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MARVEL: Some Epic Movie Plots We Should Have but We (Probably) Won’t

Having all of them in one single movie is every Marvel fan dream, isn’t it?

Before you get into this long-read further, let me tell you two words about the picture (with also the caption) above: Highly Impossible. Now go on, I have something important to tell. The title speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

I believe that most of us have ever imagined the Avengers, the X-Men, Fantastic Four and any other well known alliances from the Marvel Universe  are together in one movie as it is illustrated in some of Marvel comics. I bet most of us DID think about this at least once. Especially during the hype of Captain America: Civil War last year. Well, if you’ve never imagined such things, then you should, at least during and after reading this post.

There are some big big holes in the cinematic universe of Marvel and most people who consider themselves as the big fans of the franchise may have realized this as well. In this post I would like to point out some comic-based plots that can make what we have been watching for years in the cinema even better.

The Illuminati

Yes. That’s Charles Xavier. Got the idea of the title of this post now? 



You may think of a secret organization. Well, BINGO.

The First (Failed) Attempt to Form Registered Heroes Association

Following the war between Kree and Skrull, it was Tony Stark (Iron Man) who came up with the idea of forming an official organization that could band together various heroes to prevent planetary threats. Tony invited Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic, Namor and Doctor Strange to meet at the palace of Black Panther in Wakanda. Due to a lack of trust among them, most of them raised several objections to Tony’s vision while Black Panther refuse to join the alliance. Finally, instead of forming official organization to work together, five of them, excluding Black Panther, agreed to secretly share information so that they might better anticipate and respond to any threatening events. Not so long after this, the father of all X-Men joined them.

The Secret Missions

The Illuminati was formed far before the civil war and the members have gone through several epic adventures.

Journey to Skrull planet

‘This is a WARNING.’ Credit to: Vavel for providing this copy

They went on a journey to the Skrull home-world to deliver a warning. Unfortunately, the leader of the Srullls saw this as an insult and declared a battle against our heroes. During the fight, they were captured after they got their super powers nullified by the inhabitants of the planet until Tony Stark successfully escaped by taking advantage of the Skrulls’ carelessness. The Skrulls assumed Tony Stark as a useless weakling, because he is the one without super power among the group, without his powered armor. In the end, Tony helped the other members to escape and find their way back home.

The Infinity Gems Guardians

The Infinity Gems Protectors


The next plot, which is impossible for movie adaptation, has been illustrated on the picture above (you’ve seen Charles Xavier twice in this post and now you know how impossible it is, don’t you?). On their next chapter of story, still before the civil war, Mr.Fantastic was on his mission on collecting the Infinity Gems when he request the members of Illuminati to help him. At this point, Prof.X agreed to help and joined Namor and Doctor Strange to search the Mind Gem while Black Bolt, Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic were responsible to search the Reality Gem. Once the gauntlet was filled with the gems, Mr.Fantastic tried to use the gauntlet to destroy itself. His attempt was failed. Preventing the gauntlet and the gems to be misused and caused more trouble that may threaten the universe, he ultimately decided to remove the gems from the gauntlet and gave one to each member of Illuminati to safeguard the gems in secret.

World War Hulk

We are getting warmer to the civil war but before that,there is world war Hulk. It was literally Hulk versus everyone and Illuminati was included… to be honest, they somehow the one who pull the trigger to the war. I told you that it happened far before the civil war and Hulk, or Bruce Banner, was not able to control his emotion yet. Preventing the danger of Hulk, the Illuminati decided to send Hulk into the outer space by creating an android decoy which resembled Nick Fury. The android was programmed to give order to Hulk and deployed the Green Giant on a mission of disabling a dangerous satellite. Once entered by Hulk, the satellite turned into a space-craft that has been programmed to sent Doctor Bruce Banner, or the Hulk, into an unpopulated planet. Unluckily, the space-craft entered a wormhole that led Hulk into a planet called Sakaar and served as a Gladiator to please the Red King. Once he managed to find a way to come back to earth, Hulk demanded for revenge to what the earthlings had done to him.  I heard that World War Hulk will be on cinema in 2018. If so, there will be a small chance of seeing Mr.Fantastic come along with Iron Man, Doctor Strange and lack Bolt. Prof.X and Namor was absent during this arc so there will be another excuses for not including any X-Men member.

Enraged Hulk fought Mr.Fantastic and Dr.Strange during the World War Hulk. Thanks to Den of Geek for having this excerpt. Click on the link to read more about World War Hulk

The Civil War: Illuminati Disassembled

What the cinematic version didn’t allow us to see: Wolverine, Iron-Spider, Human Torch, Colossus, Mr.Fantastic and obviously the rest of the X-Men and Fantastic Four.  

Civil War was what finally shattered the unofficial secret organization apart. Tony Stark, as we all know from the comic or the movie, was the one who agreed with the idea of heroes registration while Captain America against this vision and decided to create Secret Avengers to against the government. During this part, I hope you start to understand that the Illuminati has been operated during the time Tony Stark was involved in the Avengers along with Captain America and the other members that you are familiar with. Going back to Illuminati, Mr.Fantastic was the one who share the same vision with Stark while Black Bolt and Doctor Strange against it. Namor was abstain considering there was no impact of the war to the Atlantic and Prof.X could not make any comment at that time. Hence, the Illuminati was disassembled as the calamity started.

