MBTI Relatable Pick-Up Lines: The Extroverts

Well, it’s been a month of slumber, more or less. I am back with MBTI stuffs for awhile before another fiction comes up.

You might have ever wondered what type someone belongs to based on what he or she says or writes. Here are pick-up lines that might be related to particular MBTIs.

ENFP: I was thinking of black marshmallows that will turn into rainbow when I roast it. Sorry, what did you say? LOOK! AN AFRO GUY WITH HIS AFRO DOG!

They just unconsciously and continuously distracted either by what surrounds them, or even by their own thoughts. If you are afraid of sudden changes of topics during conversation or random urges during a trip, you’d better off.

ENTP: I didn’t argue. I explained my point of view and my ideas about changing the world.

Guys, we don’t mean to be offensive or sounds like an asshole when talking. We don’t argue. It is just the way we explain our overwhelmed ideas. More, pardon the jumpy changes of topics as well.



ESTP: What? Sky Diving? Challenge Accepted!

They risk their lives for challenges because they crave for it and they literally enjoy the adrenaline rush. So, if you find someone rides all extreme rides without exception in a theme park over and over, maybe that person is an ESTP.

ESFP: We gotta make this project fun no matter how.

To make everything entertaining and fun is priority no matter how serious the situation is. Having them around will surely cheers up everyone except INTJ and ISTJ in serious mode.

ESFJ: Your door was open and what’s inside was a mess so I cleaned it up for you.

  1. That’s not actually a mess. That’s probably how that person arranges his or her stuffs.
  2. They will argue and say that you are not being thankful for saying point number 1. Sigh ESFJ.
  3. You will say thanks after all, so don’t think of saying point number 1. Keep it for yourself to avoid number 2.

P.S. : Mom’s knows best.

ENFJ: It is such a pleasure to help. Don’t mention, really.

They will always try to find a way in helping others and fight for everyone’s justice. They literally find happiness in helping others and seeing others happiness like ESFJ does. The difference perhaps they seldom force their methods on helping others. I present you the heroic protagonist, ENFJ.

ESTJ: This isn’t right. You know it should follow this given steps like it has been written on the manual!

These guys are some of the most obedient types among the 16. The combination of their dominant extroverted thinking and introverted sensing makes them natural rule enforcer and manual books followers. They won’t say a thing if they don’t have enough factual info about an issue.

ENTJ: I am the rules. Enough said.

Either you do it their way, or you go away. Enough said.


The introverts will follows on the next post.






I contemplate and think more than I should do. I am a human with questions.

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