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I Wonder What their Types are: #4 Helena

It was on the corner of the library where she has spent two hours reading something that I was not sure about. It was probably her typical reading-for-fun stuffs; thriller fictions or popular science, but having earphones on both ears was a signal of “don’t talk to me now”. So, I’d better let her be or she will stare me with those freezing eyes.

Helena, as I know her, is emotionless and reserved to most people around the school. She is very independent, does everything by herself, and only talks when it is really needed. Despite her introversion, she looks confident and seems having no problem with her social life. Helena has some friends and when she includes someone as her friend, it probably means ‘best friend’ to some people. Either she doesn’t care about you, or she trusts you with her life, there is no in between. She might talk to you yet she doesn’t count that as a signal of friendship. To her,  there is a huge gap between an acquintance and a friend while best friend is almost an alien term to her. Hence, only a few of us can mingle with her.

Probably her anti-mainstream points of view, her dark sense of humour, her sarcasm, her smirk-like smile and her way of looking at others, that I personally describe as the-bone-freezing-stare, creates a systematic human-repellent that drives most people away from her. Only the strong ones can get closer and finally grow immunity towards the sarcasm, dark humour and deadly stare of Helena.

I didn’t realize that she looked at me until I turned around after putting back a science book to the upper shelves. She put off one of her earphones while kept staring at me with her default expresionless face. There was an awkward silence as I also looked at her. I could hear Creep from Radiohead was played within that plug of her earphones when she finally tapped on the bench, “mind to sit here?” She sounded like commanding  rather than asking. As I sat, she looked away and closed the book on the desk, “Harry, isn’t it? So you read Harari as well?” There was a smirk that I assumed as a smile at the end of that question. Well, they were right about Helena. She will talk to you once she finds you have probability of having similar interests to her.

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