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I Wonder what Their Types are: #5 Nick

That noise distracted me for seconds and somehow made me curious about what in the world could pierce my loud music. Hence, I looked out through the window next to me without even moving or putting off any of my earphones. I saw that guy stood on the batters’ box, a part of the field on where the batter of a team hit the ball, confidently. A few seconds later he hit it hard on the first pitch, giving no ease at all to the pitcher of the opposition. The noise grew louder and I went back to my book.

Nicholas, as I know him, or Nick as he would like everyone to call him, is the cleanup hitter in both his class baseball team and the school team. More than that, he is the school’s ace outfielder who is famous with his weirdly agile and strong legs that help him to chase and catch long-fast-hit. In spite of his awesomeness in baseball, he used to play as winger in school football team on his first year while simultaneously active to volunteer as additional player in any sport club that needed him until finally decided to focus on baseball. Focus on baseball? Yes, but he keep trying new position until the coach found his natural talent as outfielder.

Besides his adept skills at various sports, I thought Nicholas is a big fan of any fast-paced action movies and video games. He ever mentioned once that either being an professional athlete, martial artists, actor for action movies or at least the stunt doubles or all of them at once is one of his dream. Well, basically he wants all of those jobs. After all, he is a risk taker who is afraid of monotonous challenge-less life so it is not surprising for me if I see him playing american football, being the agent 007 on James Bond movies, or even forming a punk band with his friends in the future. For Nicholas, or Nick whatever it is, getting bored is an insult. Probably influenced by his urge of avoiding boredom constantly, Nick becomes very sociable that he even feels no tense talking to me. Maybe having conversation with me is a challenge to him or probably it is because of  our similar insensitivity about understanding other people’s feeling? Not sure about that but it is okay to have small talk with him sometimes. One thing I hate from him: sometimes his taste of music is cheesy.

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