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I Wonder what Their Types are: #10 Willy

While our chairman, Steve, is known as a very skillful negotiator and adaptable leader who can suit to almost everyone in the school, that tall guy with wavy hair and friendly face who cheerfully watches the baseball match along with the others,  Willy, is famous with his ability in being attentive and very sensible in the sense of carrying out his duty as Steve’s right hand in the students’ council as well as in daily life interactions with his friends. If May represent the figure of mother, Willy is the heroic dad who will protect and assure the safety and happiness of everyone while at the same time encouraging everyone to do so.

Will’s nature in putting others on his top priority before himself makes him a good partner to May and, indeed, Steve. Thus, he is the first man who support May with the anti-bully movement and encouraging Steve to approve the program.

In line with his natural sense on leading and serving others, Willy is very adept communicator and highly sociable. He is able to make something ordinary into creatively unthinkable stuffs. More than that, he has a very good sense of humor eventhough he tried his best to avoid any kind of dark jokes for the sake of politeness and his own value about not having something offensive as a joking material. Despite his friendliness and his sociability, Will is very sensitive about particular things such as ignorance, impoliteness, rudeness and anything that most people consider as immoral and indifferent. He may get triggered with your rude sense of humor yet he will not hate you completely. But surely he will mark you as a person he won’t get too close with. However, Willy is basically liked by everyone in the school. 

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