The Skrull and The Hood invasion: Reassembling the team

Despite their different visions during the civil war, the group was reunited by Tony Stark as the Iron Man find out that the Skrull was planning for secret invasion to the earth. During the Hood raid, where the enemies were targeting the Infinity Gems, Black Bolt was replaced by Medusa for temporary moment. Afterwards, Captain America took custody on Black Bolt’s gem during his time away. This arc was the last of the former formation of Illuminati before the chaotic clash between the Avengers and the X-Men that change the secret group for good.

The Avengers VS X-Men

Let’s say this is very impossible to be adapted into movie for now

Well, this is another epic part yet very impossible for movie adaptation. During the clash between Avengers vs X-Men, several important events happened and I will put them on a list.

  • The clash was caused by the return of the Phoenix Force.
  • Cable showed up from the future to protect his daughter, Hope Summers from the Avengers.
  • X-Men joined the Avengers to stop Cable who revealed that the Phoenix Force was coming for his daughter.
  • Knowing the fact, the Avengers wanted to take custody on Hope but X-Men disagree.
  • The clash between them was inevitable and during the battle, Iron Man accidentally split the Phoenix into five parts which later possessed Colossus, Namor, Emma Frost, Cyclops and Magik.
  • Spider-man tricked Colossus and Magik to fight each other until the Phoenix within them left while Namor’s Phoenix Force left him not long after his raid to Wakanda.
  • Hope, after her training with Iron Fist’s master Lei-Kung, was finally able to stand up to Cyclops.
  • Frustrated, Cyclops extracted Emma Frost’s Phoenix Force and accidentally killed Charles Xavier while the professor tried to intervene.
  • Finally, Hope and Scarlet Witch (Wanda) managed to defeat Cyclops and wish away the Phoenix Force.

I realized that the list is full of spoiler. But who cares? Too many X-Men references. It’s not gonna be filmed anyway.

The Illuminati Avengers

Hank McCoy (Beast) and T’Challa (Black Panther) as the new Illuminati. Tony is talking to Black Bolt.

This is gonna be the last arc I would like to discuss because this post is getting longer everytime I stop awhile to think. The clash between Avengers and X-Men was over and another threat arose. It was Black Swan, who was captured by Black Panther during her time on Wakanda, who showed Black Panther the danger of the other universes intruding and destroying each other. Based on this insight, T’Challa (Black Panther) called the Illuminati together and joined them as a team of Avengers under Captain America. Beast (Hank McCoy) took the place of the deceased Professor X along with the infinity gem of the professor. With all infinity gems and also the gauntlet with them, Captain America tried to push back the intruding universe by using the completely filled Infinity Gauntlet but the attempt failed, shattering all the gems but the Time Gem. Captain America later objected to destroy the other universes to save theirs. An idea that was rejected by the rest of the Illuminati. They finally erased the memory of Captain America and continue working on the calamity without him.

Well, you’ve read and seen how many X-Men, Fantastic Four, even the Defenders references on this post that are highly not possible to be filmed. However, we are free to imagine if Illuminati and some of its arcs are filmed, aren’t we?

Finally, after several years, I hope this post is no longer relevant because Marvel Studios will finally bring the whole squad, including X-Men, Fantastic Four, and everyone that I am too lazy to mention, into the cinematic universe altogether. Well, we deserve at least one movie with both Avengers and X-men fighting each other or fighting together, don’t we?




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What the Types Consider when Watching Movies


Think about your list of favorite movies. You have the list with you and I bet that most of them are similar kind of movies. Now answer this question: What makes you avidly watch them? The accurate factual references? The sophisticated imaginative ideas of the plot? The puzzling story line? The  unpredictable plot twists?

Why so questioning? So what if I like the movies because of one of those reasons? 

Nothing, but these are the dominant functions and their consideration about movies. One of them might be yours.

Ne Dominants (ENTP and ENFP): These guys demand complicated plot and mind-blowing twists. Giving the Ne dominants flat daily-life story won’t satisfy them.

Ni Dominants (INTJ and INFJ): Psychologically thrilling scenes and thoughtful philosophical excerpts are what the Ni fellows look for in the movie. Dark and mysterious setting would satisfy them more, especially INTJs.

Se Dominants (ESTP and ESFP): These excitement-seekers-anti-boredom fellows require fast pace action movies with continuous fighting scene, illegal racing or police chasing the criminals with explosion and slow-motion effect. They don’t let themselves to wink, though.

Si Dominants (ISFJ and ISTJ): They enjoy watching any movies with strong experience-based life lessons and moral values. More importantly, they prefer watching orderly sequenced plot and avoiding back and forth confusing timeline.

Fe Dominants (ESFJ and ENFJ): The death of Jack in Titanic, the moment when Hachiko kept waiting for his dead master until his last breath and any other heart breaking scenes in a movie, especially if those moments are completed with ‘BASED ON TRUE STORY’ label, are what Fe fellows crave in movies. They are addicted to ninja cutting onions.

Fi Dominants (ISFP and INFP): Happy ending is the password. No matter how miserable the life of the protagonist is in a movie, Fi buddies will continue watching while praying for happy ending. Should the movies end miserably, they will try to make sense on the logic of miserable ending of the movies. If there is no logic behind the bad ending, the previous excitements will be negated.

Te Dominants (ESTJ and ENTJ): These two types usually demand logical plot with scientific evidence. Thus, they hate illogical science fictions. Lightsaber does not make sense and Doraemon’s dreamy tools are nonesense to them.

Ti Dominants (INTP and ISTP): The idea of time travelling, space exploration, world with wizard and any parallel universes setting with sophisticated science fiction or fantasy based stories will trigger their dreamy thought. Fictional? Nonesense? Don’t care!

Did you find yourself there? Should you feel unsure about those write up above, go test yourself.

Image Credit: Jake Hills