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A Normal Rainy Day of Young Mutants


A young woman and a little girl, probably her daughter, were standing by the canopy of a grocery . She carried a huge paper bag on one hand while the other one was holding the little girl who continuously pointed to passing vehicle on the street. Her small mouth slightly moved, seemed mumbling something, but it was impossible to hear what she said even from ten meters range because of the heavy rain. From the gesture and her expression, she wanted to go home and started to whine.

A man not so far from the grocery was reading a magazine in Seven Eleven. He checked his watch every two minutes and looked so impatient. He must be in hurry but the rain forced him to stop for awhile. He finally checked his phone, dialed a contact to make a call. His magazine was on the table. The cover showed a small photograph of a football rising-star on the top corner with a huge logo of local football club who won the league last season.

Everything was so clear from the 10th floor of her flat. She had been staring for an hour. With a huge mug of hot chocolate that she held with both hands, she stood by the biggest window at the corner of her living room, looking outside to the rainy sidewalk and lining trees and busy shops with everyone around there. Some hid to stay dry while some others were running hastily under the gigantic shower.

“That girl wanted her mom to hire taxi so they can go to buy ice-cream and that guy is waiting for someone to bring him his wallet.”

A sleepy-faced guy walking slowly behind her, as she turned around, he continued, “the running guy, one of those hasty runners you noticed, is late for his first date and he doesn’t care about his expensive leather shoes but now, just now, he started to worry about it.”

He smiled at her as she stared at him. “It is actually a lot of fun to see from your eyes and read their minds, unless the time you stare at me since it feels like reading my own mind and it is weird.” He sat on the couch as she started to looked outside once more, her reflection was there and she accidentally looked at it in the eyes. “And at this kind of moment, I read your mind.” As he said so, a dark fog was floating in the air around him and he suddenly moved behind her in a half blink. “Back-hug?”

She shook her head, “back-HUGS.”

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A House on the Hill under the Trees

Nobody would notice that puzzling construction unless someone roamed deep enough to the forest. Its peculiar location indicated a conspiracy between the builder and nature. He must have spent years approaching and seducing the forest to get the permission in living there.

That integrated wooden cabin was lied on a small grassy hill in the middle of pine forest. However, the hill itself was almost fully covered by chaining giant pine trees, making the wooden building completely unseen from afar. There were two pathways that led to four exits to the four main points of the compass. each pathway led to small opening that provided enough space for the sunlight to shower the cabin during the morning time and late afternoon. The tenant, who was also the builder, created the cabin as if it was integrated to the pine trees surrounding it. The wooden house had its main hall stick to the grassy hill while some other smaller rooms were attached to the giant bark of pine trees. On the tallest and the greenest pine, a firm set of ladders that led to a crow-nest was built. On the back of the main building, a small garden was neatly cultivated with herbs and vegetables. From one of the window, a set of archery equipment and other hunting needs on a small cabinet could be seen in the corner of a room. The hunting needs were there, means the owner of that wooden house was supposed to be somewhere around.

That was so quiet around the hill until a pleasant noise of rustling bushes broke the silence. A young woman burst out from tall bushes at the foot of the hill. She looked like 20 year-old, wearing leather outfit and boots with crossbow firmly held on her right hand and bulky rucksack on her back. Two quivers were on her upper legs, almost empty. She slowly walked up to the top of the hill. A chilling breeze blew her light brown hair. As she reached the door of the house, she pushed it slowly, got in and looked around. She stared at the long bow and other equipment hanging on the corner, as soon as that, she smiled at an urn that was placed on the top of a wooden shelves above the longbow. ‘I have avenged you, master.’

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“How did it start?”

There was no one around, only some trees, a bicycle parked not so far from a vending machine, and the bench where I sat on.

“How did it start?” That question echoed in my mind and uttered automatically. I was asking myself while the wind swept my messy hair gently.

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The Game


From the outside, he looked like any ordinary boy with normal appearance and typically cheerful and carefree vibe of kids at his age, but what inside his head was his own world with unimaginably imaginative plot that he kept only to himself, though sometimes he unconsciously involved others by saying something unexpected to friends, teachers, parents and people around him. Most of the time, he would make a back-up line right after he realized his imaginative world breached into the reality.

This morning

It was normal sunny morning outside with the birds chirping and everyone was busy to get ready to work and school but not to him. Everyday was a new stage of game with new missions and achievements waiting.

