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Maddening Madness makes Incredible Country

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I have been keeping this for almost a half year. You wonder what ‘this’ is? The answer is fury.

Since last July up to June 2018, I will be staying in the one and only incredible country, India, to finish my study while at the same time wishing it could be done faster which is quite impossible. Well, I am a quarter way done anyway and I am not joking by saying I wish it could be done faster because they were right. My lecturers, my friends, everyone that gave me words of wisdom ARE right about this country. India is incredible in very frustrating way.

I always have very little expectation about almost everything, but this country has successfully triggered me to reach an unexpected level of my limit. I have written a list of what the seniors, lecturers, and everyone who have experienced the life in this country had ever said and then divided it into the ups and downs. Here they are as I remembered and how I found it true after several months of surviving:

It is better to start from the negatives so that we would have a good and happy ending for the conclusion.

  1. Lots of people do not like to use toilet

    I have known this ever since. Though I still keep the positive mentality in my mind, thinking lots of possibilities. Maybe only when they are far away from public places. Maybe there are not enough public toilets and so forth. Everything changed once I saw a group of men peeing right next to a public toilet. Well, maybe they just like it that way.

  2. When they say tomorrow, it means three days later

    and when they say next week, it means you probably have to come back next month. I have a Vodafone sim card that is still inactive and obviously useless after three complains to the store and they just shook their head like a dashboard doll in a car while kept promising me that the card will be activated tomorrow. Tomorrow never ends.Only that? Nope. The heater in my bathroom is broken, I have given up waiting for tomorrow that the electrician has promised me a month ago.

  3. If you are not get poisoned by the food, you are not cool, Mate!

    Thank God I am not cool. However, my friends here are super cool! Especially my flatmate, he hold the record of our batch by getting three food poisoning in five months. He even got diarrhea after consuming a well packed snack from supermarket.

  4. It is probably not poisonous. It just has the same ingredients as your ointment

    Seriously, it is overly spiced. You can feel Vicks Vaporub in your mutton curry. Enough said about food!

  5. Some people are racist

    I did not think so on my first three days here. I thought everything was normal until my third month. I realized the security treat us differently. Not only me but also my friends who have different physical features to Indians. I saw an Indian stranger who lived outside the campus may pass the security check but they keep checking event interrogating us as we are stranger. When I asked why don’t they remember the answer was simple: you and your friend look like Asians. WE ARE, SO WHAT?

Right then, I do not want to burn myself in fury. Now let’s see what’s good about this country.


However, it is not relevant anymore if I share the good things here. The prompt says ‘Maddening’. Thus, those are the maddening madness that I have encountered so far. Next time will be about the good stuffs in India. Cheers. 

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Boring People are Bored


Does the title speak to you? If so, then you have to figure out something to do. Actually, the feeling of bored is related to an urge to change and a need of something new to do or to have. Your mind never let you turn into a boring person. Thus, when someone feel bored, the brain shoots the flare as a signal for the individual to change something that also indicates the person has not changed for way too long and started to get too satisfied on his or her comfort zone. The problem is your reaction to the signals. If you react on it and do something, then you are not a boring person. However, if you ignore it and stay in your comfortable cave yet keep whining of your boring life, you have some issues. Accordingly, there are someways to prevent or to escape the disturbing feeling of bored.

1. Don’t let your schedule bind your freedom

Having organized daily agenda is awesome but being too attached to it is as bad as being disorganized. Scheduling your routines means to put your priorities clear without limiting yourself to do more outside the schedule. Thus, it is surely okay to improvise and modify the agenda without neglecting what’s important.For instance, if you usually go home directly after work every weekdays, you may try to stop by or go somewhere without waiting for the weekend to come. Schedule is meant to be obeyed yet it is you who control it. Break it sometimes, it won’t harm.

2. Run the Opposite Day

I do not mean the one in Spongebob Squarepants since that one is too extreme that your neighbor might call the police for your actions. What I meant by the opposite day is still related to the first how-to-kill-boredom-idea that I pointed out. Do something that you usually don’t on your daily basis. If you are a person who puts much concern on health and run a very organized healthy diet, try to break it by having some pizzas or other junk food. The opposite way is applied for the one who regularly consumes McDonald’s Big Mac. That is one example, the idea is still getting away from an organized agenda for a little while.

