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Assassin’s Creed: MBTI

Which type of assassin are you?

Before going further, I would like to tell you that this is purely an observation based on the point of view of an ENTP, who misses playing video game on his PC so much, about other types supported by several theories that you can click on the top of this page.

How do different types act as members of assassins’ fraternity?  You may agree or disagree with the following descriptions.

ISFJ- The Defender

Mostly found at: The headquarter, near the headquarter.

What they do: Scouting on the tower, going patrol, be prepared for intruders, taking care of the wounded comrades. Making sure that everything is protected firmly.

Typical Assassination style: They prefer not to use their swords, hidden blades and archery kits to kill, but should they had to, they will make it quick and painless. They will aim vital spots for instant death for sure.

ISTJ- The Spy

Mostly found at: The city, spreading everywhere even in unexpected places, enemy’s territories.

What they do: Eavesdropping rumors, collecting information, spying with ESFP, hanging around local bars, delivering information, discussing with INTJ for possible strategies, assassinating after a long careful observation.

Typical Assassination style: ISTJ will hunt with a set of organized and detailed plans. Their strategy is based on their experience and it is carefully sequenced. They value traditions, so as assassins, they will more likely to stay incognito instead of rushing into an open battle and they will often use the hidden blades instead of other weaponaries.

ENTJ- The Captain

Mostly found at: The battle field, conflict areas,the headquarter.

What they do: Leading a large group and giving orders to them about what to do and how to make everything runs as it has planned. While if they are at the HQ, they will be busy with long term plan about anticipating future threats or passing their wisdom to young assassins.

Typical Assassination style: ENTJs always seek for the most efficient way to solve problem including assassinating. They won’t waste any bolts or arrows in their quiver. They won’t delay a mission because of something personal. Therefore, a quick stab to the neck, a tube of deadly poison, an arrow or bullet to the head or anything that will kill quickly are the options.

ENFJ- The Mentor

Mostly found at: The battle field, conflict areas,the headquarter.

What they do: ENFJs are good at pointing out other people’s potential. A responsive mentor to the ally yet a fearsome combatant to the enemy. In some occasion they are in charge to organize smaller group under the supervision of ENTJ.

Typical Assassination style: As a mentor by nature, ENFJs are more likely to assist their apprentices in an assassination quest by luring the enemy to certain point where another assassin is waiting to assassinate that poor target. Should they have to kill, they will refer to something very basic about the assassin’s order: the hidden blade.

ENTP- The Rogue

Mostly found at: Almost everywhere

What they do: ENTPs does not like rules and routines. They will fool around blending with people, gathering information by pretending to be a double agent, messing around working ISTP, compete with ESTP comrade in chasing robbers or preaching along with ENFP to recruit new member.

Typical Assassination style: They hate something repetitive. Thus, ENTPs will be very happy to try new weapons, poisons or berserk potion to finish their enemy. In some occasion, they don’t mind to manipulate an enemy to kill another one by pretending to be very friendly.

ENFP-The Vigilante

Mostly found at: The town, battle field.

What they do: ENFPs are the vigilante who clean the city from criminals with purposeful intention of recruiting new members. During the peaceful time, they will recruit new member with a help from information that was gathered by ISTJ and ESFP. During the assassination quest or battle, they are flexible combatant who are adept in almost every weapon and usually team-up with other type.

Typical Assassination style: Smoke bomb, explosive stuffs, and any other distractions are their favorite before the final blow.

INTJ-The Strategist

Mostly found at: battle field, head quarters.

What they do: Their authentic thought and ability to quickly understand pattern drive them to be natural strategist either for the battle needs or for negotiation. INTJs are also independent that they often take mission on their own.

Typical Assassination style: INTJs have high standard and value efficiency on their action. It is uniquely similar to ENTJs and ISTJs combined, their assassination scenario is effectively well-planned.

INFJ- The Counselor

Mostly found at: The city, enemy’s territory, head quarter.

What they do: INFJs are good communicator. They can be counselors who will be very helpful to boost the morale of the other comrades while on the other hand, they can be summoned as negotiator to the Knights Templar’s quarter.

Typical Assassination style: INFJs often kill their target in a busy crowds and quickly blend to the other side of the crowd without getting detected. They are not natural killers, so remain anonymous is the best way.

ISTP- The Craftman

Mostly found at: The headquarter’s workshop

What they do: Upgrading their panthom blades, figuring out how to increase the range of their crossbow or developing new type of gun.

Typical Assassination style: They will happily utilize their invention and developed weapons to assassinate.Therefore, without forgetting efficiency, peculiar weapons are their primary choices on a mission.

ESTP- The Bounty Hunter

Mostly found at: The city, almost everywhere.

What they do: Looking for something exciting to do like chasing robbers or even trying to take over a tower guarded by the enemy. ESTPs assassins are also interested in looking for hidden relics or being a mercenaries to get extra money.

Typical Assassination style: They are adrenaline junkies. Air assassination is their favorite.

ESTJ- The Observer

Mostly found at: The battle field and head quarters

What they do: Assembling and organizing the guild and making sure everyone is on their duty as they are, too, busy with plans with ENTJs and ENFJs.

Typical Assassination style: They prefer to summon ENTP or ESTP to get the dirty work done. However, they can be merciless killer who will do anything if it is needed to be done on their own.

ESFP- The Joker

Mostly found at: The city, the bar, enemy’s territories.

What they do: They can work along as spies with ISTJ, being an undercover assassin by performing music in local bars or working as bartender who poison the target and even used as decoys in battle field.

Typical Assassination style: ESFPs are adept at hiding their assassin’s alter ego for they are mostly cheerful and very warm. Thus, they can take advantage on this to use poison to kill their enemy slowly or very small darts with berserk potion to create chaos.

ESFJ- The Provider

Mostly found at: Battle field, conflict area

What they do: Covering others, guiding the citizens to the safe places, providing support to the comrades, fighting side by side with everyone are what ESFJs more likely to do.

Typical Assassination style: They prefer not to kill unless there is a very strong reason to do so. similar to ISFJ, it will be quick and painless.

