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What the Types Consider when Watching Movies


Think about your list of favorite movies. You have the list with you and I bet that most of them are similar kind of movies. Now answer this question: What makes you avidly watch them? The accurate factual references? The sophisticated imaginative ideas of the plot? The puzzling story line? The  unpredictable plot twists?

Why so questioning? So what if I like the movies because of one of those reasons? 

Nothing, but these are the dominant functions and their consideration about movies. One of them might be yours.

Ne Dominants (ENTP and ENFP): These guys demand complicated plot and mind-blowing twists. Giving the Ne dominants flat daily-life story won’t satisfy them.

Ni Dominants (INTJ and INFJ): Psychologically thrilling scenes and thoughtful philosophical excerpts are what the Ni fellows look for in the movie. Dark and mysterious setting would satisfy them more, especially INTJs.

Se Dominants (ESTP and ESFP): These excitement-seekers-anti-boredom fellows require fast pace action movies with continuous fighting scene, illegal racing or police chasing the criminals with explosion and slow-motion effect. They don’t let themselves to wink, though.

Si Dominants (ISFJ and ISTJ): They enjoy watching any movies with strong experience-based life lessons and moral values. More importantly, they prefer watching orderly sequenced plot and avoiding back and forth confusing timeline.

Fe Dominants (ESFJ and ENFJ): The death of Jack in Titanic, the moment when Hachiko kept waiting for his dead master until his last breath and any other heart breaking scenes in a movie, especially if those moments are completed with ‘BASED ON TRUE STORY’ label, are what Fe fellows crave in movies. They are addicted to ninja cutting onions.

Fi Dominants (ISFP and INFP): Happy ending is the password. No matter how miserable the life of the protagonist is in a movie, Fi buddies will continue watching while praying for happy ending. Should the movies end miserably, they will try to make sense on the logic of miserable ending of the movies. If there is no logic behind the bad ending, the previous excitements will be negated.

Te Dominants (ESTJ and ENTJ): These two types usually demand logical plot with scientific evidence. Thus, they hate illogical science fictions. Lightsaber does not make sense and Doraemon’s dreamy tools are nonesense to them.

Ti Dominants (INTP and ISTP): The idea of time travelling, space exploration, world with wizard and any parallel universes setting with sophisticated science fiction or fantasy based stories will trigger their dreamy thought. Fictional? Nonesense? Don’t care!

Did you find yourself there? Should you feel unsure about those write up above, go test yourself.

Image Credit: Jake Hills



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