3. Game On: Pretend that you are on some quests

Let’s imagine that this life is a super realistic role play game and you are the main protagonist. When you play video game, especially the RPG one, you will have lots of quests to do. In every quest you will earn experience and probably some rewards if you are lucky.This is what I usually do to make my daily responsibilities sound more fun. For instance I will arrange one main objective and three optional objectives for one day. The main objective will be: Having the assignments done before tomorrow. While the optional objectives may something in relation to the main objectives such as: Spend less than three hours to finish the assignments, not opening 9gag before the assignments are done and so forth. This might sound weird but pretending you are on a quest instead of thinking about how miserable your job is may help you work under less pressure and more enjoyment. Don’t forget to reward yourself once you are done with the quests because that’s how it works in the video game.

4. Adventure time

Does it mean you have to go on a trip that spends some days? Not really. This one is in relation to previous tricks especially the third one. You can either run this one as a stand alone or combine it with the number three so that you will have this as quests. Here are some possible adventures you might do on your daily routines:

  1. Find an alternative way to go to the workplace.
  2. Eat the food that you’ve never tried before.
  3. Randomly offer some helps to people around then help them.
  4. Leave your vehicle. Go walking for a day.
  5. Go cycling to the nearest wood and take picture of any animal you encounter.

The list will go endless depends on how creative and how bored you are. In fact, trick number two is somehow similar to this one.

As long as they live, people are changing gradually and boredom, as I have mentioned earlier, is the signal that indicates people’s urge to change. Thus, do something to kill it before it kills your sanity. You may have more options to defeat the feeling of bored. Good luck killing such feelings and stay awesome.

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The Danger Room


Are you familiar with that empty room? If you have ever watched a movie that tells you about abnormal beings living together in a massive mansion where there are school and jet inside along with bald professor on a wheel chair, then you have ever happened to see that picture. If it is still not really clear for you, here is another hint.


Now most of you might have recognized what Danger Room is, haven’t you? It is a huge simulation room where the mutants in X-Men practice to develop their abilities as mutants in the real battle situation. Usually there will be some senior mutants guide the younger ones during the training as you can see in the picture, there are Mystique and Beast with the young X-Men (Left to Right : Nighcrawler, Storm, Cyclops, Phoenix and Quick-Silver). The Danger Room is designed to have such super realistic sensation during the practice that you can feel the fear of dying and getting chased by The Sentinels. Now maybe I exaggerate it, but these two weeks, I think some of my professors are pushing us to the limit and I personally feels like they put us in Danger Room situation.

Never ending assignments of designing new techniques and developing some methods, daily presentations, reviews and so forth are coming endlessly. At first, it was totally normal to have one or two reports and presentations. Then I thought it would soon decreased, but once two papers’s done, there came other three out of somewhere! I am so triggered that I write another shitty twisted thought about this Danger Room analogy. Seriously, now, every time I enter the classroom, I imagine my professor as a gifted being who can read and control others’ mind and my friends and I as a noob young mutants seeking for clarity and wisdom in a room where your worst enemy will soon be summoned by the prof. The young mutants end up in a relentless regime of training that is painful yet effective. However, IT IS painful and it is not easy to satisfy the professor with our struggle.

I don’t know if either Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy or Raven Darkholme has a very high expectation that one of them find it difficult to appreciate the hard works of their disciples. Though my professors, some of them require us to think out of the skull to make them smile. Indeed, it is stressful. That’s one downs. However, I can say that with such force to accomplish many things at once, I unconsciously develop. Painfully develop.

Thus, like those young mutants in X-Men who frequently experience dying and extreme fear during simulation practice, I won’t stop though I suffer serious lack of sleep and worrying hair loss. In the end, these all will over and I will utilize what I have learnt during the Danger Room situation to make a better life for everyone. By the way, no offense, dear professor.



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Perspective and Expectation (part 2)

I have said lately, the way people see and expect something will influence their attitude. Big expectation will lead to disappointment if the reality does not meet. Instead, expecting less will be much relieving. You will feel jubilant if the reality is beyond your expectation, but if it meets your first assumption, no surprise and surely no disappointment.

