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The Types and Their X-Mentors

img_518490 Who feels that X-Men is exciting? You do? Go on reading. You don’t? Try to read it at least for the MBTI part.

Everyone who watches or reads X-Men might have ever imagined as if he or she was born with such gift. More than that, I bet you dream about being enrolled in the Xavier’s School. If so, you must have encountered some random thought about having peculiar mutations such as healing factor, reading and controlling other people’s mind, manipulating gravity or controlling certain elements. Hence, you might want to know who will be suitable as your mentor. This post would like to talk about which of the X-Men understand each type. So, let’s find out who your teacher is.


Mentors: Gambit (Remy LeBeau) assisted by Wolverine (James ‘Logan’ Howlett)

Known as the most energetic and bold, constantly seeks for excitement and thrilling challenge -caused by their dominant SeESTPs mutation is highly related to any adrenaline-pumping inhuman prowess or any super-strength capability. Remy is an ESTP who might relate the similar functions of younger mutants with the same types. Another mentor, Logan, with his dominant Si that is fueled with hundred years of experience will guide the young mutants to control their fearless and curious dominant function, preventing the ESTPs to clumsily driven by their adrenaline rush.


Mentors: Beast (Henry McCoy) assisted by Cyclops (Scott Summer)

Ti is dominant within ISTPs, making them very analytical and logical. With Se assisting on the second of the stack, they use their sense to grasp various external inputs and let the Ti builds the original ideas of crafting unbelievable structures out of anything they might find. Thus, being extremely expert in making and using any weaponry might be the mutation of ISTPs. The dominant Ti of Hank McCoy will help the young mutants to develop their functions. Besides, the professor is an expert in engineering and science. Scott, as another genius, has high functioning Te that may assist Hank to guide the ISTPs and help them developing their analysis ability before, while, and after the combat.


Mentors: Magneto (Max Eisenhardt a.k.a. Eric Magnus Lehnsherr) assisted by Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

ENTPs’ classical problem: they find it very hard to keep their focus on one thing. They are interested in anything new, will try to learn everything that catches their attention but will stop after several days. Thus, they probably develop the mutation that is related to shape-shifting, either partial or full transformation. (If MBTI has something to do with mutations) This is Magneto‘s job to build their conscience in developing their functions and ability. Meanwhile, Deadpool can be a good sparing and sharing partner for he is the more experienced ENTP.


Mentors: Beast (Henry McCoy)

Lost in thought is what INTPs regularly experience. Therefore, having one mentor with similar dominant function is what best for them. They are natural geniuses who are more likely to develop any mutation related to mind. Should there any physical, they might be one of those blue mutants.


Mentors: Iceman (Robert Louis Drake) assisted by Wolverine (James ‘Logan’ Howlett)

Similar to the ESTPs, ESFPs are driven by their Se which is very excellent in deciding actions without hesitance. Another similarity is both type knows how to make fun and take non-heroic advantage of their power. Energy blast, laser heat or probably electric manipulation are some possible mutation of this type. However, control is needed here. Bold personality of Bobby Drake should be accompanied with the experienced one, Wolverine.


Mentors: Rogue (Anna Marie) assisted by Storm (Ororo Munroe)

ISFPs are highly imaginative and artistic their Se function support the Fi, making them very curious and adaptable but quite self-oriented at the same time. Rogue, as an example, develop an awesome mutation of copy-catting others’ ability once she touches them. Another ISFPs might develop stronger ability, maybe without physical contact. However, an Fe dominant is needed in this case to build their awareness of their surrounding, Ororo is the right partner for Anna.


Mentors: Professor X (Charles Xavier)

They are the easiest type to be distracted. Therefore, there is nothing better than handing them to the founder of Xavier’s School. ENFPs are enthusiastic young mutants and Charles has always succeeded in guiding them. Kitty is one example. Their jumpy personality makes them possible to unlock dimensional traveling or teleportation ability.


Mentors: Storm (Ororo Munroe) assisted by Colossus (Peter Rasputin)

INFPs value harmony and orders. They have peculiar strong attachment with nature and its elements. This factor makes them possible to mutate and develop ability in elemental control which requires an expert on it: Storm. Colossus in this case will guide them developing mature personality as dominant Fi users.


Mentors: Mystique (Raven Darkholme)

Telekinesis or controlling others’ mind are more likely to be their gift. However, lacking in Ti might put ESTJs in trouble during an encounter of stronger Ti users with Ne or Se supporting them. Thus, Mystique with her dominant Ti and experience as the first generation of X-Men is proper teacher for young ESTJs.


Mentors: Archangel (Warren Worthington III) assisted by Wolverine (James ‘Logan’ Howlett)

ISTJs build their mental knowledge mainly by referring to the past experience and external factual resources. Good thing about it: they won’t fall into stupid clumsiness and probably develop an ability of seeing the future. Bad side: they will be timid and afraid of the future. An Se dominant is needed in this case. Warren is chosen for his bravery and boldness while Wolverine is helping since he is the one with most experience about past and future.


Mentors: Night Crawler (Kurt Wagner) assisted by Storm (Ororo Munroe)

Fe is very strong with this one. They might develop an ability of healing any kind of fatal injuries because of their dominant functions. However, Kurt is needed to guide them controlling their Fe and balancing it with some personal idealism while Ororo will help them growing into mature ESFJs.


Mentors: Wolverine (James ‘Logan’ Howlett) assisted by Jubilee (Jubilation Lee)

We all know that Logan and Jubilee works well as a pair. Thus, having them guiding ISFJs who seem to grow as the protector with invulnerability mutation must be a good idea. Wolverine with his well developed Si and Jubilee with her energetic Se.


Mentors: Professor X (Charles Xavier) assisted by Wolverine (James ‘Logan’ Howlett)

Charles’ wisdom and Logan’s experience will develop ENFJs into the most promising leader who can protect and guide the other mutants in the future. The two senior mutants have well developed Fe. By the way, ENFJs ability might be something related to invulnerability, inhuman strength, or both. Simply the prowess to defend their comrades.


Mentors: Phoenix (Jean Grey) assisted by Shadow Cat (Kitty Pryde)

As an Ni dominant, INFJs need an Ne dominant to balance help them developing their inferior functions. Thus, Kitty as Ne dominant is needed here to assist Jean as the INFJ who will lead the youngsters developing their ability which is most likely to be related to mind control or energy manipulation.


Mentors: Cyclops (Scott Summer) assisted by Psylocke (Elizabeth Braddock)

ENTJs abilities are highly related to mind reading and controlling, telekinesis, or summoning other entities. Despite their mutation, the personality of ENTJs is dominated by Te and Ni. Making them highly critical and factual. Scott Summer should be their main mentor assisted by Ti dominant, Psylocke, in this case.


Mentors: Magneto (Max Eisenhardt a.k.a. Eric Magnus Lehnsherr)

It is not easy to approach INTJ especially during their personality development phase. Thus, having senior INTJ as their one and only mentor is the best way. They might unlock similar peculiar ability as their master, or even stronger.

Well, you may agree or disagree with the write-up above. Here is another wallpaper.




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