Monday, 18th September

I am on my way to the place where I will hon my skills, a place called school. Homework is daily mission and stationaries are your weaponries.

“Mom, I think I forgot bringing my potion.”

“Eh? You mean your tumbler?”

“Oh come on, you start to be like Mrs. Parker.”

“Well, sorry about that. Here, bring mine. It has extra regeneration effect that will buy you time.”

“Sweet! Infused potion!”

“Yes, Infused water… Oops.”


I think mom starts to put herself away from the game. Boring. But nevermind, I am at the gate of the dungeon now. Ready for hunting and leveling up.

“Get in kid, I am about to close the gate.”

“Chill, Gate Keeper, I know what to do.” He forgot that he was talking to the security guard of his school. As he realized, he ran away in panic, “see you Mr. Green!” The security shook his head as the boy ran faster.

Should not let it come out of my mind wildly. Self control. Mr.Green, the teachers and most friends are NPCs. AI controls them. Now first lesson is history and there will be a series of micro-test. Guess I will have to time travel and fix some fake history. 

During the test

There are five stages which I have to do either orderly or randomly. But since this is rescuing the bent history, I have to make it quick.

The first stage was about treason. It is said that Julius Caesar was killed by poison. I prove it wrong by stopping the one who was about to change the history and finally witnessing the death of Caesar as he was stabbed by the senators. Done with that, I move to the next stage.

“Joey, is that the text book? I told you to rely only from your notes, didn’t I?”

“Of course it is the time machine I built myself, Sir,” silence, the whole class was about to burst into laughter, “I mean… notes.” Laughs everywhere. Only a girl sitting on the corner of the class stayed calm looking at Joey. She seemed amazed.

Boy you mess it again. Talking to NPC as if they are another player. I have to finish this mission fast so that I can move to the other part of the map.

“Sir I am done.” He confidently handed the paper as the teacher received it and allowed him for early break.

Now bonus stage. Should I go to boost my strength and agility? Or my intelligence and wisdom? Or maybe sharpening the sub-skills related to those status?

“Do you wanna restore your health point?” Joey frowned. It doesn’t have any mocking tone on it. Besides, it is girl voice. He turned back and saw his classmate. ” May I join?”

Is she another player? Or she just mocks me? If so, she is probably a support type.

“Are you okay? Wanna go to the clinic?”

She chuckled, “shouldn’t we go there to respawn instead of restoring health? Or, am I wrong?”

Damn, she is surely the one.

“Well.. Let’s go then. By the way, you are?” He was nervous.

“Jill,” She introduced herself with a smile on her face, “and I play D&D too.”

Well, I thought I was the only weirdo in this place. Glad to fine companion then.

“I am glad to know that someone is actually thinking what I am thinking about: relating all these into game.” She couldn’t hide her excitements. Joey was surprised that she responded to what he just thought about. “Well, I thought I was alone too. So we shall set the same objective for today: defeating the mad scientist who tries to revive dinosaurs.” What he meant was biology test by Mr.Rick but Jill agreed to the idea of defeating mad scientist. “Let’s expand the map as well after that. I am new here so I have so many dark spots in my map.” Joey nodded responding to the girl.

After School

Mission completed and new companion joined my faction. What a day! Tomorrow won’t be the same as I can team up with Jill dealing with the challenges.

“You seem so jubilant, wanna share some tales?” Mom was preparing for dinner when she saw her boy was smiling and humming a backsound of video game. “I met another player, mom. So I think you can retire now.” Mom chuckled, “whoa, I bet he is not as good as me, though.”
“We’ll see about that. But anyway, it is a she.” He replied. Mom’s eyes grew wider as she couldn’t hide that she was surprised, “female player?” Joey nodded, “yeah, we defeat the mad Darwinian together. Stopping him to clone dinosaurs and also we explore the map to unlock new places.” Mom listened attentively as Joey continued his story about Jill, “I see. So you and Jill went home together eh? She lives nearby? Oh and I shall expect an A+ for your Biology test.” Joey sighed, “I know right mom, you are no longer in the game.”


