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I Wonder what Their Types are: #7Harry

I have spent an hour looking for some references that will help me on my science experiment next week when those two fellows are drowned in an exciting conversation about humankind, their existence and the future possibilities of super-human. I keep curating some books while eavesdropping silently. Those voices are familiar to me: Harry and Helena. It is quite surprising to me that the last name I mentioned is able to converse in such excited manner since she is very reserved and ice-cold. For Harry, I know him quite well as the leader of debate club, one of the most successful school club especially after he is in charge, and the conversation between them is an evidence of how good Harry is in handling lively challenging discussions. No wonder he can handle such club.

Besides his enthusiasm in discussing many things, Harry is known as a natural leader who can lead his fellows debaters well without being so bossy yet still have reputable impression as a commander. More than that, he knows how to evoke the ability of his comrades to make them ruthless yet effective debater. His favorite soldier is Jack who keeps refusing to be promoted as his vice yet Harry seems don’t want to give up in signing the Fool as his right hand in the club. You know when two stubborn debaters fuse, it will probably create such kind of big bang and that’s what Harry wants: deadly combination of the natural commander and the man-who-can-debate-anything.

Harry is a tactical man who is full of strategies about anything. Beside organizing the debate club, he is also known as an expert in various board games including chess and shogi (Japanese chess). Those games fit him perfectly as Jack always say. Obeying rules and being filled by tons of references to back him up during discussion and debate are two things that I highly respect from Harry.  Jack was talking about what if combining Shogi and Chess into a game of Japanese feudal army versus European crusaders. Guess what? Harry frowned and shake his head and finally lectured Jack of how those two are so different. After that they started to debate. Well, if I were him I would leave Jack at once.

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