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When the Types Hate Someone


You DO have someone you do not like, don’t you? Probably because he or she has done something horrible to you, or it is just his or her bad qualities that you cannot stand. The following list describes shortly how each type reacts to someone they hate.

ISTP: ‘You are just SO BRILLIANT!’

Hey, shouldn’t it be expressing hatred and dislike? Well, actually ISTPs will be very sarcastic around people they don’t like. So, brilliant on that line is equal to idiot, that’s why it is capitalized and ultimately equipped with exclamation mark.

ESTP: ‘I am out.’ (Talking to himself)

They prefer to avoid any possible interactions by fleeing as quickly as possible once they sense the presence of people they hate.

INTP: ‘…. I don’t feel well.’

It is not a lie to escape from an awkward situation when they accidentally meet the hated one. They DO feel bad just to see their nemesis. 

ENTP: ‘I couldn’t agree more.’ (nods enthusiastically)

You misread it. It is actually read like this: ‘dude, you and your idea should have been burnt in hell.’ ENTPs won’t show their hatred. They will pretend to like you and agree with anything you say.

ISFP: (remains silent)

They won’t say anything. They will suddenly be even quieter than usual. Some people will think they are sick. They are. They are sick of you!

ESFP: Err… I have to take my cat to the vet. He is fine. Actually I need to see the vet. BYE.

They will make up a weird story as an excuse to stay away from people they don’t like. Pretending to have another appointment, pretending to be sick and so forth. However, they are not really good at it. They should learn from the experts: Ne dominants.

INFP: ‘Would you mind to leave me… alone?’

I don’t know what kind of satanic demons that make INFPs hate them, but INFP will politely ask them to stay away. Seriously, just go. Don’t say anything.

ENFP: ‘Ah actually you are better. Who am I to handle this?’

(5 minutes after person they hate has gone) ‘He isn’t alpha male. Not even close. He is douchebags… He is…..’

I want to impersonate more but it will make this post NSFW. ENFP will pretend to be nice until they reach their limit. They recharge their patience and chill out by making such rude comments behind people they don’t like.

ISTJ: (Says nothing and moves away)

Similar to ISFPs, they will not say anything, but ISTJs will move away and keeps the distance far enough between them and their ‘enemy’.


I assume you read in Donald Trump voice. ESTJs will disagree with anything you say and anything you do. Enough said. They hate you anyway, so just go away.

ISFJ: (Sigh) ‘well…’ (sigh)

They will sigh a lot and probably throws fake smiles continuously until those people go away. Like seriously? Why would you make ISFJs hate you?

ESFJ: ‘Umm.. I don’t … think that I share the same opinion with you… Sorry.’

They will try so hard to express disagreement. But they do hate you so they will say it with ‘sorry’ at the end of their speech. It’s okay ESFJs, it is normal to hate sometimes.

INFJ: (Remain silent during the meeting with person they hate)

(With his buddy) ‘He shouldn’t be like that. It is just so rude and inappropriate.’

They will remain silent around people they don’t like. However, they will remember and share it with their inner circles.

ENFJ: ‘He might be so late but at least he DID come.’

ENFJs will try to find out what’s good about those people they don’t like. Dear those people, SHAME on YOU.

INTJ: ‘Bye.’

They will literally say bye, adios, farewell, sayonara, or whatever the language to express that they need to leave you at once.

ENTJ: ‘Shut up. You are so wrong.’


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