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I Wonder what Their Types are: #7Harry

I have spent an hour looking for some references that will help me on my science experiment next week when those two fellows are drowned in an exciting conversation about humankind, their existence and the future possibilities of super-human. I keep curating some books while eavesdropping silently. Those voices are familiar to me: Harry and Helena. It is quite surprising to me that the last name I mentioned is able to converse in such excited manner since she is very reserved and ice-cold. For Harry, I know him quite well as the leader of debate club, one of the most successful school club especially after he is in charge, and the conversation between them is an evidence of how good Harry is in handling lively challenging discussions. No wonder he can handle such club.

Besides his enthusiasm in discussing many things, Harry is known as a natural leader who can lead his fellows debaters well without being so bossy yet still have reputable impression as a commander. More than that, he knows how to evoke the ability of his comrades to make them ruthless yet effective debater. His favorite soldier is Jack who keeps refusing to be promoted as his vice yet Harry seems don’t want to give up in signing the Fool as his right hand in the club. You know when two stubborn debaters fuse, it will probably create such kind of big bang and that’s what Harry wants: deadly combination of the natural commander and the man-who-can-debate-anything.

Harry is a tactical man who is full of strategies about anything. Beside organizing the debate club, he is also known as an expert in various board games including chess and shogi (Japanese chess). Those games fit him perfectly as Jack always say. Obeying rules and being filled by tons of references to back him up during discussion and debate are two things that I highly respect from Harry.  Jack was talking about what if combining Shogi and Chess into a game of Japanese feudal army versus European crusaders. Guess what? Harry frowned and shake his head and finally lectured Jack of how those two are so different. After that they started to debate. Well, if I were him I would leave Jack at once.

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I Wonder what Their Types are: #6 Zoe

In some sense, Zoe is quite similar to Iris. Both are very talkative especially to the ones they are closed to. But wait, Zoe is basically talkative to almost everyone including random stranger in the bus stop. The difference between them is Zoe’s addiction to social gathering and any kind of party where Iris will come only if she really wants to. Similar to me, she easily gets bored and very vulnerable to trying-something-new. As a result, it influences many things in her life: her different way of inventing creative way on wearing school uniform, hair style, different baseball caps on different matches, and obviously different pitches on different batters. In short, she looks different everyday.

There are something more about Zoe that are quite similar to me: our spontaneous humour, our ability to get new friends easily, our fond love of social gathering and party, our insecurity related to boredom and our rebellious behaviour. Zoe is a good friend to school baseball team, she is part of student council in the public relation division because of her adept friendliness, she is my partner in crime during any attempt to escape from Mr.Brown’s boring literature class but wait! There is one girl who has become Zoe’s nemesis ever since the school begin two years ago: Cindy, the most rigorous and strict in the students’ council. Even worse, she is the director of PR division. SMH Zoe, SMH. She hates Cindy for her nature of being so strict and controlling that is strongly against Zoe’s will of freedom. One thing I know, Zoe is bad at removing grudge and hatred on someone. It will last long, or maybe forever.

One more thing about Zoe: she has a long list of crushes in the school and outside the school. She had crush on other school’s baseball ace, the guitarist of a local indie band, the captain of school football team, a guy from movie club, and recently, I know that she is in love with Steve the chairman. As I stated that a minute ago, she threw her well-known fast pitch right on my gut, forcing me to kneel. Lesson learned: Don’t mess with a pitcher unless you have your bat with you.

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I Wonder what Their Types are: #5 Nick

That noise distracted me for seconds and somehow made me curious about what in the world could pierce my loud music. Hence, I looked out through the window next to me without even moving or putting off any of my earphones. I saw that guy stood on the batters’ box, a part of the field on where the batter of a team hit the ball, confidently. A few seconds later he hit it hard on the first pitch, giving no ease at all to the pitcher of the opposition. The noise grew louder and I went back to my book.

Nicholas, as I know him, or Nick as he would like everyone to call him, is the cleanup hitter in both his class baseball team and the school team. More than that, he is the school’s ace outfielder who is famous with his weirdly agile and strong legs that help him to chase and catch long-fast-hit. In spite of his awesomeness in baseball, he used to play as winger in school football team on his first year while simultaneously active to volunteer as additional player in any sport club that needed him until finally decided to focus on baseball. Focus on baseball? Yes, but he keep trying new position until the coach found his natural talent as outfielder.