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What had happened to him did not even matter

After all, there must be the end for everything

What mattered was the pain of others,

Or THE other, that came along with his end


The sky was dark grey above a white building with neat garden surrounded it. A girl on a wheelchair was sitting under an elm tree. Her eyes seemed locked on the lavender field in front of her but nobody knows what was in her mind. A nurse was behind her helping with the wheelchair. “Shall we get in? The therapy session will start.” The nurse said, that was replied by the girl by slight nod. As the wheelchair turned around, it started to drizzle. The girl now stared at her prosthetic legs. What was in her mind remained unknown, even to her.


That was the second turbulence in 10 minutes. A few seconds after, a blinding flash struck, followed by ear-shattering glare. As soon as that, the electricity in that aircraft was off, halting the captain who tried to announce and tell the situation to the passengers. The turbulence started to be unbearable. A pair of young woman and guy who had stopped their exciting conversation and laughter since 10 minutes ago, sat on the left side, clung closer as the thrill in the plane continued. They heard disturbing noise, as if something was cracked from the outside. The guy, who was closer to the window, saw what he’s never imagined that would happen to him during a flight. What happened next was him helping the girl to put on the lifeguard suit before himself. The horror continued while the crews tried to calm down the crowds. Not so long after that, another explosion from the left part completely shut the aircraft down, creating more horrifying panic.

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He was not sure…

But what he saw next was something he had never ever seen before..

And then it was dark.

He couldn’t see anything but he could feel that something was watching him. “Do you wish to flout the past?” That voice was genderless and it seemed that whoever behind it had read his mind, understood his regret well enough to hit directly to what he was thinking about. “I know you even think about cheating it for the sake of her, don’t you?” Another bingo. “Very well, you shall have your chances.”

The darkness had gone and a sudden flash of light hit him. In less than a second, he had been transmitted to a familiar place. “Talk to him. You flout it from this point.” That voice instructed him as if it was a tutorial. He frowned to see clearer, and was shocked by what he saw in front of him. He ran as he suddenly knew what to do. Almost yelling, he called the kid that stood couples of meters in front of him as if he tried to warn something. “Nope, not like that, big guy.” The genderless voice said. Another light hit him.

That happened three times until he figured out something…

“I’ve never seen you before,” that little kid stared as if he was familiar with the guy he was talking with. His earlier statement contradicted the way he looked at the guy. “You haven’t,” the big man replied with unfinished tone. He then looked away before finally whispered as if he had an urge to say it yet he didn’t want the kid to hear what he murmur, “and you actually shouldn’t.”

“Well, you do not say what you do not need to say.” It said. Another light struck him.

Everything surrounded him was white. The more peculiar parts were the absence of angle, as if the white room was a sphere, the strange emptiness and the unseen limit of the white space. He started walking without knowing where to go or what to find while his eyes looked around to figure out if there was at least another object but him.


“Keep on walking. It’s up ahead.” That same voice, sounded unisex, surprised him once more that he could not say anything to respond. He did not even gasp and just continued walking as if he got sudden clarity about his direction from the androgyny voice. “There it is. You stop there.” As the voice faded, the white space, faster than anything he could imagine, disappeared and changed into somewhere he was familiar with. He, deep in his mind, questioned what has happened and where in the world was the white room at that moment? “You are stronger than I thought, but not as smart as you supposed to be,” the voice said as the guy slowly collapsed.

He woke up with overwhelmed memory. It felt like someone had transferred a whole NASA computer into his head. It was too much that he could not even talk to himself about the new information. It consisted of the one of himself, some disturbing facts and some impossible shits that he only read in science fiction. He did not know exactly what were those piles of information in his brain for. One thing that he was sure: Using the memory, he must finish what he had been asked for. That’s what the androgyny said over and over again in his swift slumber.

2001, in a park

“He is the one, isn’t he?”  The genderless voice talked to him again. The guy fixed his eyes into a kid with red tee and white sneakers, playing alone. No other kids bother to be at least around him. He seemed left behind by his own pals. “What date is it today?” The guy asked. The androgyny had gone.


The kid approached him

“I’ve never seen you before,” that little kid stared as if he was familiar with the guy he was talking with. His earlier statement contradicted the way he looked at the guy. “You haven’t,” the guy replied as the sentence was unfinished yet he realized something. He stopped there. The kid seemed waiting for more from the big guy. “We haven’t met.” He emphasized as the kid nodded. He was confused. “You are not from here.” The kid threw a statement that sounded like a question. “I am not.” He lied. He remembered that place too well as he recognized the little pal in front of him.