INTP- The Alchemist

Mostly found at: The headquarter, the battle field

What they do: Creating deadly poison, effective berserk potion, and testing them are what INTP more likely to do. However, they are also vicious warrior.

Typical Assassination style: Letting the enemies go mad because of his berserk potion and start killing each other or shooting every target with poisonous arrows.

ISFP- The Artist

Mostly found at: Battle field, conflict area.

What they do: They fight elegantly as they dance. They understand the arts of killing.

Typical Assassination style: Swords are mostly use for the weapon is highly related with the arts of painting and dancing. They enjoy one on one sword fight or a clean hidden blade assassination.

INFP- The Visionary

Mostly found at: Battle field, conflict area, head quarter

What they do: Battling with no reason is not typically INFPs’ character. They dream of harmony and peaceful outcome. Sometimes they even negotiate to avoid bloodshed.

Typical Assassination style: INFPs will utilize what they have around them as weapons to kill. Even so, they often use any kind of hidden blade as a quick solution to end their enemies’ life without being detected.

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The Types in MMORPG



I have been thinking of this since long time ago. Wondering how we can identify the type of MMORPG  (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game) players based on their class and the way they interact with others.

ISFJ: The Cleric

It might sound stereotypical but ISFJs are good at taking care of others and taking part as the supports who heal and cast spells that strengthen the other players. Their dominant Si also help them in thinking about how to carefully keep everyone safe. They won’t let you die twice, though.

ISTJ: The Sniper

Si and Te respectively with Fi as the tertiary function make ISTJs extremely meticulous and logical strategists as well as sharpshooters. They are very potential in deciding who and where to shoot by observing the weakness of the enemies. Relying on what can they learn from the external logic and the past, they won’t let a single arrow miss the target.

ENTJ: The Summoner

ENTJs are natural commander and strategic leader. Their dominant Te makes them an adept observant on what’s surrounds them. Thus, ENTJs are great in deciding which monstrous creatures to be deployed in a battle field and controlling them to defeat the enemy, or even taking control over the enemy as well.

ENFJ: The Paladin

They won’t let people they care about hurt or die miserably. Protecting and healing their comrades and sticking on the justice are what ENFJs would gladly do and they are dying to do so. It obviously suits the role of a fearless Paladin who is both a healer and a tanker at the same time.

ENTP: The Rogue

Tricky, agile, can be so quiet and loud as they please, always seek for possibilities in any situation, and full of crazy unpredictable ideas. ENTPs are surely an unpredictable and cunning ‘blade in a crowd’. They do not like orders and rules. They can hide anywhere you’ve never imagined. You didn’t see  them coming until the dagger is slitting your neck.

ENFP: The Hunter

Ne dominants value freedom. Hence, ENFP, as ENTP is, is a soloist who tend to go on hunting and killing others individually or in a small group with no compulsion of following rules or orders. ENFPs gladly learn new things and tend to observe their surrounding to connect it with their inner values. Making them incredibly innovative and capable in using any kind of weapons, traps, even poisons.

INTJ: The Witch Doctor

Genius, very genius and vicious. You do not ask for mercy to INTJs during a PvP. You will die before you know it. INTJ will kill you without making any unnecessary movement because they have gone ten steps ahead when you launch your first attack. Good luck in negating the dark magic.

INFJ: The Priest

Along with the ISFJ on the back-line, INFJ are they who heal not only phisycal wound but also depressed morale. Their charisma boosts the confidence of their comrades as well as intimidates the foes.

ISTP: The Craftsman

Turning any scraps into valuable and useful equipment is what ISTP naturally expert at. Instead of hunting monsters to level-up, ISTPs tend to hunt for what they can find and what they can make out of their loots.Thus, sometimes mining and digging soil is interesting to find materials.

ESTP: The Mercenary

Two-handed sword, twin swords, a sword and an axe, war-hammer or even a scythe are some possibilities of ESTPs’ weapon of choices. They do not like something mainstream and they are good at taking advantage on their talent. Exciting quests and epic battles are what they always seek as they have no fear.

ESTJ: The Knight

ESTJs are they who fight side by side with the ENFJs on the front line. If their paladin comrades tend to defend the line behind wide shield and battle flail while making sure no one gets horribly hurt, the knights are they who thrust and push the enemy by slaying them with their sword or spear while at the same time trying to take control over the brutallity of ENTP, ENFP and ESTP. Their interest is on organizing the mess and sticking to moral values.

ESFP: The Jester

Cheerful and very provocative during the game. Using handy and practical tools as their weapon is what ESFPs more likely to do. Their uncontrollable happiness might sometimes annoy other classes especially the knights, the witch doctors and the summoners.

ESFJ: The Guardian

ESFJs plays to protect and bear others’ burdens on their shoulders. You might say no, ESFJs, but you cannot ignore a lower level player who is chased by a monster. They stand on the same line as the paladins and the knights to protect both of them.

INTP: The Alchemist

The very curious nature of INTPs makes them very potential in creating such lethal formula to perish their enemy or even powerful elixir to support their fellows. INTP and ISTP work together may produce super rare and deadly weapon.

ISFP: The Blade Dancer

The strong extroverted sensing collaborating with the dominant introverted feeling make ISFP a curious player who is always excited to try new things. Combining swordsmanship and the elegance of dance is what ISFPs more likely to be interested in for they have a very strong desire and passion on arts.

INFP: The Druid

INFPs seek for harmony and value. More than that, they are surprisingly energetic and also very creative. Their extroverted intuition also help them in observing and expanding different possibilities. Thus, using the power of nature and some elemental spells to create strong variations of chaining attack and build impenetrable defense might suit them well.

After all, those are seen from the perspective of ENTP. Cheers.

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The Dominant Functions in General


I have been busy in the ‘Danger Room’ since the semester is damn tough. Meanwhile, this blog keep haunting me for I have abandoned it since more than a month but here I am, coming back with MBTI and cognitive functions to be shared with you. Just in case you skip it, please read the title because the following stuffs will be what I have written on it.

