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I Wonder What their Types are: #3 Steve

You may catch an image of a wise man, a friendly wise man, within Steve. That’s the very first impression about that guy who walked along with the other two fellows of mine. As long as I concerned, those two chatter-boxes who were hanging out with him described him as the stabilizer who always listens to their bullshits attentively and is able to shut them up, in a nice and elegant way, if needed. On other situations with different fellows who produced less noise, Steve could initiate and actively control the conversation without making his talk-mates intimidated. In short, he is indeed capable to stabilize the situation by being cool enough to listen or being warm by talking more without burning his buddies’ confidence.

Though I am not that close to Steve, I’ve talked to him several times and I do agree with those people who described Steve as a good companion when it comes to discussion or just casual conversation. He always give enough chance to his friends to talk without making any unnecessary comments yet he doesn’t let any awkward gap to fill in between the talks. Alright, enough said about how Steve interacts with others. I start to wonder how far do I know him.

Steve is the chairman of students’ council in our school. Well, everyone knows that. He excels at most school subjects especially French, Mandarin, English and literature. Most people also know that.

I think of something more that not many people know about him. Behind his calm and warm personality, he is very thoughtful and hates cheesy musics. He sometimes make fun of how cheesy are some musicians nowadays. He enjoys reading lots of books. I saw him read some books about human psychology and other related themes. Related to that, Iris’s ever said that Steve often secretly analyzes people around him and they, also with Jack, like to discuss it. That’s what most people in this school probably don’t know and there is one more thing that I accidentally know about Steve that he is actually writing on a teen-fiction under a pen name. Helena told me. She is one of hundreds of Steve’s secret admirers.

“You like him, do you? Let me help…” I quickly turned around and saw Nick with his well-known troll face ready to mock me. Before he shouted what I expected to be as cheesy as he always be, I squared off and threw a ball that I’ve held since the match was over to his tummy and walked away, leaving him kneeling and groaning. “God dammit… Zoe.” Maybe he forgot that I am no ordinary girl but the ace pitcher of school baseball team.

Nick is still swearing inappropriately while I keep thinking about what kind of person Steve actually is?

…And so that Iris and Jack.

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