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I Wonder what Their Types are: #6 Zoe

In some sense, Zoe is quite similar to Iris. Both are very talkative especially to the ones they are closed to. But wait, Zoe is basically talkative to almost everyone including random stranger in the bus stop. The difference between them is Zoe’s addiction to social gathering and any kind of party where Iris will come only if she really wants to. Similar to me, she easily gets bored and very vulnerable to trying-something-new. As a result, it influences many things in her life: her different way of inventing creative way on wearing school uniform, hair style, different baseball caps on different matches, and obviously different pitches on different batters. In short, she looks different everyday.

There are something more about Zoe that are quite similar to me: our spontaneous humour, our ability to get new friends easily, our fond love of social gathering and party, our insecurity related to boredom and our rebellious behaviour. Zoe is a good friend to school baseball team, she is part of student council in the public relation division because of her adept friendliness, she is my partner in crime during any attempt to escape from Mr.Brown’s boring literature class but wait! There is one girl who has become Zoe’s nemesis ever since the school begin two years ago: Cindy, the most rigorous and strict in the students’ council. Even worse, she is the director of PR division. SMH Zoe, SMH. She hates Cindy for her nature of being so strict and controlling that is strongly against Zoe’s will of freedom. One thing I know, Zoe is bad at removing grudge and hatred on someone. It will last long, or maybe forever.

One more thing about Zoe: she has a long list of crushes in the school and outside the school. She had crush on other school’s baseball ace, the guitarist of a local indie band, the captain of school football team, a guy from movie club, and recently, I know that she is in love with Steve the chairman. As I stated that a minute ago, she threw her well-known fast pitch right on my gut, forcing me to kneel. Lesson learned: Don’t mess with a pitcher unless you have your bat with you.

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