“Now you know what to do.” The voice dramatically said it as it was something to be decoded.

“You are miserable, kid.” He felt something tickled him as he said that to the kid. The kid frowned but remained silent. There was an awkward silent for about two minutes. “You will ask who the hell am I, aren’t you? Let me tell you that it is only you that can see me because I am your imaginary friend.” He stopped, not for the kid to react, but more likely for himself to recall something in his mind, “and I am here to help.”

The minutes after that felt like severe pain in the back part of his head as he recalled more peculiarities. His head was flooded with script-like information, telling him what to say and what to do next.

“Mystery revealed? Literally Mind Blown, eh?” That androgyny interrupted.

The kid’s expression changed from confused to alerted. “Nice try, psycho.” He was about to leave the big guy as he turned back. The reaction of the kid had been predicted. “Show me to anyone around here, if you don’t believe me.” The kid halted as the big guy challenged him so. He was triggered. That was, also, expected. The kid ran to a woman nearby. The guy was not sure about that but he assumed that was how it supposed to be. The kid pointed at him and soon after that the woman shook her head while staring in confusion at me. The guy could see the kid showed more hesitation before finally walked slowly to him. “Who are you?” The kid asked cautiously. “I’ve told you. A friend. Imaginary one.” He was not satisfied with the answer. He looked at the guy more thoroughly. There were some familiar features and there were some scars. The guy knew he was being observed yet he was certain the kid would not notice who he was. Like it was reading his mind, the androgyny voice suddenly said,”you sure he won’t notice you?” There was no answer to that but the guy was so sure that what he had in mind wouldn’t cheat on him. “You look like, strangely familiar.” The guy was surprised with that response. That one was unexpected.

“This is the last chance. Should you break it, it is done and nothing shall change.”

The guy heard the final warning clearly. The rule is obvious: He should not say something that will raise the kid’s suspicion that will make him close his mind and disbelieve the guy existence. “You know…” There was an awkward pause before he continued, “I lied. I lied about your experience seeing me. This isn’t actually the first time. I have done this thrice and this is the fourth attempt. The problem is, only I remember while you got your memory about this erased right after I failed and disappeared.” He held his breath while explaining the ‘truth’ to the kid. The kid? Frowned harder. The androgyny was about to announce the end of it.”How will you help me?” The kid asked, still with deep frown. “Tomorrow, at 2 in the afternoon, something bad will happen. You shall go nowhere but home.” He disappeared. Something changed his mind in the last minute.


What’s more painful than death?

To her, witnessing the death of significant other brings more agony than thinking of the death of herself.

She was on her wheelchair. After being rescued and becoming the only survivor on that fatal plane crash, she lost both of the lower limbs and also her sight.

“Seeing her, crushes you, doesn’t it?” Silence was the response to that question. The guy was frozen. He couldn’t blink yet he couldn’t bear to see her. “Why it doesn’t change?” He finally had a stomach to ask. “It is not over yet. I bring you back to the present time where nothing has changed. In case you missed her.” The androgyny, as expressionless as usual, said. “Bring me to the next day. I should give another warning.”

“Very well.”

Following day of the past

The guy followed the kid to make sure he did as he had been asked to. He did and he could feel some part of his memory changed. “You no longer belong to this dimension. Thus, the memory shall be changed and modified yet you won’t forget what has happened during your days here.” The androgyny explained. “Whatever it takes,” he replied.

As the kid followed what the guy said, the memory kept changing. The problem was that it was not really changing to the guy but rather increasing immensely. He had the changed version and also the old version of it. The first attempt was successful since the kid did nothing but what the guy had told him to. What happened next was the guy instructed the kid to go through certain way without changing his destinations. “You know what you are doing will not entirely change the tragedy.” The androgyny said. He didn’t care. To him, it was not about his own sake. He kept guiding the kid as an imaginary friend who the kid also started to be comfortable with as he followed whatever the guy suggest to him. The bond last for several years until the kid grew to a teenager. “This is the last day you’ll see me.” The guy said to the young boy in front of him. “My last message to you will be a name. A name that we have avoided for years and you have to keep it that way.” The teen waited curiously. “Lucina.” The guy looked into the teen’s eyes. “You know what to do. Whatever it takes, don’t make any attempt to get into her. There will be only one Lucina and you know what to do should you encounter her.” The teen didn’t blink until a blinding flash hit him, bringing severe pain in the head. The guy had gone.