This is basic but just in case you have misplaced the information in the brain, Carl Jung has divided the functions into eight: introverted thinking (Ti), extroverted thinking (Te), introverted feeling (Fi), extroverted feeling (Fe), introverted intuition (Ni), extroverted intuition (Ne), introverted sensation (Si) and extroverted sensation (Se). Each of them, however, has general traits that are peculiar to each other. Thus, the following descriptions are gonna help you understand a bit about how dominant functions work in different type.

Extraverted Thinking (Te) : ENTJ and ESTJ

”What’s your reference?”

Inductive reasoning is the main weapon of everyone with dominant Te. People with high functioning Te will often put facts on the top of their priority. Their objectivity in thinking will not let them argue without dozens of accurate facts. Thus, most Te users prefer to keep calm and quiet while at the same time gathering as much resources of information as possible if they are trapped in a discussion with unfamiliar topic.

Introverted Thinking (Ti) : INTP and ISTP

“You give me Astrophysics article. I can turn it into a science fiction.”

Opposing the Te, people with Ti (especially the dominant one) are more likely to rely on their intrinsic device that allows them to critically analyze and develop very minimum factual information into analytical and broad ideas.  Their subjectivity in thinking sometimes extremely useful in developing ideas and analyzing theories but lack of factual data will lead Ti user to produce nonsense.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe) : ESFJ and ENFJ

“I am here to help you to feel better. Let’s get started.”

That line above is said by them with highly functioning Fe. People with extroverted feeling are people who are sincerely happy to help others for they will feel the relief and the happiness of the person that they lend their hand to. Everyone’s joy is their source of happiness and everyone’s problem is their burden. High functioning Fe people are experts in understanding emotions making them sometimes overly tolerant even though they do not like it, an expert in pretending to be ‘fine’.

Introverted Feeling (Fi) INFP and ISFP

“I keep my inner circle small yet very comfortable.”

When a dominant Fi person considers you as his or her best friend, there are two possibilities: you share too many similar points of view and interests as she or he is, or you know too much about him or her so that letting you go is as dangerous as giving your social media passwords to a stranger. Unlike Fe people, they who have Fi as a dominant function value morals and individual beliefs. Thus, they often neglect what against the values that they believe and will not easily get too close to strangers who do not share the same perspective.  If Fe people prefer to hide their dislike towards you, Fi will say it in your face once they find something that they hate.

Extroverted Sensation/Sensing (Se) ESFP and ESTP

“Sky diving sounds fun.”

Dominant Se is adrenaline junkie and risk taker. They live in the present time and love to experience genuinely new things. People with Se tend to be very bold and take every risk as a valuable lesson that unconsciously evolves them into people with sharp instinct in making decisions. Dominant Se user might have developed Spider-sense as the fictional hero Spider-man has.

Introverted Sensation/Sensing (Si) ISFJ and ISTJ

“I remember my first time on roller coaster. No more pizza before riding such things.”

Si users have a great ability in recognizing and playing such flash back past memories and factual information in their mind. They believe that experienced is the best teacher and they should not make the same mistake. Learning from the past is their genuine ability. However, driven too much by this function will turn Si users into timid and doubtful.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne) ENFP and ENTP

“I am ready to talk about anything. Tell me more about that idea of living in Mars. ”

They are the brainstormers. Ne users see how everything in the universe is interrelated and have various perspectives about single thing. Their expertise in understanding the external environment leads them to be highly curious. Seeing if there are some possibilities to take everything a step further is what they are always excited about.

Introverted Intuition (Ni) INFJ and INTJ

“You are mad, aren’t you?”

They analyse everything internally by firstly taking abstract pieces of information and making sense of it. Ni users are very good at understanding patterns and also an expert in sensing something when it goes off. They are very good at recognizing someone’s habit and will draw conclusion over something peculiar if the unusual patterns of habits come up.

That’s all folks. Gotta back to work. Henry McCoy is chasing me. Until next time!

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Leaving The Cave: What to Prepare and Anticipate


You want to argue because the title sounds like we live in the ice age? Hold on. Cave, in this case, bear a metaphorical meaning that similar to the comfort zone in general. However, I want to make it more specific that ‘cave’, is your ‘home’ where you spend most of your life so far. More specifically says, ‘cave’ is your home-country.

Everyone will leave what he or she calls home sooner or later, figuratively, literally or even both. Some people refuse to go anywhere and stay in the same place for years but later, they do not feel at home anymore because of several reason. Figuratively, they are no longer at ‘home’. Some others leave kilometers away but find new family where they feel like at ‘home’. Shortly, they are still, at home. See the difference? The first case is when you are dragged away from your cave because of unpredicted phenomena. Probably bear attack, earth quake, or whatever is that. The second case is when you decide to explore more and finally, find a new better place after a long tiring journey. Now, it is time to be specific and stop figuratively talking about my shitty analogy.

Some people, young students especially, are afraid of changing and struggling but they want the result of the tough struggle. When you ask people if they want to leave their home country to explore more by studying, working or whatever it is, the answer is mostly ‘yes’ with a long ‘but’ and followed by thousand lists of anxiety started with ‘what if…’ afterwards.  I noticed that most people are scared with what they do not know and they start making false stereotype fueled by their own fear. The thing is, you have to be curious enough and super open-minded to change and seize what you want. Here are some hints, wisdom and some precautions that you need to know before and during staying abroad.


Language Matters

You might be fluent in English but remember that not everyone in this planet speaks English and knowing the local language a little bit will help you, a lot. You don’t need to struggle with complicated terms, sentences or idioms, just try to learn some simple words to greet,ask and give directions, request for help, numbers, and so forth. The rest, gestures and body language will do.

Weird Culture and Strange Customs 101

People ask for ‘telolet’ to bus driver, people are annoyingly excited to foreigners and call them ‘bule’, illegal parking-men are everywhere, being a passenger to random car is a ‘job’ for some people, some people eat plain rice with durian, stupid things are very famous, they censor Sandy Cheek’s wearing bikini but they are fine with senior high school students flirting on TV. Those are some weird shits from my home country. meanwhile in India, I also find out some weird and unusual yet sometimes annoying customs such as the repetitive ‘tea-time’ that often put me in trouble because it will delay everything. Besides, lots of Indians are not punctuate. In the past, it might be difficult to find out such trivial knowledge but we are so lucky to live in the age where getting information is as easy as swiping your fingers on a glass screen. Thus, browse more about your destination. The more you know, the better it is.


