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I Wonder What their Types are: #2 Iris

A minute ago, she couldn’t stop swearing about the third batter who foolishly run directly to the third base and almost failed to reach it. Three minutes ago, she didn’t care about the first and the second batter who failed miserably to hit the ball. Instead, she talked about her plan on going to Japan next week. Now, forgetting the third batter, she starts to get excited about up coming movies that will be released next month. “IT IS A HOMERUN!” She has put those movies aside, stood up and cheered enthusiastically. “They made it!” She clapped gladly for seconds and calmed down soon. I anticipated by guessing what’s coming up next and thinking what Iris was like back then?

She can talk about any random things from the darkest truth about Disney’s princesses, until any random lines from different episodes of the Big Bang Theory and Spongebob Squarepants. She is very passionate about anything that is offered to her. She has one ex-boyfriend and they broke up because she treats him as good as she treats her male friends. She actually thinks that having relationship feels like living in a cage and she feels better without it. Her partners in crimes are varied. It depends on what to do. There is  Arya if it is about making random weird yet creative stuffs, Jack for discussing some strategies of trolling people around with Arya-Iris inventions, Nick, sometimes with Jack if he feels like to, to execute crazy ideas, she got Helena on her dark-side with her dark jokes, and it is me who listens to those ‘crimes’ she does around the school. I am a listener and her advisor – in good way.

“Geez, that was great match but Jack was dumb as always. He almost didn’t make it, did you see that? He was…” I listened to her attentively and waited for another topic-shift soon enough. Less than three minutes after we left the bench, she has stopped talking about the match after finally decided to celebrate their winning especially Nick’s homerun and Jack’s foolish yet successful attempt in running directly to the third-base. She looked around before finally stared at me with thoughtful face, “Cheese burger or pizza?” I said I wanted either and she said, “why not both?” I shrugged and smirked as she looked straight forward at a guy who walked not so far in front of us. Jack, I assume. “JACKASS!” As she yelled loudly, Iris ran into him vigorously and attempted to slap Jack but the target was aware and able to avoid the not-so-surprise attack. I approached them and when it was close enough, I could feel that I was trapped in an unstoppable random discussion between that two fellows yet I enjoyed listening to their chaotic pointless conversation. However, I wonder where Nick is.

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