any kind of weapons, traps, even poisons.

INTJ: The Witch Doctor

Genius, very genius and vicious. You do not ask for mercy to INTJs during a PvP. You will die before you know it. INTJ will kill you without making any unnecessary movement because they have gone ten steps ahead when you launch your first attack. Good luck in negating the dark magic.

INFJ: The Priest

Along with the ISFJ on the back-line, INFJ are they who heal not only phisycal wound but also depressed morale. Their charisma boosts the confidence of their comrades as well as intimidates the foes.

ISTP: The Craftsman

Turning any scraps into valuable and useful equipment is what ISTP naturally expert at. Instead of hunting monsters to level-up, ISTPs tend to hunt for what they can find and what they can make out of their loots.Thus, sometimes mining and digging soil is interesting to find materials.

ESTP: The Mercenary

Two-handed sword, twin swords, a sword and an axe, war-hammer or even a scythe are some possibilities of ESTPs’ weapon of choices. They do not like something mainstream and they are good at taking advantage on their talent. Exciting quests and epic battles are what they always seek as they have no fear.

ESTJ: The Knight

ESTJs are they who fight side by side with the ENFJs on the front line. If their paladin comrades tend to defend the line behind wide shield and battle flail while making sure no one gets horribly hurt, the knights are they who thrust and push the enemy by slaying them with their sword or spear while at the same time trying to take control over the brutallity of ENTP, ENFP and ESTP. Their interest is on organizing the mess and sticking to moral values.

ESFP: The Jester

Cheerful and very provocative during the game. Using handy and practical tools as their weapon is what ESFPs more likely to do. Their uncontrollable happiness might sometimes annoy other classes especially the knights, the witch doctors and the summoners.

ESFJ: The Guardian

ESFJs plays to protect and bear others’ burdens on their shoulders. You might say no, ESFJs, but you cannot ignore a lower level player who is chased by a monster. They stand on the same line as the paladins and the knights to protect both of them.

INTP: The Alchemist

The very curious nature of INTPs makes them very potential in creating such lethal formula to perish their enemy or even powerful elixir to support their fellows. INTP and ISTP work together may produce super rare and deadly weapon.

ISFP: The Blade Dancer

The strong extroverted sensing collaborating with the dominant introverted feeling make ISFP a curious player who is always excited to try new things. Combining swordsmanship and the elegance of dance is what ISFPs more likely to be interested in for they have a very strong desire and passion on arts.

INFP: The Druid

INFPs seek for harmony and value. More than that, they are surprisingly energetic and also very creative. Their extroverted intuition also help them in observing and expanding different possibilities. Thus, using the power of nature and some elemental spells to create strong variations of chaining attack and build impenetrable defense might suit them well.

After all, those are seen from the perspective of ENTP. Cheers.

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