Present day

The morning news reported plane crash had occurred in the middle of a jungle in Brazil. The shattered plane indicated that the aircraft exploded before it finally hit the floor of the jungle. Lucina watched the news as she was spreading peanut butter on her toast. She didn’t understand but the news brought undefined pain to her.

Behind her, a slight shading figure of a guy smiled before finally disappeared.



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I Wonder what Their Types are: #16 Audrey

Meet the most reliable girl, the chairman of school Red Cross, and one of the most calm human being who always find a pleasant way to overcome any argument among her friends: Audrey.

Well she is not only an amazing medic but also excellent individual who is always ready to help anyone in need whatever the needs are. In some sense, Audrey is similar to May. In fact, they are pretty close to each other and probably that’s why they are similar… Wait a sec… Yes I am pretty sure both will be triggered by indifference, injustice, bully, starvation and so forth. The difference between them is Audrey will remain silent as she work on something to solve the problems while May will cry and keep saying how cruel the world is during her duty on upholding the justice and human rights.

If someone has ever questioned about how reliable Audrey is, imagine this: should she deployed in a battlefield as medic, which she probably does not want to imagine, Audrey will not stop until every single surviving soldier on her side are taken care well. In other words, she is not going to run from her responsibility, once she agrees to do something, she will not stop until it is finished.

One more thing about Audrey is her surprisingly passionate nature. She is the one who’s enthusiastic enough to work with anyone. More than that, she is loyal enough to stay helping and supporting her friends who have as immense enthusiasm as her. She is the protector who dedicates her existence to support everyone.

Well, I am done wandering around, besides, I should avoid Cindy. I saw her sitting in front of Audrey when I passed by. She is weird.

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I Wonder what Their Types are: #15 Joachim

I was about to leave the library when I saw him approaching the exit door while carrying a pile of books. I walked quickly to help him with the door for his hands are full with what I finally realized as a half dozen of science books. He thanked me as I opened the door and then walked to the opposite side of mine, to the lab I guess. My mind suddenly opened a random file that consists of information about that guy: Joachim, science geek, factual scientific theories are top priority on every work, breaking rules or abandoning facts are sinful no matter what.

As I walked downstairs, I recognized more about him. Joachim was Greg’s partner during many science projects and competition in the past. Everything changed as Joachim decided to focus more on chemistry and Greg put more interest and passion on physics. They still respect each other, though. Even work together sometimes, though not as often as in the past.

Actually, I know one more reason, stronger one, that divides both geniuses: Joachim is very precise and text-book based perfectionist who fuels himself with tons of theories before he works on something while Greg, you know, he is as dreamy as me and Joachim somehow feels uncomfortable with Greg’s obsession towards science fictions and such things. Shortly, Greg feels that his creative science is strangled while Joachim feels that Greg is too dreamy. Now I think of the way he said ‘thanks’ to me. Joachim was not a guy who talks to everyone yet his thanks to me was something that I sense as his  sensibility to satisfy his moral: someone helped you, you should say thanks. He knows how to respect people but sometimes he is too stiff.

There are some unique rumors I heard about  Joachim the ice-man from some trusted spies. The first is that he regularly feeds a group of stray cats near school. Having them as pets is impossible since he lives on the 7th floor of an apartment building by the downtown. Oh, wow, cats? Not owl?

Second, he is highly addicted to cheese cake from particular cake shop. One of his secret admirer said that Joachim regularly goes to that shop at least twice a week. … Weird, I thought he loves something like black coffee or plain muffin.

Third, he has a very detailed schedule about everything and his life seems running orderly based on that time table. Makes sense.

The last and the weirdest one in my opinion is his habit in randomly helping random people without saying anything. Greg said that Joachim looks so ignorant yet he knows you need help and come without any words and leave once he finishes helping. I didn’t know if he is such kind of vigilante.

Well, he is brilliant after all. I think I should work with him on some of my project sometimes.

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I Wonder what Their Types are: #14 Arya

Who’s the genius science geek that adores Hawking, Gates and Einstein? Greg. Who’s female-Mcgyver science geek that designs many things and fix everything? She is in front of us: Arya.

