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I Wonder what Their Types are: #8 Cindy

She is busy with her Macbook, working on something I am not sure about. But what I can remember about Cindy’s Mac is the outstandingly organized layout within it. How she labels every files and stacks each folder orderly in her portable computer seems like a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Cindy is not only a super-well-organized girl. She also enjoys being in charge as supervisor, organizer or anything that require ability to organize and take control over something. No wonder she holds three important roles in different school organization: The head of public relation of the students’ council, the supervisor of school clubs association, and the mentor of chess club. The last one sounds so nerdy but she is the Ace of the chess club and a big fan of any board game and card game. Anything related to strategic and tactical games intrigues her. She often plays Dungeons and Dragons with the other fellows and constantly has chess match with Harry or Jack.

Though Cindy is very dedicated to her duties, many of her ‘subordinates’ and her comrades in the organizations where she is in feel uneasy on her because of her strict yet inflexible way on doing something.  Zoe has ever mentioned how stubborn Cindy is in stating her opinion and applying her method. She will bring up tons of factual data and stick to them no matter what. For Cindy, what works best is what always worked and innovation is not needed if the old one is still working well.  One last thing about her, she is really bad at expressing her feeling and it seems like she is emotionless. Wait, that’s not the correct word, Cindy is sometimes ruthless.

She’s done with her job. I can see that OCD-heaven desktop wallpaper. Weird, I like it though.

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