Besides his adept skills at various sports, I thought Nicholas is a big fan of any fast-paced action movies and video games. He ever mentioned once that either being an professional athlete, martial artists, actor for action movies or at least the stunt doubles or all of them at once is one of his dream. Well, basically he wants all of those jobs. After all, he is a risk taker who is afraid of monotonous challenge-less life so it is not surprising for me if I see him playing american football, being the agent 007 on James Bond movies, or even forming a punk band with his friends in the future. For Nicholas, or Nick whatever it is, getting bored is an insult. Probably influenced by his urge of avoiding boredom constantly, Nick becomes very sociable that he even feels no tense talking to me. Maybe having conversation with me is a challenge to him or probably it is because of  our similar insensitivity about understanding other people’s feeling? Not sure about that but it is okay to have small talk with him sometimes. One thing I hate from him: sometimes his taste of music is cheesy.

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I Wonder What their Types are: #4 Helena

It was on the corner of the library where she has spent two hours reading something that I was not sure about. It was probably her typical reading-for-fun stuffs; thriller fictions or popular science, but having earphones on both ears was a signal of “don’t talk to me now”. So, I’d better let her be or she will stare me with those freezing eyes.

Helena, as I know her, is emotionless and reserved to most people around the school. She is very independent, does everything by herself, and only talks when it is really needed. Despite her introversion, she looks confident and seems having no problem with her social life. Helena has some friends and when she includes someone as her friend, it probably means ‘best friend’ to some people. Either she doesn’t care about you, or she trusts you with her life, there is no in between. She might talk to you yet she doesn’t count that as a signal of friendship. To her,  there is a huge gap between an acquintance and a friend while best friend is almost an alien term to her. Hence, only a few of us can mingle with her.

Probably her anti-mainstream points of view, her dark sense of humour, her sarcasm, her smirk-like smile and her way of looking at others, that I personally describe as the-bone-freezing-stare, creates a systematic human-repellent that drives most people away from her. Only the strong ones can get closer and finally grow immunity towards the sarcasm, dark humour and deadly stare of Helena.

I didn’t realize that she looked at me until I turned around after putting back a science book to the upper shelves. She put off one of her earphones while kept staring at me with her default expresionless face. There was an awkward silence as I also looked at her. I could hear Creep from Radiohead was played within that plug of her earphones when she finally tapped on the bench, “mind to sit here?” She sounded like commanding  rather than asking. As I sat, she looked away and closed the book on the desk, “Harry, isn’t it? So you read Harari as well?” There was a smirk that I assumed as a smile at the end of that question. Well, they were right about Helena. She will talk to you once she finds you have probability of having similar interests to her.

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I Wonder What their Types are: #3 Steve

You may catch an image of a wise man, a friendly wise man, within Steve. That’s the very first impression about that guy who walked along with the other two fellows of mine. As long as I concerned, those two chatter-boxes who were hanging out with him described him as the stabilizer who always listens to their bullshits attentively and is able to shut them up, in a nice and elegant way, if needed. On other situations with different fellows who produced less noise, Steve could initiate and actively control the conversation without making his talk-mates intimidated. In short, he is indeed capable to stabilize the situation by being cool enough to listen or being warm by talking more without burning his buddies’ confidence.

Though I am not that close to Steve, I’ve talked to him several times and I do agree with those people who described Steve as a good companion when it comes to discussion or just casual conversation. He always give enough chance to his friends to talk without making any unnecessary comments yet he doesn’t let any awkward gap to fill in between the talks. Alright, enough said about how Steve interacts with others. I start to wonder how far do I know him.

Steve is the chairman of students’ council in our school. Well, everyone knows that. He excels at most school subjects especially French, Mandarin, English and literature. Most people also know that.

I think of something more that not many people know about him. Behind his calm and warm personality, he is very thoughtful and hates cheesy musics. He sometimes make fun of how cheesy are some musicians nowadays. He enjoys reading lots of books. I saw him read some books about human psychology and other related themes. Related to that, Iris’s ever said that Steve often secretly analyzes people around him and they, also with Jack, like to discuss it. That’s what most people in this school probably don’t know and there is one more thing that I accidentally know about Steve that he is actually writing on a teen-fiction under a pen name. Helena told me. She is one of hundreds of Steve’s secret admirers.

