MBTI Relatable Pick-Up Lines: The Introverts

Few days ago, I’ve done the part of extroverts and their possible quotes. Now, these are the lines of their counterparts, the introverts.

INFJ: I don’t mind the existence of bad people since what bothers me are the fake ones.

You can be a serial killer and befriend INFJ as long as you don’t hide your sinful job behind a nice flamboyant mask of a religious and respectful individual. Seriously, don’t be fake people if you are friends of INFJ. They madly hate it.

INTJ: Am I right? Or are you wrong?

Once it comes to debate, there will be two possibilities: they roast you with tons of facts that they have prepared along with some back-ups and predictions of five possibilities ahead or they will just play it cool and ridicule you because they assume that you are not worthy to debate them.

INTP: You know that I was part of the science club before later joined school karate team and finally ended up here, in the movie club.

Just one thing about INTP, they sometimes don’t know where they go. They basically lost in their own interests over and over. “Did I join that martial arts competition? Don’t remember.”

ISTP: There is no way that we can’t fix this device. Get my toolbox.

To elaborate, MacGyver himself is an ISTP and it is true that most of them are adept in using various kind of tools and somehow born with a high curiosity towards something related to creating, fixing, and modifying stuffs in the sense of inventing or repairing devices or gadgets.

ISFJ: Are you okay? Don’t mind me, I am fine. Let me take care of your wound.

Imagine a car accident in where an ISFJ broke his leg while the other person got a small cut caused by a piece of glasses. The first thing comes up from his mouth will be the bold line above.

ISTJ: My experience says that pointless arguments are caused by lack of factual data.

Personal experience and external facts are mandatory to them as if both are their main weapons. They demand precision and would never allow themselves committing the same mistakes. Shortly, they load their heads with factual and reasonable theories before they shoot their mouths.

INFP: I am silent not because I don’t care. I observe and relate what you feel. What you need is to be listened, though.

INFP always a good listener to everyone not only to the dear ones but also even to stranger. Problem is, people think they don’t listen because of their silence. They do, they even understand.

ISFP: I prefer to have group chat or group call  in my cozy room than attending a party.

Anti social yet craves for social interactions? It must be ISFP. They actually are good at communicating but they sometimes get nervous when they are involved in a too intense social situation which requires too much effort in interactions.

Well, that’s all folks for now. Another fiction is coming soon.

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