This is very essential that I put an exclamation on the sub-title. You don’t want to experience food poisoning or maybe eating something that you are not allowed to eat by your belief or your doctor. Some countries do not have clear distinctive mark between food for vegetarian or food for non-vegetarian. Indonesia is one example but India is an exception. In India, you can simply identify either the food or beverages are vegetarian-friendly or not by looking at the label on the container, red dot for non-vegetarian and green for vegetarian.

Anyone’s There?

Find out if there are some fellas from the same country as yours who stay in the country of your destination. They will be your new family and they will be happy to know that you will be part of them. They will also be excellent references for they have real life experience in living abroad. If there is no one lives in the country where you are about to stay in, keep your phone with you and your internet connected.

Now you are in foreign land…

Don’t be lazy to explore at least your neighborhood

Despite you are an introvert or extrovert or despite the fact that you can rely on your internet, you cannot stay at your flat, dorm, house, nest or whatever it is and only go out when you need something. Go out and find out. You will need to know where to get what in the new place. You will probably find out a short-cut, new friends, new family, or maybe treasure. So try to go out and keep asking people or google if you don’t trust the people that much.

Your friends from the same country are your family and stranger from the same country is your friend

Make it simple: Everyone from the same home country as yours is your family if you live in foreign land. Nothing much to say here. You know how to treat your family don’t you? If you don’t, then go home.


Why there is an ‘S’ up there? Because I believe there are two kind of culture shocks. The first type is the common thing that many people know. When a person lives in a completely new place far away from the old one where the cultures, customs, and everything is totally different, he or she will do as minimum interaction as possible with the surrounding or even refuse to interact at all and being somewhat anti-social because of the insecure and anxious feeling. This is what commonly happen to a foreigner in a strange-land. However, there is another type and I encountered some people who suffer such things. Let me call it reversed culture-shock. So some other people, surprisingly, are very adaptable and they can mingle with the strangers quite easily. Good then! Where is the culture-shock?  The thing is, they slowly neglect and forget the ‘family’ that I have mentioned previously and easily driven by the new culture without filtering what’s good or bad. It is like when you let a beast get out from its cage and they will do as hey wish without knowing what’s harmless and harmful. Be open-minded, don’t leave your family, and don’t trust everyone when you are staying in foreign land.

Those are they. Until next time.

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India: It is Surely Incredible, Though


Despite the horrible things I mentioned previously, this country is actually not completely messed-up. You may have thought that I was being sarcastic on my previous write-up when I said the madness makes India an incredible country. Well, it was mostly sarcastic, but actually there was something that everyone could learn from what I have written previously: If you survive in India and her incredibility, you will grow much stronger than before. Living in such countries will build your mentality to be more open minded, grateful, sensible and obviously patient.

That is one out of several good things about this country: As a foreign students, India teaches me to survive in the way I do not even want to imagine in real life. What I have in mind about wasteland is only expected to exist in video games, but here I am. This is not sarcasm. I mean it. Survival skill improvement is very essential aspect of living in India. Now we go to the other great aspects of this country.

Super Affordable Living Cost

If you have ever heard some people said that living in India is very inexpensive, they are right and I would like to convince you once more. I live in my campus flat and mostly cook by myself. I do hangout once a week with my Indonesian fellows. Guess how much money do I spend for a month only for living including the flat rent? Not more than Rs.10.000. If you have no idea about Indian currency, it is equal to US$ 147. Sometimes I spend less than that. India is a country where you can live properly for a week with only 30 bucks.

Books are Very Cheap

I talked to some local students and they have the opposite perspective about this one. They find books are expensive while for me and other foreign students, books in India are much cheaper than the ones in my country. Most books that I have bought here cost me less than Rs. 500. Thus, my side mission here is clear: Collecting books that I always want to have but I cannot afford because of the very high prices in my country.

The Diversities Enrich You

I am not new to cultural or language diversities for I used to spend 22 years of my life in a country where each region has its own language and customs. However, knowing different cultures, language and customs will make you a more open minded person. You will decrease the stereotypical thoughts in your mind if you have more understanding about different cultures and habits around the world. If you are a foreigner who accidentally or intentionally lives in India for the first time, you will realize that the people here are not only using Hindi and English to communicate. They have different languages in different states and different customs indeed. I live in Hyderabad, a city in a state called Telangana where Hindi is rarely used. Telugu or English only. So, please don’t ask how well I speak Hindi after my time in India.

The Taste of The Food Will Accidentally Force You to Learn Cooking

I have mentioned earlier that some foods are overly spiced and taste like ointment. Well, it is surely horrible but you live in India where food poisoning is a tradition for some foreigners. Therefore, to avoid wasting money and risking your life, the option you have is making your own food. There are lots of advantages besides avoiding poisoning. By cooking your own food, you will save more money, your mood will be saved from Vicks Vaporub-in-the-curry, and indeed, your cooking skill will improve significantly.

You Will Always Remember to Go Back to Your Home Country

Some people find their new home after spending some years studying or working in foreign country. I have heard lots of such stories from my lecturers, teachers, friends who said how much they fell in love with the country they were studying or working at and they found it difficult to go back to Indonesia. Obviously, it is because they live in more advanced countries where the challenge is not including separating smelly herbs from your bowl of chicken curry, seeing a group of kids shitting by the railway or waiting for three hours to withdraw money. You may forget to go home if you stay in USA or France, but you are probably an insane Indonesian if you do not want to go back home after spending months here. My lecturer was right, the difficult time in India is not a poison, it is a cure that reminds you to your home.

I will have more to write once I spend more time in this Incredible Country. Until next time!

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Maddening Madness makes Incredible Country


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Maddening Madness makes Incredible Country

via Daily Prompt: Maddening

Know Your Meme.jpg

I have been keeping this for almost a half year. You wonder what ‘this’ is? The answer is fury.

Since last July up to June 2018, I will be staying in the one and only incredible country, India, to finish my study while at the same time wishing it could be done faster which is quite impossible. Well, I am a quarter way done anyway and I am not joking by saying I wish it could be done faster because they were right. My lecturers, my friends, everyone that gave me words of wisdom ARE right about this country. India is incredible in very frustrating way.