“You like him, do you? Let me help…” I quickly turned around and saw Nick with his well-known troll face ready to mock me. Before he shouted what I expected to be as cheesy as he always be, I squared off and threw a ball that I’ve held since the match was over to his tummy and walked away, leaving him kneeling and groaning. “God dammit… Zoe.” Maybe he forgot that I am no ordinary girl but the ace pitcher of school baseball team.

Nick is still swearing inappropriately while I keep thinking about what kind of person Steve actually is?

…And so that Iris and Jack.

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I Wonder What their Types are: #2 Iris

A minute ago, she couldn’t stop swearing about the third batter who foolishly run directly to the third base and almost failed to reach it. Three minutes ago, she didn’t care about the first and the second batter who failed miserably to hit the ball. Instead, she talked about her plan on going to Japan next week. Now, forgetting the third batter, she starts to get excited about up coming movies that will be released next month. “IT IS A HOMERUN!” She has put those movies aside, stood up and cheered enthusiastically. “They made it!” She clapped gladly for seconds and calmed down soon. I anticipated by guessing what’s coming up next and thinking what Iris was like back then?

She can talk about any random things from the darkest truth about Disney’s princesses, until any random lines from different episodes of the Big Bang Theory and Spongebob Squarepants. She is very passionate about anything that is offered to her. She has one ex-boyfriend and they broke up because she treats him as good as she treats her male friends. She actually thinks that having relationship feels like living in a cage and she feels better without it. Her partners in crimes are varied. It depends on what to do. There is  Arya if it is about making random weird yet creative stuffs, Jack for discussing some strategies of trolling people around with Arya-Iris inventions, Nick, sometimes with Jack if he feels like to, to execute crazy ideas, she got Helena on her dark-side with her dark jokes, and it is me who listens to those ‘crimes’ she does around the school. I am a listener and her advisor – in good way.

“Geez, that was great match but Jack was dumb as always. He almost didn’t make it, did you see that? He was…” I listened to her attentively and waited for another topic-shift soon enough. Less than three minutes after we left the bench, she has stopped talking about the match after finally decided to celebrate their winning especially Nick’s homerun and Jack’s foolish yet successful attempt in running directly to the third-base. She looked around before finally stared at me with thoughtful face, “Cheese burger or pizza?” I said I wanted either and she said, “why not both?” I shrugged and smirked as she looked straight forward at a guy who walked not so far in front of us. Jack, I assume. “JACKASS!” As she yelled loudly, Iris ran into him vigorously and attempted to slap Jack but the target was aware and able to avoid the not-so-surprise attack. I approached them and when it was close enough, I could feel that I was trapped in an unstoppable random discussion between that two fellows yet I enjoyed listening to their chaotic pointless conversation. However, I wonder where Nick is.

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I Wonder what Their Types are: #1 Jack

“SAFE!” A loud wave of cheering and booing interrupted the flow of instrumental music on my earphone, forcing me to look toward the baseball field. I thought I saw him this morning, that guy standing on the third-base. I squinted and finally got clear image of that guy, Jack, who was in the library reading a teen-fiction about dragons and witches. I didn’t expect to see him standing with those baseball players since he is an ace of the debate club and supposed to practice with the rest of his team but I realized that yesterday he was on the music room, wearing t-shirt, ripped jeans and grey sneakers, trying to play a song from 90s on every instrument. He was not bad, but also not that good especially at violin. On the other day, I met him in a café where he ordered cold brewed coffee and explained to me a lot of things about coffee. In the class, I know him as a guy who can talk to anyone, about anything, yet only sometimes I saw Jack initiates conversation. Some fellows describe Jack as a fountain full of ideas and innovations who is always ready to talk about anything, giving everyone sudden revelations and brilliant ideas, but will prefer to procrastinate and fool around if it is about execution of the ideas.

He is a nerd who reads fiction, sciences and history. He plays sport, music, board games, and video games. He talks to girls, boys, bullies, other nerds, teachers, janitors, anyone who starts talking to him. But only when he feels like to do it, one more with underline only when he feels like to do it. So I bet baseball is his mood today. Tomorrow he might do something else. Some people who secretly hate Jack describe him as Jack of all trades, capable of any, good at none. While among his inner circle, I guess they call him the Fool, who can just grasp anything and enthusiastically curious about new things no matter it ends up good or bad to him.

