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The Public Pranks

What do people usually do to kill their boredom? They would probably prefer reading interesting books, singing or playing musical instruments, playing video games, hanging out with friends, solving puzzles, making videos and uploading them to Youtube, surfing the internet, working out, going to unexplored place nearby, cooking, writing poetry, writing story, writing a to do list, writing on blog, and other endless possibilities to do.

Anyway, I believe that doing some pranks is included in the list of options to kill boredom. Therefore, I am thinking of 5 pranks that people would like to try in public when life starts to get boring.

  1. The Time Traveler Prankdoctor-who-tardis-in-a-vortex.jpg

    Imagine you rush into a random shop nearby. With a strained expression, you yell the same question to people inside including the shop assistant or maybe the cashier: ‘WHAT YEAR IS IT ?! WHAT YEAR IS IT ?!’ They may be confused with such question and will ignore you, but some or at least one will possibly answer with puzzled face. Here is the best part! Once you get your answer, directly run outside the shop and yell out loud : ‘WOOHOO! IT WORKED! YEAH!’ Some people might think you are nuts, but they will think soon after that. “Wait, did he just time traveled?”

  2. The Narnia PrankNarniaWardrobe.jpg

    Once you go to IKEA or other home furnishing stores, try to get into the wardrobe and stay for several minutes. Wait for some people to come nearby and get out immediately. When they look at you (maybe get surprised for seeing a person comes out from a wardrobe), tell them that you have just visited Narnia and came back.

  3. The Blood Eater Prankcranberry-jelly-860.jpg

    Make a cranberry jam or pudding and then put it into several jars with each different blood type written on it. Once you are ready, eat them in public and offer it to some people by asking “what is your blood type?” excitedly while showing them random jar. Do not forget to smile. Congratulation, people think you are a psycho. LOL!

  4. Life Gives You Lemon Prank2006_minions-lemons

    This one is a good-deed-prank, though. First of all, make sure you got some lemons. After that, wear a T-shirt with “LIFE” written on it. If you do not have a t-shirt with “LIFE” written on, PRINT IT AND STICK ON YOUR T-SHIRT, DUH! Now you are ready to go. Go to a park, outdoor parking lot, basketball court, or any crowded place and share the lemon to random people. When you hand the lemon, do not forget to ask the questions: “Now what will you do?” It would be better without any expression. Enjoy!

  5. The Mind Reader PrankFirst_Class_Xavier.jpg

    In public places, put a pose of Charles Xavier from X-Men when he uses his mind-power. Then, approach to the first person who make an eye contact to you. Go slowly by keeping the eye contact if it is possible and when you are close enough to the person, smile and say the magic words “I know everything.” Walk away slowly immediately. DO NOT EVEN TRY TO LOOK BACK. Well played, Prof. X.



Have fun! Just do not overdo it. 😀