I always have very little expectation about almost everything, but this country has successfully triggered me to reach an unexpected level of my limit. I have written a list of what the seniors, lecturers, and everyone who have experienced the life in this country had ever said and then divided it into the ups and downs. Here they are as I remembered and how I found it true after several months of surviving:

It is better to start from the negatives so that we would have a good and happy ending for the conclusion.

  1. Lots of people do not like to use toilet

    I have known this ever since. Though I still keep the positive mentality in my mind, thinking lots of possibilities. Maybe only when they are far away from public places. Maybe there are not enough public toilets and so forth. Everything changed once I saw a group of men peeing right next to a public toilet. Well, maybe they just like it that way.

  2. When they say tomorrow, it means three days later

    and when they say next week, it means you probably have to come back next month. I have a Vodafone sim card that is still inactive and obviously useless after three complains to the store and they just shook their head like a dashboard doll in a car while kept promising me that the card will be activated tomorrow. Tomorrow never ends.Only that? Nope. The heater in my bathroom is broken, I have given up waiting for tomorrow that the electrician has promised me a month ago.

  3. If you are not get poisoned by the food, you are not cool, Mate!

    Thank God I am not cool. However, my friends here are super cool! Especially my flatmate, he hold the record of our batch by getting three food poisoning in five months. He even got diarrhea after consuming a well packed snack from supermarket.

  4. It is probably not poisonous. It just has the same ingredients as your ointment

    Seriously, it is overly spiced. You can feel Vicks Vaporub in your mutton curry. Enough said about food!

  5. Some people are racist

    I did not think so on my first three days here. I thought everything was normal until my third month. I realized the security treat us differently. Not only me but also my friends who have different physical features to Indians. I saw an Indian stranger who lived outside the campus may pass the security check but they keep checking event interrogating us as we are stranger. When I asked why don’t they remember the answer was simple: you and your friend look like Asians. WE ARE, SO WHAT?

Right then, I do not want to burn myself in fury. Now let’s see what’s good about this country.


However, it is not relevant anymore if I share the good things here. The prompt says ‘Maddening’. Thus, those are the maddening madness that I have encountered so far. Next time will be about the good stuffs in India. Cheers. 

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Conundrum: The ENTP’s Point of View

via Conundrum — The Daily Post


Familiar with that term? Or did you just checked your dictionary for definitions? 

If any of you look for the meaning in the dictionary, conundrum [kuhnuhn-druh m] means anything that puzzles or riddle. Therefore, if the word is taken literally, it will lead to wordplay, pun, riddle or anything that triggers us to think about answering or fixing the flouted rules. An instance of famous conundrum is the Sphinx riddle.

What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three legs in the evening?

Which was answered by Oedipus during his journey. Legend said that ever since the riddle was solved by Oedipus, Sphinx met his death and stop devouring the explorers who passed by.

Though it literal meaning has a very close definition to riddle, conundrum has another definition as a moral dilemma or difficult situation that people might face in their life. These kinds of conundrum are known as moral and practical conundrum. The two types include the absence of deciding whether something is right or wrong and the difficulties in choosing which one is better than another respectively. This post, will deliver some possible moral and practical conundrums that you might have or might not have ever thought before with some opinions from an ENTP.

The Robin’Hood

Everyone must be familiar with the tale of a guy who robs from the rich and then spreads the loots to the poor people. Imagine if this Robin’Hood guy was one of your friends and you figured out what he always did. What would your action be? Turn him or her to the authorities? Let him or her be for the treasures are distributed to the unfortunate ones? You might argue for this but I have my point of view.

Stealing, robbing or anything similar are obviously breaking the law.However in this case, the robber does not enjoy the loot he’s obtained but instead, he gives it to the ones who need it. I will say that I will let him be for awhile, warn him later and then if he refuses to stop, I will wait for the time to take a serious action once he starts to go completely evil. You have to keep in mind that most people who do heroic action by breaking the law may die as a hero or live long enough to turn into a bad guy

World War

It will be cruel to say thanks to everyone who participated in world war one and two but wait a minute, I said that as a person who lives in 21st century. Imagine living in the years of 1920s to 1940s, you would curse a lot and feel the insecurity in every minute of your life. Surely I would either if I imagine how horrible living next to battle field, preparing to evacuate to the nearest bunker or isolated mountain. That’s how it was back then, but how about now? Think as a person from this generation. Did we learn something from it? Yes we do. Did lots of us get something from it? Yes we DO. Now you want to revise my grammar for answering past questions in present form. No you can’t, because what we got and what we learned back then, are eternal. Some countries seized their independence, some others learned that war is a waste and peace should be maintained, making them more powerful and advanced than before. Without mentioning those countries, I would like to salute the people from the past and be grateful as the person from the present.

Death Sentence

You reap what you sow. The proverb is surely relevant to this controversial punishment. It should be noticed that death sentence is only enacted to they who commit serious crimes such as assassination, mass murder, massive illegal drugs distribution, and so forth.the impact of death sentence is very influential not only to the suspect who will obviously lose his life but also to the public for it might spread the fear of doing such criminal actions that may lead him to horrifying punishment. Some people find death sentence is unfair since it gives no chance for the suspect to amend his mistake in the past, turning him from a suspect into another victim while some others see the punishment is just and acceptable.  However, again, what if a close friend of yours has committed an assassination that made him sentenced to death. Would you defend your dearest one or stand by the justice?

Though many people think such kind of punishment is barbaric and ruthless, I would say that death sentence, to whom in may be applied, is fair enough since the punishment is only imposed to serious and worrisome criminals who commit particularly serious crime. The authority will not have any right to impose death sentence on a robber who snatch money from the cashier machine in Seven Eleven. Thus, as long as it is on track and not rashly implemented, death sentence is fine.

The Titanic

We all know what happened at the end of the movie. Jack Dawson died sacrificing himself to let Rose survived. Cheesy, you may have said, but for some people, they prefer to die rather than seeing their loved one dies. How about you? Have you ever imagine that Jack is you, and Rose is your lover. You guys are on a very amusing trip when suddenly a fatal accident occur. Giving you two options: You live but you have to let your lover dies, or vice versa, you die and the loved one lives. Will you save him or her by giving up your own life or leave her?