Three weeks and counting. That’s the time I have spent in this incredible country. I mean it! India is incredible since I lower my expectation.

I didn’t expect to live in a dorm where everything is taken care by the university. I thought I have to pay the bill all by myself. Well , I don’t. I thought I will have to buy food everyday. Oh wait, there is kitchen here. I thought my university is literally surrounded by cows. Well, yeah once in a while. I think there is no such entertainment around. Wait, I watched Suicide Squad several weeks ago. Overall, I can say it doesn’t feel that bad. People were wrong about this country. Unless… I am just lucky to be in Hyderabad.

Because last week, I went to a city which was not really a city. It was more like a village with a very big university as its heart. If the university did not exist, so that the city. There was where I felt like in India that I have expected previously. It was full of cows complete with the pie, garbage everywhere, limited transportation, narrow road, and the worst: criminals. Well, once more. THANK GOD I AM IN HYDERABAD.

Overall, I cannot say I like to live far away from family, friends, and my comfort zone but I feel fine here. People should go out from their cave some day, looking for a new cave and so that until they die. So here is my new home, new cave, soon to be new comfort zone, and later to be a place I will miss.

P.S. I haven’t took many pictures

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Perspective and Expectation (Part 1)

It’s been a week and I get used to it surprisingly fast. I haven’t felt any massive culture shock that annoys me badly so far. Loud honks, crowded traffic, outstandingly ‘skillful’ drivers, crows caw every morning are some features I find everyday and the last one is actually my favorite.

I don’t know why but crows caw wakes me up better than roosters’. More, I also don’t know if it is only in Hyderabad or crows are massively spread everywhere all over the country. Either way, thanks crows. You will save my ass just in case I will have class in the morning later.

Another ‘music’ to my ears here is honk of every vehicle. Normally, you hear people honk at each other during crowded traffic. Here, they also honk to tell people when they will turn or go. So a driver who is about to turn left will honk while the others who hear the honk will also honk at that guy who is about to turn left. If I get 1 rupee for every honk that I hear in this first week, I could have bought a new iPhone. Well, at least the honk helps me to avoid a fatal accident caused by their ‘skillful’ driving skills.

I will share more about how Indian people amaze me and confuse me at the same time. Lastly for now, the less you expect, the wider your perspective will be.


P.S. : Next post will contain pictures.




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Over 9000 Away From Home

Bye home. Bye Indonesia. You will be missed, but not now. Not when I am writing this post because I have just entered my 4th day in Hyderabad. This is the first time for me to be so far away without any family member around. However, it was melancholic and emotional during my departure flight, then awkward during the arrival. My plane landed in the very early morning of Monday. I was too tired to notice the man who picked me up in the airport and I looked away for several minutes until he came up with a big sign and told me had waited for hours, I passed right in front of his nose and that damn big sign but I ignored him. He seems upset but I was lucky that the seniors were around to help me clarifying my fault and not-so-my fault since the flight was delayed from Kuala Lumpur. After 45 km from airport, I slammed the door as I usually did in my home-country and suddenly, “slowly, sir. Slowly. Chill.” He probably thought I was angry while I actually just closed the damn door. I gave him one of the best coffee from Indonesia as an apology. I hit the bed right after I got into the room in my dorm. Home sweet home, eh?

I did not remember how long I have slept but it was enough. I still felt like in Indonesia where getting up early is a daily mandatory. When I went out from the room, the hall was as empty as an old hospital in survival horror video game. I went back to my room and checked my phone. 8 A.M. and it was as quiet as 6 A.M. in Indonesia. Well, I guess I will like this country.

Everything starts late and ends late in this country. At least compared to Indonesia where everything starts in the morning and ends in the late afternoon, here,in India, they starts late at almost noon and ends in the early evening. For me, that’s cool.Say good bye to panic in the morning.

I am about to finish administration stuffs in my university today. Will share more about living as a stranger in an incredible country starts from today!


P.S.: About cows everywhere, that’s a big hoax. I saw crows everywhere instead.