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I Wonder what Their Types are: #9 May

If I could describe May in one word, then the word is ‘mom’. She is a reliable manager of school baseball team and also a member of school Red Cross club who actively involves in any volunteer activity and charity. If you think she stops there, you are wrong. Seeing unkindness will tear her apart and because of that reason, she actively socialize the anti-bullying movement to the entire school, school website and social media, and school monthly magazine. Because of this, students’ council create a new division called The Anti-Bullying and Counseling Division which is ran by May and her Justice-League members who are always ready to protect and listen to those victims of bullies.

Since her daily life is mostly dedicated for others, May often contemplate about her guilty-pleasure in helping and doing all the heroic-volunteer stuffs with the Red Cross, her division in student councils and also baseball team. She always feel insecure about people’s judgement about her, worrying too much about how people might think that she just do those things for fame. I know some people who think so about her but I also know that May does everything because she wants to and because she likes to do so. Even so, May’s too kind trait often worries me. You know… Everything that is too much will have negative impact sooner or later.

“You look unusually pale. Want me to buy you some food?” I snapped out of my own thought when she looked at me with her puzzled face. Maybe she was figuring out if I was sick or just hungry before she finally jump into conclusion that I am in an urge need of food. “Well.. I will go by myself.” I said as I got up from my seat followed by her chaining questions about my pale face. I told ya. Sometimes it is too much even for me.

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I contemplate and think more than I should do. I am a human with questions.

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