My view about lovers and death is quite different. I would like to have a question regarding to this: Imagine you are in a very settle and happy relationship. You get married and live even happier. Now the question is: would you die first leaving your lover in a very depressing lonesome and lost or you would let him or her dies before you so they do not need to feel the loneliness and the pain of losing loved one?

You may think that I am rude, but I won’t let the person that I share affection with and I care about to feel the fear of losing and lonely. It is okay  for me if she dies leaving me behind. 

You may have different opinions about those stuffs I shared. Cheers.

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Boring People are Bored


Does the title speak to you? If so, then you have to figure out something to do. Actually, the feeling of bored is related to an urge to change and a need of something new to do or to have. Your mind never let you turn into a boring person. Thus, when someone feel bored, the brain shoots the flare as a signal for the individual to change something that also indicates the person has not changed for way too long and started to get too satisfied on his or her comfort zone. The problem is your reaction to the signals. If you react on it and do something, then you are not a boring person. However, if you ignore it and stay in your comfortable cave yet keep whining of your boring life, you have some issues. Accordingly, there are someways to prevent or to escape the disturbing feeling of bored.

1. Don’t let your schedule bind your freedom

Having organized daily agenda is awesome but being too attached to it is as bad as being disorganized. Scheduling your routines means to put your priorities clear without limiting yourself to do more outside the schedule. Thus, it is surely okay to improvise and modify the agenda without neglecting what’s important.For instance, if you usually go home directly after work every weekdays, you may try to stop by or go somewhere without waiting for the weekend to come. Schedule is meant to be obeyed yet it is you who control it. Break it sometimes, it won’t harm.

2. Run the Opposite Day

I do not mean the one in Spongebob Squarepants since that one is too extreme that your neighbor might call the police for your actions. What I meant by the opposite day is still related to the first how-to-kill-boredom-idea that I pointed out. Do something that you usually don’t on your daily basis. If you are a person who puts much concern on health and run a very organized healthy diet, try to break it by having some pizzas or other junk food. The opposite way is applied for the one who regularly consumes McDonald’s Big Mac. That is one example, the idea is still getting away from an organized agenda for a little while.

3. Game On: Pretend that you are on some quests

Let’s imagine that this life is a super realistic role play game and you are the main protagonist. When you play video game, especially the RPG one, you will have lots of quests to do. In every quest you will earn experience and probably some rewards if you are lucky.This is what I usually do to make my daily responsibilities sound more fun. For instance I will arrange one main objective and three optional objectives for one day. The main objective will be: Having the assignments done before tomorrow. While the optional objectives may something in relation to the main objectives such as: Spend less than three hours to finish the assignments, not opening 9gag before the assignments are done and so forth. This might sound weird but pretending you are on a quest instead of thinking about how miserable your job is may help you work under less pressure and more enjoyment. Don’t forget to reward yourself once you are done with the quests because that’s how it works in the video game.

4. Adventure time

Does it mean you have to go on a trip that spends some days? Not really. This one is in relation to previous tricks especially the third one. You can either run this one as a stand alone or combine it with the number three so that you will have this as quests. Here are some possible adventures you might do on your daily routines:

  1. Find an alternative way to go to the workplace.
  2. Eat the food that you’ve never tried before.
  3. Randomly offer some helps to people around then help them.
  4. Leave your vehicle. Go walking for a day.
  5. Go cycling to the nearest wood and take picture of any animal you encounter.

The list will go endless depends on how creative and how bored you are. In fact, trick number two is somehow similar to this one.

As long as they live, people are changing gradually and boredom, as I have mentioned earlier, is the signal that indicates people’s urge to change. Thus, do something to kill it before it kills your sanity. You may have more options to defeat the feeling of bored. Good luck killing such feelings and stay awesome.

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With or Without ‘Video’, Gaming is Gaming


I have been 123 days surviving in this Incredible Land. During that more or less four months, I only played shitty mobile games, which I have uninstalled, accidentally played truth or dare in the middle of the night, and sadly playing cards against humanity without any real cards. I played it online, with strangers, though. Apart from the desperate efforts to kill my boredom, I am recently interested in another form of game which has been known and played far before the term ‘video game’ was popular.

I am thinking of having some board games once I come back home. The excitement was so great that I have started watching some review videos since two months ago and now I have the list that I will share to you.

Game of Thrones


Based on a very popular series written by George R.R. Martin, this  game takes place in the massive lands of Westeros. The players will take roles of the houses of the Seven Kingdoms, trying to seize the Iron Throne and ruling the Westeros by arranging effective strategies via diplomacy or battle. It is highly possible that some players build an alliance to defeat other players. Game of Throne: The Board Game is rated 7.8 in Should you need further details, kindly check the video below.

Blood Rage


Rated 8.2 in, Blood Rage is a thematic strategy board game with the setting of ancient Norse when Ragnarok has come and the end is near. The players will take control over different Viking’s clans in the apocalyptic battle to secure their places in Valhalla. Blood Rage comes up with exquisite figure arts and wide possibilities for characters and clans upgrades. A link to an unboxing video and a review video are attached below.



Scythe takes place in an alternate historical timeline of 1920s in Eastern Europa. The game focuses on a city-state called The Factory which produces deadly massive war machines that the players try to claim by conquering territories, enlisting recruits, farming, building structures and activating mechs. Scythe is rated 8.4 in and the idea of monstrous mechanical weapon is very intriguing. Check out the unboxing and review video below.



The other three are focused on strategic aspect on developing clans, kingdoms, cities, conquering territories and winning wars which make the players will more likely to play roles as a leader. Meanwhile, in Conan, you are given options to take control of one out of several heroes including Conan himself or as an evil overlord to hinder Conan and his comrades reaching their goals. There are lots of  maps that open lots of scenarios in this board game. Personally, I badly want to have this. Deadly badly want to have after watching the unboxing, rules and review videos. 8.4 in, 9.0 in my mind.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon


9.4 is the rating of this game in Imagine how epic would it be. The game sets up in the ancient Greek mythology where Gods and Titans were fighting. The players choose their mythological Gods to play along with mythical creatures and also legendary warlord and demi-gods. I haven’t got much information about this game, but I think Mythic Battles: Pantheon is super exciting. However, I got the video of the game rules and a short video of its component looks.