“IT’S A HOMERUN!!” Someone yelled from the spectators bench, Iris, I guess from the tone… And that homerun must be hit by Nick. I was putting back my earphones as I saw Jack ran vigorously to the home base.

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I wonder what their types are: a Prologue


It is one fine day at a school because exam was over since a couple of days ago and school break is coming. Even so, those students are still coming to the school (or they are not because many of them actually live in the dormitory within the school) just to meet friends, play around, competing some post-semester school tournaments, going to the library, or even just strolling around the huge neighborhood inside or outside the school while observing some people around them.

That one last thing, observing people, has interestingly been done by almost everyone in the school during their time on other activities. More than just observing, some of them start to wonder where in the MBTI their friends belong to?


To be Continued…

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The Types’ “In Love” Soundtracks


I can see you frown after reading the title, especially you who regularly lurks on my page. But hey, it is not only you! Actually, I did frown after drafting this random list on my notebook. I think it was my subconscious, driven by a memory of stupid conversation with one of regular readers (by force) of this page about Radio MBTI last night, controlled me to list some possible songs that different types might like to listen when they have a crush on someone. You may or may not know the songs. You probably know but you are not familiar with. Whatever. You can click on each title to listen to the song though. Here they are.

INTJ: You’re So Dark – Arctic Monkeys

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘And you’re so mysterious’ or ‘Cause you’re so dark, babe’

INFJ: Thinking Out Loud– Ed Sheeran

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘And darling I will be loving you ’til we’re 70′ or ‘And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways’

Alright I promise you there will be no more ‘and‘ to begin the excerpt of the lyrics

ENTP: Wonderwall– Oasis

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘There are many things that I
Would like to say to you but I don’t know how’
or ‘Because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me
And after all, you’re my wonderwall’

ENFP: Wildest Dreams– Taylor Swift

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘He said let’s get out of this town
Drive out of the city’ or ‘He’s so bad but he does it so well’

ISFJ: Guard You– Miyavi

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘I’ll do anything to take away the pain that harms you
And count every second till the skies are blue’

ISTP: Are You Mine? – Arctic Monkeys

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘She’s a silver lining lone ranger riding
Through an open space’

ENTJ: Cheerleader– Omi (or any covered version)

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘She is always right there when I need her’

ESTJ:  L O V E – Michael Buble (or any other version)

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary’

ISFP: Can’t Take My Eyes of You– Andy Williams (or any covered version)

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off you’

INFP: Till There Was You– Beatles (or Paul McCartney or any covered version)

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘Then there was music and wonderful roses
They tell me in sweet fragrant meadows
Of dawn and dew’

ESFJ: All of Me– John Legend

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning’

ENFJ: I am Yours– Jason Mraz

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘I’ll be giving it my best-est’

ESFP: Marvin Gaye– Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘But I’d love to be in trouble with you’

ESTP: Yellow– Coldplay

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘I swam across
I jumped across for you’ 

ISTJ: Ophelia– The Lumineers

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘Oh, oh, got a new girlfriend, he feels like he’s on top
And I don’t feel no remorse, and you can’t see past my blinders’

INTP: On The Wing– Owl City

Parts of Lyrics they may relate: ‘I am floating away lost in a silent ballet
I’m dreaming you’re out in the blue and I am right beside you’

That’s it. You may agree or disagree but please enjoy the music!

P.S. : You did frown even harder looking at the picture, didn’t you?

Picture Credit: Alice Moore

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The Types and Their X-Mentors

img_518490 Who feels that X-Men is exciting? You do? Go on reading. You don’t? Try to read it at least for the MBTI part.

Everyone who watches or reads X-Men might have ever imagined as if he or she was born with such gift. More than that, I bet you dream about being enrolled in the Xavier’s School. If so, you must have encountered some random thought about having peculiar mutations such as healing factor, reading and controlling other people’s mind, manipulating gravity or controlling certain elements. Hence, you might want to know who will be suitable as your mentor. This post would like to talk about which of the X-Men understand each type. So, let’s find out who your teacher is.


Mentors: Gambit (Remy LeBeau) assisted by Wolverine (James ‘Logan’ Howlett)

Known as the most energetic and bold, constantly seeks for excitement and thrilling challenge -caused by their dominant SeESTPs mutation is highly related to any adrenaline-pumping inhuman prowess or any super-strength capability. Remy is an ESTP who might relate the similar functions of younger mutants with the same types. Another mentor, Logan, with his dominant Si that is fueled with hundred years of experience will guide the young mutants to control their fearless and curious dominant function, preventing the ESTPs to clumsily driven by their adrenaline rush.


