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I Wonder what Their Types are: #1 Jack

“SAFE!” A loud wave of cheering and booing interrupted the flow of instrumental music on my earphone, forcing me to look toward the baseball field. I thought I saw him this morning, that guy standing on the third-base. I squinted and finally got clear image of that guy, Jack, who was in the library reading a teen-fiction about dragons and witches. I didn’t expect to see him standing with those baseball players since he is an ace of the debate club and supposed to practice with the rest of his team but I realized that yesterday he was on the music room, wearing t-shirt, ripped jeans and grey sneakers, trying to play a song from 90s on every instrument. He was not bad, but also not that good especially at violin. On the other day, I met him in a café where he ordered cold brewed coffee and explained to me a lot of things about coffee. In the class, I know him as a guy who can talk to anyone, about anything, yet only sometimes I saw Jack initiates conversation. Some fellows describe Jack as a fountain full of ideas and innovations who is always ready to talk about anything, giving everyone sudden revelations and brilliant ideas, but will prefer to procrastinate and fool around if it is about execution of the ideas.

He is a nerd who reads fiction, sciences and history. He plays sport, music, board games, and video games. He talks to girls, boys, bullies, other nerds, teachers, janitors, anyone who starts talking to him. But only when he feels like to do it, one more with underline only when he feels like to do it. So I bet baseball is his mood today. Tomorrow he might do something else. Some people who secretly hate Jack describe him as Jack of all trades, capable of any, good at none. While among his inner circle, I guess they call him the Fool, who can just grasp anything and enthusiastically curious about new things no matter it ends up good or bad to him.

“IT’S A HOMERUN!!” Someone yelled from the spectators bench, Iris, I guess from the tone… And that homerun must be hit by Nick. I was putting back my earphones as I saw Jack ran vigorously to the home base.

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