As geeky and dreamy as Greg with more practical-handy skills. I wonder if some fictional characters are real if I look around my schools sometimes and Arya is one of those unreal heroine: A girl who spends more time with toolbox, super computer,  and her customized-bicycle rather than choosing what dress to wear and which party to attend in the weekend. Even on her leisure time, she prefers to spend her time customizing model kits or upgrading her computer in peculiar ways.

Arya’s unusual personality, at least as a girl, influences her friendship. It is no longer a secret that most of her friends are boys with the same hobby or some nerds like Jack or me who constantly imagining fictional tools that will also excite her when we talk about. In some ways, she gets along well with Nick. I think both of them are people who live in the present and put no worry about the future. Another similarity between the two is their curiosity and eagerness to try something new, plus something related to practical science and engineering in Arya’s case. I heard that she is working on a project with Greg. Nick said that Arya tried to tune-up her dad’s old car the other day and she surprisingly succeeded. Well, at least she still has more friends than the other science-geek.

Although not as introverted as Greg, Arya often spends her time alone especially if she is on her serious mode. It happens usually twice a month and we, her friends, understand that on such situation, Arya has an amazing blue print to be designed and won’t be happy to be disturbed. Jack has ever wondered what would happened if Arya was on her period while the urge of creating such prototypes hit her? My answer: She would probably create giant mecha.

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I Wonder what Their Types are: #13 Greg

It was actually unusual to see him outdoor at this hour but then I realized that he was probably driven by his inner thought as always and decided to leave his cave: the science lab.

As long as I remember, Greg spends most of his time at school to involve in any kind of activities related to science especially physics and chemistry. He is one loyal fan of Stephen Hawking who lives in the school science lab and regularly visits planetarium at least once in a week. Metaphysics is his biggest interest above everything and contemplating the existence of alien will make his eyes sparkle like a little boy seeing Voltron Giant Commander for the first time. He has tons of discussion about extraterrestrial life, mostly based on Hawking’s theories, that he has developed with his own point of view. Well, it sounds like Greg is so nerdy that he does not have any friends unless other nerds because of his extraordinary complex mind. In fact, he does have friends.

There are not many of us can keep up with him yet almost everyone actually knows him. Some people cannot stand talking to Greg for his abstract and highly imaginative mind. Cindy is the one who mostly argues and debates Greg on his imaginative-modified Hawking’s based and Einstein based concepts. However, some others, especially teachers, see him as an outstanding potential future-scientist with beautiful mind. Greg gets along well with Jack and Iris since he can talk and discuss about everything with those two. He also works well with Arya who is as thoughtful as he is. They often seek for the truth of science and build knowledge together, design some cool blueprints yet abandon most of them later. Wait, those are as geeky and nerdy as him. Let me think of someone else… Right, at least he gets along well with Ace the artists and also Nick the baseball ace.

One thing that Greg’s never realized is that he is very popular among girls but probably he is too busy exploring his own mind to care about such things. For your information, the one who always argues him is actually the biggest fan of him. Who is number two? The most sarcastic girl at school.

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I Wonder what Their Types are: #12 Ace

He, as he often did, sat alone under the oak tree behind the school building. The unusual thing about it was that he used to be busy with his camera while relaxing there. At the moment, the camera was replaced by something that I assumed as a sketchbook and a drawing pen, or mechanical pencil? Not sure about that but let me guess… He must be sketching something, more likely something that most people won’t think about as he always did with his unusually stunning photograph of random objects.

His name is Ace, at least that’s how his friends call him, but most teachers call him with his ‘real’ name, Andrew, for Ace, or ACE, is an acronym of his full name which is actually Andrew Carlton Eissenberg. Well, I guess Ace is more than just acronym if I consider his talents, though.

Messy hair, glasses, camera and or sketchbook with drawing kit are his default items to bring everywhere. The camera and those drawing kits seems to be the extensions of his eyes for what he captures and sketches using all of those are extremely stunning that school does not need to hire professionals to run the photography club and arts club. More than that, Ace is also known as an avid traveler who regularly writes on a blog about his travelling experiences. Some friends always ask why he does not want to run a Youtube channel consisting the video logs of his adventure to many places? His answer is always the same: “I don’t think that I am ready with such things.”