Mentors: Beast (Henry McCoy) assisted by Cyclops (Scott Summer)

Ti is dominant within ISTPs, making them very analytical and logical. With Se assisting on the second of the stack, they use their sense to grasp various external inputs and let the Ti builds the original ideas of crafting unbelievable structures out of anything they might find. Thus, being extremely expert in making and using any weaponry might be the mutation of ISTPs. The dominant Ti of Hank McCoy will help the young mutants to develop their functions. Besides, the professor is an expert in engineering and science. Scott, as another genius, has high functioning Te that may assist Hank to guide the ISTPs and help them developing their analysis ability before, while, and after the combat.


Mentors: Magneto (Max Eisenhardt a.k.a. Eric Magnus Lehnsherr) assisted by Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

ENTPs’ classical problem: they find it very hard to keep their focus on one thing. They are interested in anything new, will try to learn everything that catches their attention but will stop after several days. Thus, they probably develop the mutation that is related to shape-shifting, either partial or full transformation. (If MBTI has something to do with mutations) This is Magneto‘s job to build their conscience in developing their functions and ability. Meanwhile, Deadpool can be a good sparing and sharing partner for he is the more experienced ENTP.


Mentors: Beast (Henry McCoy)

Lost in thought is what INTPs regularly experience. Therefore, having one mentor with similar dominant function is what best for them. They are natural geniuses who are more likely to develop any mutation related to mind. Should there any physical, they might be one of those blue mutants.


Mentors: Iceman (Robert Louis Drake) assisted by Wolverine (James ‘Logan’ Howlett)

Similar to the ESTPs, ESFPs are driven by their Se which is very excellent in deciding actions without hesitance. Another similarity is both type knows how to make fun and take non-heroic advantage of their power. Energy blast, laser heat or probably electric manipulation are some possible mutation of this type. However, control is needed here. Bold personality of Bobby Drake should be accompanied with the experienced one, Wolverine.


Mentors: Rogue (Anna Marie) assisted by Storm (Ororo Munroe)

ISFPs are highly imaginative and artistic their Se function support the Fi, making them very curious and adaptable but quite self-oriented at the same time. Rogue, as an example, develop an awesome mutation of copy-catting others’ ability once she touches them. Another ISFPs might develop stronger ability, maybe without physical contact. However, an Fe dominant is needed in this case to build their awareness of their surrounding, Ororo is the right partner for Anna.


Mentors: Professor X (Charles Xavier)

They are the easiest type to be distracted. Therefore, there is nothing better than handing them to the founder of Xavier’s School. ENFPs are enthusiastic young mutants and Charles has always succeeded in guiding them. Kitty is one example. Their jumpy personality makes them possible to unlock dimensional traveling or teleportation ability.


Mentors: Storm (Ororo Munroe) assisted by Colossus (Peter Rasputin)

INFPs value harmony and orders. They have peculiar strong attachment with nature and its elements. This factor makes them possible to mutate and develop ability in elemental control which requires an expert on it: Storm. Colossus in this case will guide them developing mature personality as dominant Fi users.


Mentors: Mystique (Raven Darkholme)

Telekinesis or controlling others’ mind are more likely to be their gift. However, lacking in Ti might put ESTJs in trouble during an encounter of stronger Ti users with Ne or Se supporting them. Thus, Mystique with her dominant Ti and experience as the first generation of X-Men is proper teacher for young ESTJs.


Mentors: Archangel (Warren Worthington III) assisted by Wolverine (James ‘Logan’ Howlett)

ISTJs build their mental knowledge mainly by referring to the past experience and external factual resources. Good thing about it: they won’t fall into stupid clumsiness and probably develop an ability of seeing the future. Bad side: they will be timid and afraid of the future. An Se dominant is needed in this case. Warren is chosen for his bravery and boldness while Wolverine is helping since he is the one with most experience about past and future.


Mentors: Night Crawler (Kurt Wagner) assisted by Storm (Ororo Munroe)

Fe is very strong with this one. They might develop an ability of healing any kind of fatal injuries because of their dominant functions. However, Kurt is needed to guide them controlling their Fe and balancing it with some personal idealism while Ororo will help them growing into mature ESFJs.


