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The Future-Past

Humans wonder what their future will be while their future-selves are watching their present and their past. Secretly.o-clock-facebook

While writing this, I am thinking of my childhood while at the same time wondering what will happen to me in ten years. When I think further, it is funny to know that the 10-years-from-now-me will probably do the same: thinking of the teenage-me while wondering what will probably happen with myself in 20 years from now. We constantly do that, don’t we? Wondering the future while also watching the past through our memory. The 50 year-old me is probably recalling the memory of 23 year-old me writing this on June 5th 2017 after a month of break from my personal blog. And the old man starts to wonder why the hell did his past-self wrote such bullshit? 

It is unnecessary to answer such question. Bullshit or not, what I have done so far will be stored on my infinite yet unexplored memory inside my brain and later be played randomly by the future me. Isn’t it intriguing to realize that yourself, and also mine, from the next week is recalling what has happened today? 

Well, all of the bullshit contemplation above is not valid if you, or I, die tomorrow or on the next two hours, though.

Now the real question: What do you want your future-self to warn you if it is possible? And what do you want to say to your past as a warning?

I am not sure what will my future-self say to warn me but I would like to kick myself from the past for being such an idiot.

Now the future-me is probably laughing out loud wondering if he could travel back to 2017 to kick his own ass. 

Cheers, I am back and soon will write more.

Image credit: Huffingtonpost