Anyway, I personally think that playing board game will bring you different sensation of multiplayer compared to the one in video games. Though it is tough to understand the rules and mechanism at the beginning and it is even tougher to tidy the mess up after playing, but board games are surely worth to play. Well, I think I need to start saving money. Cheers.

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Pleasing ENTPs 101

Some weeks ago I described how to trigger the feeling of ENTPs and at some points how to make them upset. Now I am thinking. I am an ENTP and why in the world did I post a guide to make me upset? Like I will come to a group of people and with a strange smile asking them to ruin my mood? Thus, I am going to share how to please ENTPs easily. This is still related to how our feeling works.



We are, indeed, narcissistic. Thus, giving honest compliment will make our day. However, our responses are unusual. ENTPs will not directly accept the compliment by saying thanks or making any counter-compliment. Instead, we often sarcastically self-deprecate ourselves but deep inside we loudly shout: HELL YEAAAAAH I AM AWESOME. Here is an example of ENTP gets a compliment.

One day in a football game

INFJ: Hey, you did well, man. That was amazing goal.

ENTP: Nah, I saw a 5 year-old kid did better yesterday.

Implicature: I KNOW RIGHT, can you say that again?



This part related to how people should deal with ENTPs who are in trouble. The subtitle above includes: solutions, advises and opinions. ENTPs tend to come with tons of ideas which are mostly produced by the district in their brain called The Fictional Problem where most of the citizens are over-thinkers. However, though we are introvert thinkers, we gladly listen to any brilliant points of view and reasonable feedback from others. We appreciate any good ideas and solution through our problem more than we do to emotional supports. Therefore, instead of saying wise words or motivational speech, we would be happier if you come up with ‘what if…’ or any other ways that convey your ideas, solutions, and any doable plan.

Coffee (or anything with alcohol if they drink. Vodka, Champagne, whatever)


In my case it’s coffee, black coffee. For Tony Stark, probably, vodka or any expensive champagne. However, it is serious! I mean, coffee is not a drink. It is a hug. If you have ENTP friends and they come with long face, say the magic words: ‘Do you want it black, with sugar, or creamer?’ (for coffee drinker) or say nothing but throw a can of cold beer to them (for the one who drinks alcohol). As simple as that.

Deep Conversations


If any of you still think that ENTPs are reserved and quiet, then there is only one possibility: You are not ready for deep conversation and ENTPs know who to talk with. Exploring unrealistic ideas and thousand possibilities of the existence of aliens or wormhole that leads to the past are some of many favorite topics that we like to discuss. Should it ended in debate-sparing session, ENTPs will be happier. Losing it will make them respect their discussion partner, and winning the debate will pleased those ENTPs for sure. However, not all people can stand discussing such things for hours. So, are you ready to talk about bullshits and parallel universe?

Those are How To Please ENTP 101. Effortless aren’t they?

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ENTP in Video Games: We Don’t Heal, We Destroy Things and Kill People

It has been around four months for me struggling in this country. Soon I will face my first semester exam which means I am a quarter way done (sighing deeply). Anyway, I suddenly got hit by the fact that I have not played any video game for about four months and it brought good-old-days-memory storm to my mind. I used to play lots of video games especially RPG and MMORPG back then. I played MOBA too, though! Thus, questions came up: What is ENTPs’ most favorite class type in video games? Does our type influence our choices? I started to open the old files in my brain and found some dusty memories of video games that I have played and classes I chose. One thing, as long as I remembered, I’ve never played as priest or any supportive classes. Anyway, here they are!

Ragnarok Online (2003-2005)-Assassin


Stealthy, deadly, undetected and highly agile were the most features that I sought when I played Ragnarok Online in late 2003. For those reasons, I chose to play as thief which was later evolved into rogue then assassin. I think until now, the idea of killing people without being detected and the use of blades and katar are still very interesting to me. Even Assassin’s Creed is still one of my favorite franchise.

Rising Force (2005-2008)-Armor Rider


When the game was released, as usual, I looked for any stealthy class with dagger, hidden blades or anything related to assassin. Unfortunately, there was no such things in RF online. The stealthy assassins were replaced by rangers with rifles and I was not interested for the reasons I did not know. Thus, following my next obsession of Gundam, I chose Armor Rider from The Bellato Union. Evolved from Specialist which was similar to Craftsman or Smiths in other RPG, Armor Rider use two types of Massive Armor Units, Goliath the melee gorilla and Catapult the one with canon and heavy machine guns.  I turned from a silent undetected killer into a notorious pilot with his giant robots who kills other races.

Defense of The Ancient (2004-2011)-Moghul Khan (Orc- Berserker)


I do not know how it was started but I turned into savage when I played DoTA several years ago. Instead of Riki or Mortred who are obviously stealthy and agile, my favorite was Axe, a tanker. That was the first time I enjoyed playing video game as a tank. Probably because Axe is a unique tanker with counter helix that deals damages as he gets hit by the enemies. A tank with auto-counter attack. He is untouchable.

The Elder Scroll V-Skyrim (2012-Now)-Stealth Archer


I turn my back into stealthy killing machine again, but now it comes with ranged weapon which makes me more difficult to be detected. Playing as archer in Skyrim is so much fun. You will enjoy killing various kinds of creatures in the universe from bandits to giants from distance. Watching them figuring out where the hell the arrows come from and finally die miserably. Further, you will be able to kill enemy with single shot which is good and bad. It is efficient but you don’t get lots of chances to develop your light armor ability. Overall, archer is lots of fun.

I tried to remember if I ever played as any kind of supportive class such as Cleric, Priest or any kind of healer but I have no memories about being someone who heals and gives lots of buff. Thus, I guess ENTPs are not interested in playing as support. We either stealth, go berserk, or deals an instant kill attack. I thought I have also played as Wizard for short period of time. How about you guys? What’s your class preference in video game?