Mentors: Wolverine (James ‘Logan’ Howlett) assisted by Jubilee (Jubilation Lee)

We all know that Logan and Jubilee works well as a pair. Thus, having them guiding ISFJs who seem to grow as the protector with invulnerability mutation must be a good idea. Wolverine with his well developed Si and Jubilee with her energetic Se.


Mentors: Professor X (Charles Xavier) assisted by Wolverine (James ‘Logan’ Howlett)

Charles’ wisdom and Logan’s experience will develop ENFJs into the most promising leader who can protect and guide the other mutants in the future. The two senior mutants have well developed Fe. By the way, ENFJs ability might be something related to invulnerability, inhuman strength, or both. Simply the prowess to defend their comrades.


Mentors: Phoenix (Jean Grey) assisted by Shadow Cat (Kitty Pryde)

As an Ni dominant, INFJs need an Ne dominant to balance help them developing their inferior functions. Thus, Kitty as Ne dominant is needed here to assist Jean as the INFJ who will lead the youngsters developing their ability which is most likely to be related to mind control or energy manipulation.


Mentors: Cyclops (Scott Summer) assisted by Psylocke (Elizabeth Braddock)

ENTJs abilities are highly related to mind reading and controlling, telekinesis, or summoning other entities. Despite their mutation, the personality of ENTJs is dominated by Te and Ni. Making them highly critical and factual. Scott Summer should be their main mentor assisted by Ti dominant, Psylocke, in this case.


Mentors: Magneto (Max Eisenhardt a.k.a. Eric Magnus Lehnsherr)

It is not easy to approach INTJ especially during their personality development phase. Thus, having senior INTJ as their one and only mentor is the best way. They might unlock similar peculiar ability as their master, or even stronger.

Well, you may agree or disagree with the write-up above. Here is another wallpaper.


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What the Types Consider when Watching Movies


Think about your list of favorite movies. You have the list with you and I bet that most of them are similar kind of movies. Now answer this question: What makes you avidly watch them? The accurate factual references? The sophisticated imaginative ideas of the plot? The puzzling story line? The  unpredictable plot twists?

Why so questioning? So what if I like the movies because of one of those reasons? 

Nothing, but these are the dominant functions and their consideration about movies. One of them might be yours.

Ne Dominants (ENTP and ENFP): These guys demand complicated plot and mind-blowing twists. Giving the Ne dominants flat daily-life story won’t satisfy them.

Ni Dominants (INTJ and INFJ): Psychologically thrilling scenes and thoughtful philosophical excerpts are what the Ni fellows look for in the movie. Dark and mysterious setting would satisfy them more, especially INTJs.

Se Dominants (ESTP and ESFP): These excitement-seekers-anti-boredom fellows require fast pace action movies with continuous fighting scene, illegal racing or police chasing the criminals with explosion and slow-motion effect. They don’t let themselves to wink, though.

Si Dominants (ISFJ and ISTJ): They enjoy watching any movies with strong experience-based life lessons and moral values. More importantly, they prefer watching orderly sequenced plot and avoiding back and forth confusing timeline.

Fe Dominants (ESFJ and ENFJ): The death of Jack in Titanic, the moment when Hachiko kept waiting for his dead master until his last breath and any other heart breaking scenes in a movie, especially if those moments are completed with ‘BASED ON TRUE STORY’ label, are what Fe fellows crave in movies. They are addicted to ninja cutting onions.

Fi Dominants (ISFP and INFP): Happy ending is the password. No matter how miserable the life of the protagonist is in a movie, Fi buddies will continue watching while praying for happy ending. Should the movies end miserably, they will try to make sense on the logic of miserable ending of the movies. If there is no logic behind the bad ending, the previous excitements will be negated.

Te Dominants (ESTJ and ENTJ): These two types usually demand logical plot with scientific evidence. Thus, they hate illogical science fictions. Lightsaber does not make sense and Doraemon’s dreamy tools are nonesense to them.

Ti Dominants (INTP and ISTP): The idea of time travelling, space exploration, world with wizard and any parallel universes setting with sophisticated science fiction or fantasy based stories will trigger their dreamy thought. Fictional? Nonesense? Don’t care!

Did you find yourself there? Should you feel unsure about those write up above, go test yourself.

Image Credit: Jake Hills