That is always his problem: He is not confident enough about being popular and showing off what he has to the wider world. He has  School as his limit for now. At school, no one is unfamiliar with Ace the travel blogger, photographer and artist, but out there, people do not know who is Andrew or Ace for he writes under pseudonym. I remembered how he struggled to introduce his travel blog with his beautiful collections of pictures to everyone at school. First, only his inner circles, then some weirdos who cling around him, Iris is included and has been his biggest supporter I believe, until finally everyone notices him. So, it is just a matter of time until he is ready to go out and find more fans of his work. 

One thing about him, he seems to avoid any big responsibility related to being a chief or leader by any means. I think he feels that being involved in such responsibility will rob his freedom.

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I Wonder what Their Types are: #11 Laurel

“She is very quiet.” That’s what everyone said about her at the first time but as one of her close buddy, I know that she actually is a good listener. Her silence does not mean she is ignorant to what happened around her. Once you talk to her you will understand that she notes every words and listens to you attentively, giving such ease to her talk-mates while responding to what they say without trying to dominate. She even listened to my bullshits about coffee the other day. It seems like she does not care at the beginning but when she accept you as her friend, she is the one that works like fireplace. Such calm, much warmth, wow. That’s how it feels talking to her. “Dude, move, it was home run.” The third-baseman poking at my shoulder brought me back to the reality that I was on the baseball match. “HA! WE WON.” I said to him as I walked to the home base.


As I reached the home base, I saw her walking slowly to the hall.  Her earphones were on when she stopped by and so they are now. I bet it is guitar instrumental as usual or probably piano or anything that calming and put you at ease. She ever mentioned how she enjoyed listening to video game or movie backsounds when doing something or walking somewhere. Something that brings harmony and calming atmosphere is her preference if it is about music.

Having her earphone almost all the time makes people think she does not want to talk to anyone as much as Helena. But for Helena, earphones on literally mean: do not talk to me. While Laurel is actually listening to music and does not mind if someone initiate conversations. She seems find it difficult to relate why wearing earphone almost all the time is considered as anti-social. She said she is not.  Well, she is not.

One thing that I think we have in common yet it seems to differ us is the way we react to deaths of fictional characters on movies, books or anywhere. I will be extremely sad because of the death of my favorite character but will snap out of it once I find any significance behind the tragedy including the development of the plot of the story. Meanwhile, to Laurel, every death is horrifying no matter how epic it is and how much it helps the plot to be better. She would like to prefer a story to retain its whole squad till the end. However, it does not mean she stops watching. She just stops for a while, being gloomy for some couples of days then continue watching and seeing deaths. Hence, she does not like death yet she keeps watching Game of Thrones and trying to imagine bunch of alternative plots with less death and more epic victories on the behalf of her favorite house: Stark. She even writes it under anonymous pen-name that only some people are allowed to read it. How do I know? Well, I do contribute some ideas. I can say that I am one of her partner in writing such fan fictions. To be honest, she is very excellent in writing… And she needs me to make it more, savage. Eh?

P.S.: She also hates daily routine almost as much as I do.

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I Wonder what Their Types are: #10 Willy

While our chairman, Steve, is known as a very skillful negotiator and adaptable leader who can suit to almost everyone in the school, that tall guy with wavy hair and friendly face who cheerfully watches the baseball match along with the others,  Willy, is famous with his ability in being attentive and very sensible in the sense of carrying out his duty as Steve’s right hand in the students’ council as well as in daily life interactions with his friends. If May represent the figure of mother, Willy is the heroic dad who will protect and assure the safety and happiness of everyone while at the same time encouraging everyone to do so.

Will’s nature in putting others on his top priority before himself makes him a good partner to May and, indeed, Steve. Thus, he is the first man who support May with the anti-bully movement and encouraging Steve to approve the program.

In line with his natural sense on leading and serving others, Willy is very adept communicator and highly sociable. He is able to make something ordinary into creatively unthinkable stuffs. More than that, he has a very good sense of humor eventhough he tried his best to avoid any kind of dark jokes for the sake of politeness and his own value about not having something offensive as a joking material. Despite his friendliness and his sociability, Will is very sensitive about particular things such as ignorance, impoliteness, rudeness and anything that most people consider as immoral and indifferent. He may get triggered with your rude sense of humor yet he will not hate you completely. But surely he will mark you as a person he won’t get too close with. However, Willy is basically liked by everyone in the school. 

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