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ENTP: Sometimes the T stands for Troll and the P Stands for Psychopath While the E is probably Evil

Previously, I mentioned ENTP as the grey type of MBTI who cannot put a side to join the dark side or the bright side. They can be good companions to do noble actions such as charity or helping people in any kind of miserable situations but they are also ready to be your partner in crime, literally. As a fellow of mine said that ENTPs are easily shift or nicely said: We are adaptable. Thus, we stand between black and white which is grey. Later on, we can adjust the shade of grey that we need. Just remember one think that ENTPs rarely stand on the side where good guys who believe in justice stay. We are trolls and we like the idea of chaos sometimes. I have collected some data of fictional characters that portray ENTP. Most of them are anti-hero, annoying but witty protagonist, or even completely villain who also do surprising things. Here they are.


Bugs Bunny!  He is, indeed, the King of Troll in Looney Tunes and he can be described as an ENTP with the shade of cloudy light grey. He has done lots of vicious and crazy stuffs to avoid and fight Elmer Fudd, the hunter, back. He does lots of pranks to outwit Elmer and puts him in trouble. Even if you watch the show closely, Bugs seems enjoy doing the pranks and such stuffs that may have killed Elmer Fudd. Thank God it’s cartoon. However, he does those things to survive. Who wants to be hunted, anyway?


Is Deadpool a hero? No he is not. So, does it mean that he is a villain? Well, he is also not. He simply identifies himself as a bad guy, who hunts and kills the worse guys. Obviously, his pervert mind, dirty mouth, rotten avocado face, and his psychopathic desire to slice and shoot his enemies into pieces are out of heroic criteria. He is not everyone’s idol like Steve Rogers (Captain America), but he is also not interested in dominating the galaxy like Thanos. He naturally enjoy chaotic stuffs but he maximize his psychopathic passion to annihilate pathetic guys who try to mess with him or people he cares about. Talking about the shade, Deadpool is grey, just grey. By the way, I am interested in the book he is reading in the picture above.


Garfield is an evidence of how annoying but adorable an ENTP is. Garfield often steals Jon’s meals especially if it is lasagna. No one can stop him to eat lasagna. However, despite his greedy appetite, his owner loves him and claims that Garfield is irreplaceable, not even by Odie. Talking about Odie, his friendship with Garfield is an example of how ENTP can be friend to almost everyone, even though his natural enemy. Well, similar to Bugs, Garfield earns the shade of cloudy light grey.


Hades, son of Cronus, brother of Zeus and Poseidon, God of the underworld. Well, I should add: ‘The enemy of Hercules’ since the Hades that belongs to ENTP type is the one from Disney. Hades is one of many examples of how narcissistic an ENTP is. He, indeed, loves and admires himself. In many ways, he believes that he is better than his brother, Zeus and see Hercules as not more than filthy half-god creature. More than that, Hades is also witty and opportunist. He knows how to lure his enemy by summoning Megara to seduce our hero, Hercules, so he can easily capture him and neutralize his god-like power, turning Hercules into mortal. However, as always, villains are destined to be failed. After all, Hades is a shadow grey.


‘Why fight when you can negotiate?’ Remember that line from this badass pirate? ENTP confirmed. Well, it does not mean he is never involved in any battle. He is a pirate anyway. He is a pirate and pirate is normally merciless and ruthless bad guy but look at him. He is one badass sociopath who chose the way of pirate. He kills, he steal, and he hijack ships but his negotiable trait proves that he is not standing on the dark side where most bad guys belong to. Jack Sparrow is a smoky grey.


Responsible for dr. Harley Quinzel mental disorder and transformation into Harley Quinn, Murdering Jason Todd with crowbar, becoming a diplomat of Iran,letting his face skinned, breaking his own neck, even stealing kid’s report card for fun, Joker is a lunatic. If I would like to describe him as color, he might be charcoal grey. Why not pitch black for he is a crazy psychopathic nemesis of Batman?  It is philosophical, Charcoal is black, but it will turn into slight grey once it is burnt. Joker, however, have said that he will stop doing chaotic crimes if Batman stops fighting crimes. There we go, Batman is the fire that burn Joker as the charcoal.


Saul Goodman is literally the devil’s advocate. Who is the devil he works for? Indeed, The Great Heisenberg a.k.a. Walter White! Saul is an attorney who helps many felons from assassin to drugs dealer who need legal aid or to cover up their crimes. He is not the bad guy who kills or sell drugs. He does not even use drugs but helping the number one meth chef in USA launder his money and cover all of his crimes by still having the image of flamboyant celebrity lawyer with hilarious TV commercial makes him earn the shade of silver.


 ‘Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.’ That’s how he described himself when our friend, Captain America questioned who Tony Stark is without the Iron-Suit. Think about how cocky that statement was. However, Stark is the excellent example of how  arrogant ENTP is. His over-generosity is an accurate evidence of his arrogance, his talent in making lots of money and at the same time his inability in managing it. More than that, it also have brought several problems. Stark is generous, too generous that he often has no idea to whom he donates his money to. Sometimes, surprisingly, out of his control, the money goes to the bad guy. He is also hated by many people for his arrogant attitude. However, Tony is still one of the most heroic and badass superheroes. He is the silver guy. Shining on his arrogant heroic role. He saved the world from alien invasion, though!


Heavy drinker, unwanted son, betrayed by his sister and his own father, ended up killing his father and set himself free to serve the mother of dragons. Tyrion Lannister, is a real badass and valid proof of this statement: Size does not matter. He even tamed the dragons of Daenerys Targaryen and became her Queen’s Hand to help the Mother of Dragons claiming the Iron Throne to rule seven kingdoms. Tyrion is a true debater and dangerous tactician. He is witty and does not mind to kill people who hurts him and anyone he cares about. Similar to Deadpool, he is not the nemesis of the series but he is also not the guy people easily like because of his heroic actions. Tyrion is pure grey.

In conclusion, all of the characters above are naturally sarcastic, witty, and uneasy to be liked. People mostly like the heroic characters while most ENTPs are not quite. Anyway, do you see your favorite fictional character(s) from my list?